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Luv, All the Hotties Special Easter kissies for my handsome husbandcat Othello. *smooch* Gree Mrs Othello Mrs Othello 2012--0-4-T09: 0:2:+01:00 Kommentar von:jansfunnyfarm http://www.paulchens.org/index.php?use=comment&id=1434#4.1 What a time you had with this. It's amazing you managed to get anything posted. Sometimes things happen we have no control over. You did good. :) jansfunnyfarm jansfunnyfarm 2012--0-4-T02: 2:1:+01:00 Kommentar von:Mrs. Othello http://www.paulchens.org/index.php?use=comment&id=1434#3.1 I am glad you found your entries! I am bringing chixhen and a catnip stuffed duck this time, Othello. No, it is not George. It is a stuffed statue of him. But you like chixhen, so I thought maybe you would like duck too. I'll be there in a few minutes. I just have to get the chixhen back from Pepi. He has it by the leg. Love and purrrrrrrrrrs and kisses on the nose, your wifeycat Gree Mrs. Othello Mrs. Othello 2012--0-3-T30: 1:6:+01:00 Kommentar von:Miz Mog and Meowza http://www.paulchens.org/index.php?use=comment&id=1434#2.1 Yay! It's up, we slow here, just got up myself. Meowza sends thousands of nosekissies to his love who looks none to happy. Hope that helps. Blog Carnival is still down too. You did good with what you have. Love seeing the kitties. Miz Mog and Meowza Miz Mog and Meowza 2012--0-3-T12: 1:6:+01:00 Kommentar von:Elvira Mistress of Felinity http://www.paulchens.org/index.php?use=comment&id=1434#1.1 Glad to see the carnival! Daddy was worried because when he tried to visit the blog, over the weekend Explorere tried to convince him it was gone! We have one more if ya want it! = http://www.opinionatedpussycat.com/2012/03/world-mews-repurrt-13.html Here are the other sumbissions from the webmail! :-D Jans Submission = http://jansfunnyfarm.blogspot.com/2012/03/occupation-is-everything.html CatSynth = http://www.ptank.com/blog/2012/03/weekend-cat-blogging-portrait/ StrangeRanger = http://strangeranger.typepad.com/strangeranger/2012/03/a-candidate-we-can-believe-in.html Elvira Mistress of Felinity Elvira Mistress of Felinity 2012--0-3-T12: 1:2:+01:00