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Bread Baking Day #54 - Overnight Pumpkin Seed Rolls

Bread Baking Day #54 (last day of submission December 1st, 2012) Wow! This has been such a log time since I've participated in BBD!

Surprisingly I am blogging on the last day of submission possible. No?! :o)

When I read what theme Stephanie of Hefe und mehr chose for this month's bbd I tought "Oh this is so perfect, I'd love to have a list with all new ideas for overnight breads which have become my favorite breads because they are so easy peasy and I love to have a fresh bread right off the oven for my weekend breakfasts.

I always keep a portion of Ilka's alround dough in my fridge for a handy and quick bake. You really should try that yourself!

Bread Baking Day #54
Ilka's Alround Dough residing in my fridge ;)

Then the days went by and I was really busy with lots of stuff... but since the weekend was nearing anyway and I needed to bake bread I remembered bbd and began to think of what to bake. Overnight brioches? Overnight Cinnamon Buns? Overnight Pull Apart Bread?

All of the above I make on a regular basis and love them! But I wanted something more healthy so I came up with these:

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Bread Baking Day #54 - Overnight Pumpkin Seed Rolls
Overnight Pumpkin Seed Rolls

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Overnight Pumpkin Seed Rolls

Bread Baking Day #54 - Overnight Pumpkin Seed Rolls

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Waiting time: 30 minutes + 1 night
Cooking time: 10 to 12 minutes

15 gr fresh yeast
250 ml milk
1 tablespoon olive oil (I used basil infused olive oil)
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
300 gr spelt flour
100 gr millet flour
100 gr finely ground pumpkin seeds

The night before:

  • In a large bowl, combine yeast and cold milk until dissolved, then add oil, salt, sugar and flour gradually.
  • Knead about 5 to 10 minutes until you have a soft dough (Add flour if you see that your dough is too sticky)
  • Shape into a ball, put it in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let rise 30 minutes in a warm place.
  • Knead the dough again for 2 to 3 minutes. Form a roll and divide into 10 pieces.
  • Shape balls and place 10 balls of bread on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, making sure to leave enough space between the balls.
  • Cover with a damp cloth and store overnight in the bottom of the fridge.

Have a nice rest and peaceful sleep!

The next morning:

  • Preheat oven to 225 ° C and remove the bread from the fridge.
  • Bake 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven, let cool down slightly and enjoy with your favorite breakfast treats!

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]Bread Baking Day #54 - Overnight Pumpkin Seed Rolls
Overnight Pumpkin Seed Rolls - they have a nice crumb and soft crust

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Astrid 01.12.2012, 14.30

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5. von Sabine

That looks really delicious, I cannot wait to give this recipe a try! Thanks for sharing it!;)

vom 24.01.2013, 10.55
4. von bonooobong

Wow! Kürbiskern-Semmeln? Das sieht ja eicht cool aus! Und es scheint auch ganz einfach zu sein, vielleicht könnte es sogar von mir (alleinstehender Architekt) vorbereitet werden! Danke für die Inspiration!

vom 09.01.2013, 09.50
3. von Elizabeth

These sound wonderful, Astrid! And they look so pretty too with the pumpkin seeds on top.

vom 17.12.2012, 15.55
2. von MyKitchenInHalfCups

Goodness, I really like the crumb of these rolls ... and the pumpkin seeds.

vom 17.12.2012, 14.49
1. von Stefanie

The rolls look delicious! I love rolls with spelt!

vom 03.12.2012, 08.59
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