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Carnival of the Cats #453

  Yes we are hosting again and gotted Momma's lazy butt off the chouch *hehe* - and yes we are late but not too late we hope - the notice of Miz Mog that we are hosting this week reached us rather short noted on Friday and since Momma was away for the weekend to stay with her family the Carnival had to be postphoned a little... hope you do not mind friends... Speaking of the carnival... there were rather few sumbissions anyway we could find in the postbox so if any of you reads this and wants to be added with an entry still... feel free to just leave your linky in the comments an we will add you for sure! We just know there are many kitties out there who have a lot to say so just do not let you stop and tell us what you were up to!

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Miss Elvira, Nitkita and Daddy Kiril are our most truthful participants in CotC and they always have very important and interesting things to share with us:

The Talk of Felinity Assembled #1: A Weekly Update Reborn - Miss Elvira tells us all about it.: Carnivals and events plus most impawtant recent fundraisers for kitties and humans in need. - Thanks you Elvira! Nikitia updates us on recent street sightings in Street Seens 58: Encounter in the Courtyard and Street Seens 59: Strays in a Downtown Houston Park [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"] This kitty of recent street seens might easily be mistaken for a Miss Elvira look alike model - watcha think?[/caption]

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 Mr StrangerRanger is another faithful CotC participant and we really need to thank him for those lovely pictures of lovely Maddie! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="384"] Isn't she just beautifuls?[/caption]

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 And then there was Mrs Banks and the kittens - well behaved and trained kittens we might add. Beautiful they are too. Just too cute! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"] 3-2-1 ... Squeeeeee! Just toooo cute, aren't they?[/caption]

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1. von Nikita and Elvira

Thanks for hosting!!!

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