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[The Secret Recipe Club] - Dutch Oven Bread & Pesto Potato Salad

Its posting time again for my group of the The Secret Recipe Club.
As you already know by now, there are four groups of lovely bloggers who visit each others assigned blogs keeping it a secret from one another until the big reveal day.
For me there are two exciting moments: First one when I get the email of my assigned blog and second one when I see who was assigned to me and what recipe(s) they made and what they think about my blog in general.
Hold your breath for the following reveal days:
Group A - August 6 Group B - August 13 Group C - August 20 Group D - August 27
How this all works? well, just click on that logo on the left and you will get to a whole wonderful website that will answer all your questions and more!
Why I joined? Because I think it is a fun way to discover new blogs and step outta my comfort zone a bit by being assigned an unknown blog and having to find a recipe that suits me and tempts me to cook myself.

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My assigned blogger for this month was Lindsay and her blog "The Lean Green Bean" - she is studying to be a Registered Dietitian plus she shares her home with four furry companions, two cats and two dogs, which I personally found very cool because I am an animal lover myself since I grew up with dogs from very early age and in my adult life share my home with 3 cats.

She has a lot of very yummy looking recipes on her blog and I had a lot of fun browsing and reading through her blog. I decided to do two recipes for SRC: Dutch Oven Bread and Pesto Potato Salad - because I needed to bake bread anyway and this one sounded pretty easy and nice for me plus I havent yet baked bread in a Dutch Oven very often. The Potato Salad was the perfect dinner for me as it was really hot here lately and I am not too fond of cooking when it has more than 30C in my kitchen...

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Dutch Oven Bread

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I mostly followed her instructions for the bread she gives in this post: Dutch Oven Bread except I used a mixture of 1/3 rye and 2/3 wite spelt flour which led me to use 2 cups of water than the stated 1 1/2 cups. I also added some bread spices (ground cumin, anise and coriander seeds) to spice it up a bit.

As for the Pesto Potato Salad I didnt have corn at hand so I used some frozen peas. It was a very lovely dinner!!

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Pesto Potato Salad

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