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Finally Friday and brofurly love...

2009 01 29 Aren't they too cute?

2009 01 29 Othello and Kashim rarely ever cuddle up at the same sleeping spot too near to each other. In fact all the time they are with me I never saw them snuggle more or closer than touching tails or toes or... well you get the point... When I came into the room this evening to check on Kashim what I saw was this picture you see above. Othello and Kashim snuggled up in Othello's favourite chair. Othello is always the sensitive one with nursing the others (cats and beans) when they do not feel well. What amazes me is that Kashim let him do this since he tends to be very grumpy when he is feeling bad. Brotherly love is best, huh? Now on to the Kashim report by Kashim himself:

2009 01 29 update on mine paws

Hey there friends, I am hanging in there - that's what Mom Robyn says is best - hanging in and kicking back at lemons. Momma and Mom Robyn have been talking about lemons and lemonade quite a lot lately. I am a bit concerned, do you think the may have gone nuts or  lost their entire marbles? If so we needs to find thems marbles and give em back! Maybe Sally has been playing with them or Othello hidded thems, he always hides stuff others need... Ah aye where was I? As you can see I only gots on bandaged paw. My paws are healing. It hurts lots and I am limping a bit when I walk but I am not in pain (only a little when I walk). My left paw has gone a bit sore and has even some bloddy parts but momma took care of them and I was a good boy and let her get away with it. The only thing I do not like about that was that she bandaged it again for the night. How am I supposed to care for my paw when she has it all hidded? She says we need to bandage it in oderer to let it heal better and give the creme she put on a chance to work... she putted creme on the other paw too and massaged it. It worked fine there, why not on this one? Weird. Human logic again I suspect...

Hope all of you kitties have a wondeful start into the weekend!

Speaking of weekend, heres the weekend fun activities:

Astrid 30.01.2009, 07.10

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7. von Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

We're glad you are getting better. You two look adorable sleeping together.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Sniffie and the Florida Furkidss last blog post...Funny Friday Fotos

vom 31.01.2009, 04.30
6. von Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

We sure hope dat paw heals up real good, Kashim. Isn't dat funny, mom sed she was making lemonade today...but we don't see it in da fridj!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedys last blog post...Purray fur Moki

vom 31.01.2009, 04.18
5. von Samantha & Mr. Tigger

Kashim & Othello you look so cute all cuddled up on the chair together! We are glad your paw is getting better Kashim!!! ((((((Purrrrs and hugs to you all!!!))Have a wonderful Weekend!
Your FL furiends,

Samantha & Mr. Tiggers last blog post...Finally & Friends Friday with Samantha & Mr. Tigger

vom 31.01.2009, 03.38
4. von Gypsy & Tasha

We're so glad to see that only one paw needs to be bandaged now Kashim - that bandage must be very annoying for you, but we think that you'd better leave it on for now. Try to nap away the time with your brofur (btw, that's a cute picture of the two of you on that chair). We're gonna keep on purring and purraying for you, and for your Awesome Man's family,


Gypsy & Tasha

Gypsy & Tashas last blog post...Holidays in Oz

vom 31.01.2009, 01.19
3. von Miz Mog and Meowza

Aww, that's cute all snuggly together. My cats rarely snuggle like that except when getting on me. There's only so much space on my lap. I have to lay down on the sofa so one can lay on my legs. Meowza is a big cat. Not fat, just a big cat. Glad Kashim is healing. So is Meowza who sends his purrs.

Miz Mog and Meowzas last blog post...Thankful Thursday

vom 30.01.2009, 19.35
2. von Mrs Othello

Kashim, I'm glad you only have one bandaged paw now. I hope you can heal up fast and get that bandage off fast. Or maybe we should just pull the bandage off cut it feels ucky. No, Mom? Mom says no, it'll make your paw more hurty. Oh well.

Yall do look all snuggly. Can I get into the nap pile?

::Lots of nosekissies and purrs to my handsum Othello::

Mrs Othellos last blog post...Finally Knee... um.. Friday

vom 30.01.2009, 19.00
1. von Cheysuli

Personally I don't like lemons. I don't even like lemonade. I think they should make TUNA.

Just a thought...

I do wish I had a nice cat to snuggle with, like you. Gemini is just not a nice cat at all... at least not to me.

Cheysulis last blog post...Find Chey Friday

vom 30.01.2009, 16.32
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