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[The Secret Recipe Club] - Duck Breast with Caramelized Onions & Orange Sauce

Its posting time again for my group of the The Secret Recipe Club.

As you already know by now, there are four groups of lovely bloggers who visit each others assigned blogs keeping it a secret from one another until the big reveal day.
For me there are two exciting moments: First one when I get the email of my assigned blog and second one when I see who was assigned to me and what recipe(s) they made and what they think about my blog in general.
Hold your breath for the following reveal days in March:
Group A - March 5 Group B - March 12 Group C - March 19 Group D - March 26
How this all works? well, just click on that logo on the left and you will get to a whole wonderful website that will answer all your questions and more!
Why I joined? Because I think it is a fun way to discover new blogs and step outta my comfort zone a bit by being assigned an unknown blog and having to find a recipe that suits me and tempts me to cook myself.

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Duck Breast with Caramelized Onions & Orange Sauce

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Alessio was my assigned target this month and his blog "Recipe Taster" is one of my favorites ever since we met in person last year! Although I really admire his ideas and recipes it was quite hard for me to find something I wanted to cook/bake AND my picky eaters at home would want to eat as well. It is very amazing to me how he comes up with the most creative combinations of ingredients for a dish - things Id never think of combining... but then his presented results look so tempting and delicious!

I didnt want to bake one of his rather rare sweet recipes so, I ended up with doing it this weekend where I was cooking for one and no one would complain "I cant eat that"...

This was a perfect decision in my book and I loved my chosen recipe: Duck breast with caramelized onions & orange sauce - wow! This was a winner and made my weekend! I loved the flavors and different textures. Plus one of the best things was that it was done in like half an hour!! Can it possibly get any better?

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Duck Breast with Caramelized Onions & Orange Sauce

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I tweaked the recipe you can find here a little bit to my liking since I really really do not like olives. Other than that I made no real changes to what Alessio says on his page, so please go and find everything you need there. :)

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Duck Breast with Caramelized Onions & Orange Sauce

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I still have some recipes on my to do list and will do very soon, like: Orange Cake - which I think would also be perfect as little bite-sized muffins of cupcakes This spectacular Lazy chocolate mousse Tarte - I almost made it for the SRC reveal day but feared Id eat it all by myself on Sunday... Oh and honestly I fell in love with this cake: Ruffle my Feathers cake Another must do: Crispelle di riso di San Giuseppe (St. Josephs sticky rice fritters)

I already made these Crispy Pork-Belly Gyros with fried eggplants in a potato-onion flatbread a while ago and loved it!!

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Astrid 05.03.2012, 17.00

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8. von Lisa~~

What a wonderfully amazing looking dinner...wish I had dined at your home. Great SRC choice.

If you haven't already, I'd love for you to check out my SRC entry: Broiled Sushi.

Cook Lisa Cook

vom 08.03.2012, 00.00
7. von Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

You had me at duck. Seriously. Love the stuff, don't get to eat it often. Wonderful choice for SRC!

vom 07.03.2012, 03.49
6. von Lisa @ Sweet as Sugar Cookies

That looks totally professional.

vom 06.03.2012, 07.22
5. von kristy lynn @ Gastronomical Sovereignty

duck is by far, one of my most favorite meats ever. Expensive little buggers when only purchasing the breasts - this weekend I bought an entire bird for the cost of one breast! i'll be posting it on Thursday on my sister blog, Taste Buds. well done and happy src day!

vom 06.03.2012, 04.51
4. von cookingrookie

This duck breast looks perfect! I am making one tomorrow, I hope it turns out as juicy as yours :-)

vom 06.03.2012, 04.00
3. von Amanda

This dish has some serious wow factor! Well done! P.S. I noticed you didn't enter yourself in the blog hop so I did it for you :)

vom 06.03.2012, 01.00
2. von Alessio

I was so glad when I saw your name aside my blog for this round of SRC! :D Happy that you found something that would fit your exclusive taste lol and do try that chocolate mousse cake!!! You will thank me :D

vom 05.03.2012, 21.44
1. von sara

This recipe looks amazing! I have never cooked duck breast, but I really want to try it sometime as I have loved it when I've had it at restaurants. The combination of duck breast with caramelized onions and orange sounds really delicious! :)

vom 05.03.2012, 17.32
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