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Carnival of the Cats #426

We are so honored and thrilled that we are hosting again *blows away cobwebs* *cough* *cough* - this humble blog of us has way too little attention again anyway, so welcome to the COTC! Sadly enough blogcarnival seems to have been down for the better part of the week again so we found a very empty inbox when we went looking for submissions. :( Oh and embarrassingly enough Momma *looks at her in discontent* had been looking at the wrong inbox as well, so we were suspecting NO submissions at all.... Anyhooo if you tried to submit and found blogcarnival down, you can always leave us a message in the comments below and we will add you as soon as possible! *promise* We hope all our kitty friends have been well while we have yet been forced through an extended hiatus. Please be assured that none of you is forgotten by us and that we still try to visit your blogs tho we will remain silent most of the time, due to a lack of typing help *again looks at Momma with slight anger* Yesterday was Mother's Day so we needs to be more patient with Momma - but then didn't we be patient all this rotten times when she tells us "no time for blogging guys I am sorry"?! Someone needs to be held responsible for this constant neglect! *rooooaaaaar*   Ok, ok, Othello is poking me so I need to go on with the Carnival, lets see who do we have here:
  • Mistress Elvira showing us some example of responsible parenthood.
  • Oh and she has a nice conversation with a cane too over at her Daddy's blog. *hehe* loved that pictures there...
  • Cookie the Cat talks about walking in L.A. *hm* ya, well never been there but I guess it could be nice walking there...
  • The folks at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life say Happy Mother's Day and have some important announcements and links to share too! Please go there and see if you might want to help/participate :)
  • Last but not least our friends at Catsynth are enjoying the patio and the fine weather. *sigh* oh yes weather wasn't too good here for some sunny patio time but one should't loose hope, should one? the summer is near they say!
That's all we have for now - again if you have a blog post you might want to add: leave a comment here! Thanks! P.S. Next week CotC #427 - Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat  

Astrid 14.05.2012, 14.50

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2. von Mrs Gree

I wish Mom was helping us blog more. I'd enter. How about a visit for some chixhen? I'll bring some over.
love and purrrrs and kissies,
your wifeycat Gree

vom 22.05.2012, 14.23
1. von Nikita Cat and Elvira Mistress of Felinity

Good job! Thanks for hosting!

BTW, Nikita was the one looking out the window, reporting on the Responsible Parenting. :-D

vom 14.05.2012, 18.48
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