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Bread Baking Buddies March - The Round Up

*blows away cobwebs* *looks around* Hmmm, seems there has been silence again for far too long... I need to apologize to our sincere and faithful BBB Buddies who bake along with us each month and send in their breads that I haven't blogged about their takes on our Swedish Rye for so long not even to speak of *whispers* in time!

Those of you who used to read here regularly (I am sure there are not many of you left and whose to blame you for that?!) know that when this blog goes silent for a while something has happened in my life that drives me away from blogging or communicating online. Please do not expect answers from me what this might have been 'CCause I really do not have one right now.

I could tell you that I have been buried under work related stuff like moving offices, demanding new job, my company still struggling with post merger syndromes, and what not else... Each of these reasons are true and justify my hiatus but to be honest there has been something else going on with me I cannot even clearly put into words.

It's not that I lost my blogging mojo because I still felt the urge to blog but whenever I "stole" a little time from busy schedule and was not too tired I just starred at the empty "new post" page on this honest little blog and - remained silent... all the words that had been in my head for you during the day, all those little thoughts "I want to blog this" were just gone, leaving me with an empty mind and no words to write down. My lovely camera has put on cobwebs too waiting in the far corner of my living room to hugged again but there was nothing I felt was worth being photographed.

I backed out from my daily twitter friends and even from my BBBabes ridiculously enough I did miss all those social interactions but could not keep up with it on the other hand. It made *klick* to me when my friend and doctor told me that she fears I might be on the edge of a burn out and need to be careful. Healthwise I am still dealing with some problems so that is another dimension that makes my mood go down quickly. It simply does not feel funny to cough your lungs out while no one really knows the reason why this damn infection blew up my immune system so badly that every little sneezing makes my lungs go bonkers.  So there was I backed out from every social interaction I could working long hours and even after I put away all work related stuff I wasn't able to rest and find something to occupy my mind. I slept badly and barley through the night, felt exhausted when I woke up. I was on the edge and while typing this to you I have to be honest and say I am not sure if I am on the way to get better again or if I am still on my way down... I guess I will find that out sooner or later.

For the  moment I feel ok and am trying to slowly push this blog back to life because if it is alive - I am for sure. Don't expect a blog post ever other day but every once in a while for the time being.

I am thankful - more than words could ever express that I have friends like my Babes who drop me an email every once in a while to check if I am ok and bribe me out of my non-communicating state of mind and Mrs Q. who never gets tired to "stay and clean up after the party has ended" without forcing anything at me.  There are good days and bad days  - at the moment it seems that the good days are winning over the bad ones. :)

Now thank you for your patience while reading through all this, that is all I can say for now. I guess you are still waiting for the Buddy round up aren't ya?

Let's see:

Kelly of A Messy Kitchen kelly
sandie Sandie of Crumbs of love
Dewi of elra's baking dewi
judi Judi of Judi's Gross Eats
Ágnes of szeretetrehangoltan Agnes
connie Connie of my discovery of bread
Cathy of Bread Experience cathy

Thank you all for taking the time to bake this lovely bread with us, I loved all of your resulting breads! Each and every loaf looked so tempting and lovely that I want to bake it yet again :) Dear Buddies, please feel free to grab the Buddy Badge below:

Astrid 19.05.2012, 12.23

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5. von Dewi

Hi Astrid, I'm sorry that you're having a hard time, I hope by the time you received this comment everything is getting better for you.

Nice round up, and thank you for choosing such a delicious bread for us.

vom 22.05.2012, 00.38
4. von Lien

Hi Astrid, so good to ´see´ you. You´re a strong and brave woman even if you might not feel like that. Dark times to go through, but hang in there. In the meantime a beautiful round up of the buddies!

vom 20.05.2012, 20.04
3. von Paulchens FoodBlog?! » Blog Archive » Shepherd’s Bread by Beth Hensperger

[...] Like I said in my last post, there have been several reasons why this blog remained silent and why this post is late too… [...]

vom 20.05.2012, 17.11
2. von MyKitchenInHalfCups

And from one who's lucky to be blogging once a month right now, sometimes we really do just have to take care of the self. That's not selfish incase nobody else told you.
Fabulous buddies!

vom 20.05.2012, 02.23
1. von Elizabeth

Yay!! I'm so glad to see you emerge, Astrid! I'm rooting for you being on the way to getting better.

Lovely round up!

vom 19.05.2012, 14.32
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