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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos No.76


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Welcome to the December 21, 2008 edition of bad kitty cats festival of chaos.
  • Nancy Miller presents 10 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe, Healthy and Happy posted at My Hollywood Pets.
  • Michael Puskar presents Mongo Angry! Mongo Smash!: Four of a Kind is a Full House posted at Mongo Angry! Mongo Smash!, saying, "Cats have taken over my life...but I still love them."
  • Rahel presents Sub Feline posted at Elms in the Yard, saying, "Thank you!"
  • Moi presents Friday Kitten Blogging - All Ai Need iz uh Box posted at Bloggg.
  • Vera Lang presents Learn The Secrets Of Why Your Pet Wont Eat posted at Fine Pet Care .com, saying, "Pets can sometimes be finicky when it comes to mealtime; cats are especially known to be picky about their food...."
  • , . We are sorry this carnival is so very late and quick and dirty done but momma was real sick mostly all of last week, so we could not post much and she still feels not so well today. Our apologies again! *sigh*

    Astrid 19.12.2008, 23.00

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    6. von Willow & China Cat

    Oh, Momma Astrid, we certainly hope that you are feeling better now. China Cat & I hope that all of you had a very nice Christmas too!

    Purrrrrrrrrs,Willow & China Cat

    Willow & China Cats last blog post..Vishus Deer in my Kitchen

    vom 30.12.2008, 03.23
    5. von Mind of Mog


    So I was taking pics or trying to as Cece wasn’t moving from his spot by the door when the door opened, wasn’t closed tightly and the wind got it. You can guess what Cece was thinking.

    Weekend kitty holiday festivities:
    Bad Kitty Cats Fest...

    vom 28.12.2008, 14.50
    4. von Mrs Othello

    I'm so sorry Momma Astrid has been sick. I'll share some of my fishie flakes with her if you think it'll help her feel better faster. They always make me feel better. I'll telerport over and bring her some. And we can snuggle lots Othello. :)
    Purrrrrrrrrs and a big nosekiss,
    your LadyCat Gree

    Mrs Othellos last blog post..Hi everycat!

    vom 28.12.2008, 14.44
    3. von Miz Mog and Meowza

    Understand about being sick, hope it's nothing serious and that you're feeling better. And better late than not at all. Hugs.

    vom 28.12.2008, 14.19
    2. von Mickey

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE hope your Christmas was a happy one :)

    Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR too!!!!!!!!!!!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia and Tillie

    vom 27.12.2008, 13.57
    1. von Jasper

    Merry Christmas! We hope Santa brought you everything you wished for.
    --Jasper, Josie, Huggy Bear and Maggie

    Jaspers last blog post..Merry Christmas to all ...

    vom 25.12.2008, 14.26
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