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Nice round up, and thank you for choosing such a delicious bread for us. Cheers, dewi Dewi Dewi 2012--0-5-T22: 0:0:+01:00 Kommentar von:Lien http://www.paulchens.org/index.php?use=comment&id=1439#4.1 Hi Astrid, so good to ´see´ you. You´re a strong and brave woman even if you might not feel like that. Dark times to go through, but hang in there. In the meantime a beautiful round up of the buddies! Lien Lien 2012--0-5-T20: 2:0:+01:00 Kommentar von:Paulchens FoodBlog?! » Blog Archive » Shepherd’s Bread by Beth Hensperger http://www.paulchens.org/index.php?use=comment&id=1439#3.1 [...] Like I said in my last post, there have been several reasons why this blog remained silent and why this post is late too… [...] Paulchens FoodBlog?! » Blog Archive » Shepherd’s Bread by Beth Hensperger Paulchens FoodBlog?! » Blog Archive » Shepherd’s Bread by Beth Hensperger 2012--0-5-T20: 1:7:+01:00 Kommentar von:MyKitchenInHalfCups http://www.paulchens.org/index.php?use=comment&id=1439#2.1 And from one who's lucky to be blogging once a month right now, sometimes we really do just have to take care of the self. That's not selfish incase nobody else told you. Fabulous buddies! MyKitchenInHalfCups MyKitchenInHalfCups 2012--0-5-T20: 0:2:+01:00 Kommentar von:Elizabeth http://www.paulchens.org/index.php?use=comment&id=1439#1.1 Yay!! I'm so glad to see you emerge, Astrid! I'm rooting for you being on the way to getting better. Lovely round up! Elizabeth Elizabeth 2012--0-5-T19: 1:4:+01:00