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Announcing: Weekend Herb Blogging is hosted here this week!


Hi there!

I am hosting Weekend Herb Blogging this week, come and join me via sending your link to your herb-related post via the contact form below!

For those you do not know what Weekend Herb Blogging is all about: Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen founded this fun event 6 years back as a counter event to the Weekend Cat Blogging movement which was very present in the food blogger world back then. After three years of organizing this event Kalyn stepped back and Haalo took over the event and is organizing all things behind the scene now. Thanks Haalo for still letting me host every now and then, tho I do not often participate myself... I promis to be better with that this year...

So what is this Herb Blogging all about?

There are not many but a few rules. You can go and read them by clicking the link above or click the logo!

The most important ones are:

  • Only two types of entries will be accepted:
    • Recipe posts where a herb or plant ingredient is one of the primary ingredients in the recipe
    • Informative posts that spotlight one herb or plant ingredient, particularly including information about how they are used in cooking.
  • Naturally, posts can be a combination of both these criteria.
  • Posts must contain the phrase Weekend Herb Blogging with a link to the host for that week and to this site.
[contact-form-7 id="4918" title="WHB Submission Form"]

Please make sure you've read ALL the rules at the WHB page before you send in the link! Thanks!!

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