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Easy like sunday...

Easy like sunday
Easy like sunday
Well, then I will host BKCFoC all by myself without you boys!! *hehehe* Hey momma STOP! This is a kitty festival you can't host all by yourself!! We have to snoopervize you doing this impawtant task! Maybe some nip will help us stay up and host? Ok boys, you'll have time to think about it 'till I come home from my visit at gramp's!

It's weekend, please check all the fun weekend activities:

Astrid 09.03.2008, 12.37

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7. von Samantha & Tigger

Othello!!!! Wake up!! Chicken, oh my that is our favorite!! Okay, we'll be ready when you are for the festival!! Hope your weather is good!
Your FL furiends,

vom 10.03.2008, 01.45
6. von Gree

Wasn't all that chick-hen yummy, Othello? I'm not surprised yoo's still sleepin.
Purrrrrrrrrs and a squillion chick-hen-flavoured nosekissies,
your LadyCat Gree

vom 09.03.2008, 22.47
5. von China Cat

Hooray for nip! I hope that you both get some nip while you're snoopervising the Festival!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

vom 09.03.2008, 22.29
4. von Weekend Edition 144 Of WCB |

[...] Kashim and Othello ( who are hosting BKCFoC~ LOL cats today!) sent in their entry a tad late, but always welcome! It appears they were catching up on their beauty sleep… but the festival will go on! [...]

vom 09.03.2008, 21.59
3. von Cheysuli

Ah I can see the allure of not getting up though...

vom 09.03.2008, 19.02
2. von TT&TOT Gang

LOL poor Othello, did you overdose on chicken trytophan? Does chicken have tryptophan?

And guys! Am very confused about RSS feed...I think I did do something to mess it up because I was trying to get a feed for myself. I think I put something on my template, am going to try to fix it.

Where and how do you get your RSS feed to read everyone's blogs?

vom 09.03.2008, 18.37
1. von Cecil the Cougar

Wake up, wake up! Snoopervising is very important. Although i can understanding overeating and being sleepy. Sometimes I overeat my humans toes and then I have to take a nap!

vom 09.03.2008, 17.23
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