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Carnival of the Cats #281 finally up

Oh, Hai! We is sorry to tell you that it will not be online until tomorrow - Momma is under the weather and not feeling well. She promised to help us post tomorrow tho! But she is cranky today, very tired but can't sleep due to hot hot hot .... I think I am gonna go hide again... Sorry! Ok now, we gotted Momma to coopoerate - finally, so here is the Carnival of the Cats #217: When you are done watching all thos gorgeous kitties you can read what they have been up to last week:

Astrid 02.08.2009, 20.55

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9. von Samantha, Mr. Tigger & Maverick

That was a great Carnival!! Have a happy Baycation all!!
Your (formally FL now) TX furiends,

vom 25.08.2009, 15.43
8. von Mrs Othello

Grate job yall!
Happy Werld Cat Day too :)
Alla Us Hotties

Oh, dis is me, Sanjee sinse Gree is ober there wif Othello. teehee

vom 09.08.2009, 03.18
7. von SB

*Very* cool post -- love the slideshow!

vom 07.08.2009, 23.08
6. von Carnival of the Cats #281 — Carnival of the Cats

[...] up at Kashim & Othello and Salome. Salome did a beautiful job on the carnival as [...]

vom 04.08.2009, 16.37
5. von Miz Mog and Meowza

We hope your momma feels better real soon and that the heat lets up. *hugs*

Meowza: Purrrrrrs and sandpaper kissies for Sally.

vom 04.08.2009, 05.25
4. von Angel and Kirby

We hopes Mama feels better tomorrow and that the hots go away!

vom 03.08.2009, 03.30
3. von Eric and Flynn

We hope your mum soon feels better.

vom 02.08.2009, 23.12
2. von Cheysuli

I hope your Momma starts feeling better.

vom 02.08.2009, 23.01
1. von Samantha & Mr. Tigger

Purrrrs, purrrrrs, hugs, sandpaper kisses, and healing vibes to Momma!!
Your FL furiends,

vom 02.08.2009, 22.26
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