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[Flatbreads and Flavours] - Corn Tortillas with Pueblo Chile-Bathed Pork

little devil

*sigh* Well my Dears, You know and I should know by now that I will be in deep deep trouble once I type the words "sounds interesting, I might join you..." into twitter or facebook or well wherever else... ha! Do you think I'll ever learn?

THAT sentence got me into making these darn macarons (more on that subject in another post, I am also late with again), well that sentence and lovely Jamie and Deeba I might add! THAT sentence got me join my friend Simone with her Donna Hay Photography Challenge, where I must say I need to apology deeply to her for missing two challenges in a row I guess... :( Sorry Dear! THAT Sentence got me into joining the Secret Recipe Club, which is a very fun way of getting to know a whole lot of new blogs! THAT sentence got me to bake with the Bread Baking Babes as a Buddy for quite a long time, and now I am a Babe myself, thankful to have been invited to join this group of gorgeous ladies! get the message, no?

 Don't get me wrong here, all of the above, and the others I did not mention, really is fun and I love to be part of it, but still this little witty Aquarius sitting on my shoulder from time to time really gets me into more trouble every time!

You might be wondering what it was this time... well I managed to get around those baking groups that bake their way through Peter Reinhardt's Bread Baker's Apprentice or the Mellow Bakers who baked through Jeffrey Hamelman's Bread and now have moved onto  Dan Lepard's The Handmade Loaf  for quite a while, mostly because I knew I would not be able to bake all that bread for a single household that I am (trust me, my fingers itched often to join when I saw my fellow bloggers post their lovely breads, but I really have enough on my plate right now).

Enough on my plate? Ha! If mankind would still believe that the shape of the earth is a disc - that would be the size of my plate... but that's a whole other story!

*where was I?* Ah yes that new thing I got myself into trouble with:

When my dear fellow Babe and blogging friend finished her Mellow Baker's thing and started a discussion on our BBB & Friends Facebook group where the outcome was that we founded another group "Baking through Flatbreads and Flavours" where we are doing exactly what the title says: bake and cook our way through that book.

Little did I know when I joined Natashya in her vision... that darn book has 424 (!!) pages and about 90 (!!) recipes! 

So that'll take a while! When we settled on the details we decided that we'd do a bi-weekly modus starting with the first recipe(s) in February. Posting deadlines will always be 15th and 30th of a month.

This is our schedule so far: 
  • Feb 1 - Feb 15: We are going to Mexico and Southwest U.S.! (In our kitchens) p. 377 &369 - Corn Tortillas with Pueblo Chile-Bathed Pork.
  • Feb 15 - Feb 28: We are going to Penang! p.115 - Lacy Coconut Milk Pancakes (roti jala) + p.117 Coconut Milk Chicken Curry (gulai ayam)

So if you happen to own that book and want to join us in our culinary journey around the world, just hop on the bandwagon  and give it a go! If you do not own the book: while setting up the group we found that it can be tricky to get hands on a copy, since it does not seem to be available easy everywhere. Just keep on searching, we all managed to find a copy sooner or later ;o) We will not be sending out any recipes for those who do not own a copy - sorry!

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Astrid 09.02.2012, 06.49

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[...] Do you remember my whining about getting into trouble again? [...]

vom 27.02.2012, 22.24
10. von Pueblo Carne Adobado – Pueblo Chile-Bathed Pork ~ Southwest United States « MyKitchenInH

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vom 16.02.2012, 02.58
9. von Astrid

Thank you Heather and I am glad to have you with us in this adventure ;)
No need to be sorry at all!

vom 10.02.2012, 18.49
8. von Astrid

Elizabeth, I used both first I flattened it with the bottom of a pan and then I finished it off with a rolling pin since I wanted rather thin tortillas and they seemed to thick after the pan treatment.

vom 10.02.2012, 18.45
7. von Astrid

I am glad you found out that you have this book and joined us! Tanna as far as I know I haven't had any problems with customs here regarding food items so far. Would love if you'd be willing to send me some :)

vom 10.02.2012, 18.43
6. von Elizabeth

That looks so good, Astrid! Did you flatten the tortillas with a rolling pin? With the bottom of the frying pan??? They look really really good.

Foodfreak, if you're on a gluten-free diet, you can eat corn, can't you?

Rrrrrrrrr, am I going to break down and make this? The chile bathed pork isn't a problem... it's those darned tortillas. We have corn tortillas (good ones) in the freezer. But I see that Duguid and Alford claim that freshly made tortillas are better.


(I wonder if I can buy just a small amount of masa harina.)

vom 10.02.2012, 06.49
5. von MyKitchenInHalfCups

Oh my gosh, you know, ... um ... I have this book.
Perhaps, the post is very expensive but a brown envelope is not. 2 cups ??? wonder if I could mail that to you? Would it get through your customs? Heck, if it'll go thru customs, I'll mail you some, brown envelop or box. Let me know.

vom 09.02.2012, 23.38
4. von Heather @girlichef

Ah, I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one that gets herself in deep! ha! Your pork looks so mouthwatering...and I guess I didn't even realize that different corn was used in processing the different types of corn-y floury things. I'm sorry if I led you astray in that endeavor! Anyhoo...lovely job =)

vom 09.02.2012, 20.59
3. von MyKitchenInHalfCups

ah ... no, can't, don't have the book. If that flat disk of the globe is the size of your plate, mine extends beyond the solar system.
Gad that looks really really good ... no, can't, don't have the book.
How long has it been since I bought another cookbook? ... um, and I really do like those two authors.
Wonderful write up on your plate!

vom 09.02.2012, 20.18
2. von Astrid

Oh somehow I missed you are living glutenfree. I am still waiting for my copy of that book and am hoping it has not fallen into the big pond...
I think with that flatbreads it should be fairly easy to convert into glutenfree, as far as my experiences with avoiding gluten go!

I saw you are doing something similar with Vinzent Klink's book - sounds interesting, I like his way to cook! ;o)

vom 09.02.2012, 19.13
1. von Foodfreak

your stuffed tortillas are picture-perfect! ... and I know those challenges are hard work, I am almost glad I can't do them anyway, although I'd love to join flatbreads and flavours, if only it wasn't for the grain problem.. ;) but I'll have fun reading your posts. c'mon u can do it!

vom 09.02.2012, 18.31
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