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Carnival of the Cats #307 | Round up online now!

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats! ME is Salome and ME is your hostess for this edition. ME hopes you will like it. Do you wanna come and play bathtubehockey wif ME later? PLAYPLAYPLAY!!

CotC 01

  • Hakuna looks on attentively, casting a glowing eye upon She Who Must Be Obeyed as she enjoys a little evening Facebookage.
  • Catschka was found dead today outside her building. It turned out she was hit by a car :( We are so very sorry for your loss and send the best healing purrayers your way!!
  • Munchkin sez, Hay, da boyz are usually the star of da show and it's not fair! We girlz iz just as cute! It's our turn to be the stars, right, Amber?
  • The youngest feline denizen of The House of Chaos decided not to be outdone and came home with an impressive piece of... boiled bone. Well done little hunter.

CotC 02

  • Blogging will be light at watermark and we send hugs to you sbpoet!
  • To Ruse and Audace, everything is a potential toy! Ruse especially enjoys the box that my new wireless mouse and keyboard came in! It's shaped just right.
  • Maddie says: I'm going to explain this again. Sun + Bed = Warm. Warm = Happy Cat. Got it? This kitty does NOT do cold. Are we clear?
  • Luna obliged with some cuteness for a photo series. She really is a fantastic photography model, when she chooses to be.
Now this concludes this weekend's carnival. ME hopes you liked it and ME says: thank you all for playing along!! Uh Oh and speaking of playing. DO WE PLAY NAO???!?!?!?!?

CotC got lost We are so sorry that some entries to this carnival seemedd to haven been eaten in cyberspace alongthe way to the CotC inbox. ME is particularly sad that Meowza's and Miz Mog gotted lost. ME apologizes!! ME apologizes a second time for taking so long to update the festival, but we could not log in to the bloggie for the past few days and Momma was trying to figure out what the problem was...Now we is back online and we updated!

P.S. We know that Nikita's entries got lost too but haven't yet received his entries... If anyone else is missing his entry please let us know!! k?

Astrid 01.02.2010, 23.03

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7. von Miz Mog and Meowza

Thankies, more sandpaper kissies for Sally from Meowza.

vom 07.02.2010, 18.06
6. von iMeowza » Carnival of the Cats

[...] up at Sally’s. She did a terrific job. *nosekissies* I’m hosting next weekend and am hoping BlogCarnival [...]

vom 07.02.2010, 15.39
5. von Nikita Cat


Anyone home?

Is everything alright????

vom 05.02.2010, 09.33
4. von Nikita Cat

Which e-mail of yours should I use?

Better yet, maybe write me first!

I tried to send you an inquiry about submissions sent for my hosting of Bad Kitty Cats this weekend, but don't know if you got it, or it got spammed!!! ;-D

vom 03.02.2010, 09.28
3. von Admin Ghost Kitty

Oh DANG!! We are so sorry! please send links and we will add you! Thanks!
Oh we hope we did not lose more entries :( we were wondering though cause there were so few this time...

vom 02.02.2010, 06.45
2. von Miz Mog and Meowza

Submission form lost three entries from me too. Wonderful as usual. Meowza sends sandpaper kissies to Salome.

vom 02.02.2010, 05.29
1. von Nikita Cat

Wonderful Edition!

Well,worth the wait!

Except that the Submission Form Thingie must have lost my 2 entries in the e-mail ether! :-(

vom 02.02.2010, 03.12
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