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Carnival of the Cats #294

cotc 294

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats #294!

It was Halloween this weekend, so we themed the CotC for this occasion, let's see what the kitties were up to this past week:

cotc 294

  • The Paw Blog talks about an important issue: Dental Health in Cats and Dogs. Go brush your teefs regularly friends and stay healthy!
  • Elisson introduces us to Fred and Bob, EriC's cats he visited recently. Cool Mancats!

cotc 294

  • At Elms in the Yard we are introduced to the story of Pinocchio. She's a shop cat who lives at a frame store in Jerusalem. And a pretty one to my mind!
  • Talking of pretty: Bebe is featured at The Poor Mouth. What a beauty!!
  • Handsome Maximilian the Leader was captured lounging in the Master Bedroom chair.

cotc 294

  • The TT&TOT Gang is on heavy duty: Begging for treats! Well it is Trick o Treat Weekend anyway, ain't it?!
  • Super Tocks at Cheysuli's: woooha!
  • Allen Thinks has a cute video of Mr Jones.
  • Amar and Luna were hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend. Luna is showing off her black gorgeousness! Way to go girl!
  • Caitie is ready for Halloween, in character as a Vampire Kitty, with frightening eyes and fearsome fangs!

cotc 294

  • This blog is full of crap is featuring Bruwyn.
  • Thumpy is not a cat but a brave puppy so she deserves to be included and she has lotsa feline sisfurs too...

cotc 294

  • StrangeRanger is a bit sad and missing Ivy this Halloween since she always represented it very spookingly. We are thinking of all our furriends that went to the Bridge before us this Weekend too!
This concludes this week's festival, next week will be hosted by Nikita at Nikita's Place Thanks for participating and stopping by!

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7. von Elisson

Beautifully illustrated - an exceptional Carnival. Thank you for all your hard work!

vom 08.11.2009, 21.51
6. von john

Nice job, cats. I envy your tech-fu!

vom 03.11.2009, 23.43
5. von jansfunnyfarm

Happy Birhday, Othello. Hope you get lots of extra treats today.

vom 03.11.2009, 17.03
4. von Eric and Flynn

Happy purrfday Othello, we hope you have a wonderful day.

vom 03.11.2009, 13.23
3. von Beau Beau & Angie

Happy Purrthday Othello! A little birdie tolded us it wuz yur purrthday. Have a great day today. Many purrs and hugs from us.

vom 03.11.2009, 12.38
2. von Gracie

Saw on Cb that it is Othello's birthday so sending birthday wishes. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays with many more to come.

vom 03.11.2009, 12.02
1. von Miz Mog and Meowza

Absolutely fabulous kitties, the pictures are pawsome, four paws up. Meowza sends nosekisses to Salome.

vom 02.11.2009, 19.13
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