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Carnival of the Cats #332

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats #319!

We are so happy to host again. The Ladey purromised to be more cooperative again, so you see: there is hope *giggle* Do you see all these gorgeous cats in the picture? They all came to cellybrate the Carnival of the Cats with us!

Picnik collage

Lets see what they all had to tell this weekend:
  • My lovely sweetie Meowza ... isn't he even cute when he is bathing? *faint*
  • Meowza again... just can't get enough of him... *giggles* he is a great explorer I think!
  • Rahel is catsitting and what a sweetie she is sitting there *swooon*
  • Nikita is not an only cat anymore. He has company now. A little ladycat. And she is so lovely!!
  • Luna is gorgeous as ever. Nothing or to add. Oh well: smootches to Amar, just because he is as sweet as Luna ;o)
  • Rosie rules the household.  Who else? *giggles* Go over and see the whole story and pics!
  • George the Duck, Sanjee's pet duckie,  has won a wonderful cat art. You need to see this!
  • Shadow has been welcomed as a new family member. Congratulations family, he is so lovely!
  • Hakuna is snuggling in the cat bed. Thanks to Ellisson for sharing this sweet moment.
That's it so far. If you sent in a submission and it is not shown here please drop us a line in the comments and we will add you. Sometimes mails get eaten by the innerwebs trolls... We are sorry! Love and smootches to you all!

Carnival of the Cats #333 is at One Cats Nip don't forget to stop by and send your submission!

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2. von Mrs. Othello

Georgey is going to get a big head to be named in the Carnival of the Cats. MOL
Othello, thank you for holding my paw at the v-e-t. That helped a lot. I am glad I don't have to go back for a year, though. Can we just hold paws for fun?
Purrrrrs and luvs, your ladywifeycat Gree

vom 28.07.2010, 15.54
1. von Nikita Cat

Great job!

The little lady is sleeping right now. ;-D

I'm pooped just watching her running around, hee, hee! ;-D

vom 28.07.2010, 06.01
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