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Farewell Smudge, little friend! :(

Farewell Smudge, little friend! candle Yesterday we all purrayed hard for Smudge - today he made his last journey, may all the lit candles have shown him a bright way to the Rainbow Bridge! Our hearts are with your family little fellow!

Astrid 21.03.2008, 11.57

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12. von KC

Beautiful tribute to Smudge.
He was a fighter to tha end.
He will be very missed.
Purrs an purrayers fur hims fambly.
Love, KC

vom 21.03.2008, 22.37
11. von Miss Peach

Astrid das ist so wunderschoen for den kleinen Smudge! So young but loved until the very last second. Life is such a small circle for some kitties...very sad for those that love him so much.
I have missed you all so much and am hopeing that you are all settled in well and your lives have lots of peaceful days in beautiful Wien now that spring is coming. I think of you lots and how much you helped me get better last year with the love you sent me each day...
Your friend forever Miss Peach

vom 21.03.2008, 20.34
10. von Gandalf & Grayson

Waht a wonderful Tribute. Farewell, Smudge! Purrs and purrayers.

vom 21.03.2008, 20.29
9. von Artsy Catsy

Such a wonderful tribute to Smudge. We're just heartbroken for his family and will keep sending them purrs for comfort.

& everybody at Artsy Catsy

vom 21.03.2008, 20.01
8. von PB&J

What a lovely tribute, we'll be purring for Smudge's family.

vom 21.03.2008, 16.15
7. von The Cat Realm

What a wonderful tribute. We are very very sad and feel for his family!

vom 21.03.2008, 15.57
6. von Jan's Funny Farm

What a beautiful tribute to Smudge. We were sorry to learn this morning that he's gone.

vom 21.03.2008, 15.25
5. von China Cat

That;s a very nice tribute for Smudge. Willow and I were so sorry to hear about him this morning.

Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

vom 21.03.2008, 15.16
4. von Friday Noos » Cat Blogosphere

[...] tribute by Kashim & Othello to [...]

vom 21.03.2008, 15.09
3. von Pepi

We're all sad Smudge had to go on to the Bridge. We're purring lots for his family.

Gree sends nosekissies to Othello and says she'll be over when she leaves Mistrie's house, she's worried about Mistrie being cold cuz it's still snowing. She says she'll come snuggle once she's sure Mistrie will be warm enough.

your bro Pepi

vom 21.03.2008, 15.05
2. von Parker

My little kitty heart broke this morning when I read that he was helped to the Bridge. He's a shining healthy kitty angel now!

vom 21.03.2008, 14.20
1. von Abby & Boo

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. Thomas Campbell

We are purring for Smudge's family....

vom 21.03.2008, 13.12
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