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Carnival of the Cats

Miz Pet and the ever gorgeous Bengal Brats are hosting CotC this Sunday and the maded a theme and a little contest too: It's all about "silhouettes". We were not sure how we were supposed to provided the contest pics so every one of us decided of one pic which shows him kinda silhouette-like. Miz Pet we hope we did it right?

So here we comes all silhouette-y:

Salome Salome said this would be the perfect pic for the theme, if only Momma didn't get it all so blurry....

Kashim Kashim decided on this pic, He thinks it makes him look extra sporty... *hehe*

Easy like sunday Othello thinks this is a perfect pose to look silhouette-y... watcha think?

because her first pic went so all blurry we allowed Salome to pic another one. She is a girl kitty after all and needs to haf a purrty pic: Salome 2008 08 23

She decided on this one and said it would make a perfect  silhouette to use on a top corner of a door... No idea what she is talking about tho! luv'n'hugs, alla us

Astrid 08.02.2009, 20.47

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3. von Willow

All three of you look very silhouettey, indeed! I tried to look silhouettey but am not sure if I succeeded... I was just happy that my Food Lady was helping me to blog again after more than a week!

Purrrrrrrrs, Willow

Willows last blog post...Last Sunday

vom 09.02.2009, 03.52
2. von Cheysuli

I had no silhouette so I just submitted myself as I was... sigh.

vom 09.02.2009, 01.44
1. von Samantha & Mr. Tigger

Those look pretty silhouettey to us!! And very cute, too!!
Your FL furiends,

Samantha & Mr. Tiggers last blog post...Samantha & Mr. Tigger Silhouttes for Carnival Of The Cats

vom 08.02.2009, 21.18
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