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Carnival of the Cats #301 | The round up is online!

Hi kittties, this is Salome speaking: We are very sorry the Carnival ran a little late this weekend. There are a few family things going on at the moment that keep Momma even more busy and so she has less time to help us blog. She  promised it will get better next year, we sure hope so! But now, here are the kitties of this week's carnival:

CotC 1

  • Kosmo is posing under the Christmas tree. You really look cool down there Kosmo!
  • Don't miss this wonderful pikshur of Bebe! Such a sweetie!
  • The kitties at friends furever got ther secret paws package! Oh and how much fun they had!
  • There is a lot of snow at StrangerRanger's but Maddie prefers to stay inside under the tree.
  • Mewoza is helping Miz Mog with the Xmas gifts. Good boy, no? And he says: Life is great!
CotC 2
  • Amar and Luna are celebrating Hannukah, what a lovely Menorah they have!
  • Uh oh, seems that Arthur got himself into some troubles. heheeh those mancats...
  • Nikita Cat shares his Secret paws images with us and some thoughts about cats and bicycles.
  • Peaches helps her Mom unpack the bags when she comes home from shopping.
this concludes this edition of carnival of the cats. hope to see you next weekend!

Astrid 22.12.2009, 10.56

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11. von Fat Eric

Happy New Year!

vom 02.01.2010, 01.18
10. von The Taylor CatSSSSS


vom 01.01.2010, 17.57
9. von Kimo & Sabi

We wish you a healthy and happy new year 2010!

vom 01.01.2010, 17.38
8. von Mrs. Othello & Pepi & The Hotties

Good carnival!
We hope yall had a very merry Chrissymouse and have a great new year!

*nosekissies and luvs to my husbandcat Othello* ~your wifeycat Gree

*kitty hugs to everyone*
Luvs alla us Hotties

vom 27.12.2009, 13.29
7. von Miz Mog and Meowza

Loved the carnival as usual it is top notch. Merry Christmas and sandpaper kissies to Salome from Meowza.

vom 24.12.2009, 18.51
6. von KC

Furry nice, really enjoyed it.
Love & Purrs,

vom 23.12.2009, 09.12
5. von CatSynth

Great roundup. We really like the holiday collages :)

Happy Holidays!

vom 23.12.2009, 03.07
4. von Toosday Noos » Cat Blogosphere

[...] Carnival of the Cats is now up at Kashim & Othello and Salome. [...]

vom 22.12.2009, 20.22
3. von Carnival of the Cats #301 — Carnival of the Cats

[...] up at Kashim & Othello and Salome. Salome delivers a wonderful Christmas carnival complete with stellar graphics. These kitties are [...]

vom 22.12.2009, 19.46
2. von Nikita Cat

That was such a cool presentation!

Knowing how stressful the month has beeen, what with Chrisssymouse, & the 2010 planning of various Feline Festivals &, from what you say, other important concerns, I figured something was up & looked forward to Carvival when you could make it.

I am just amazed you were able to create such a pretty one under such pressure.

Thank You! ;-D

vom 22.12.2009, 19.23
1. von Angel and Kirby

it looks like every one had lots of weekend fun!

vom 22.12.2009, 14.55
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