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Finally Friday - Thankful

This post was supposed to be a Thankful Thursday, but momma fell asleep while watching TV last night and so no she did *not* post for us!!!
I am so sorry boys!
Anyhoo, we gotted our purrrize from Spirit and Ezra and we are so happy wif it! Guess what!!! We gotted Tem-tay-shuns!!!!! As you can't buy thems here in Austria we've never tasted thems before in our lives!! Momma gave us some yesserday and we simply love love love thems. They are sooooo yummy!! Loook what we gotted besides the Tem-tay-shuns:

Finally Friday started by Gandalf & Grayson


In ofur mews:

We are very proud to be 3rd place winners of Squillions, the Contest sponsored by the Cat Blogosphere!!! Fank yall! Don't forget our little St.Paddy's Day Contest and tell us why it is a very special one this year for momma!

Hey kitties it's weekend soon, please check all the fun weekend activities:

Astrid 07.03.2008, 13.35

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11. von Sunnys Mommy

Those are all great prizes you two got :-) Enjoy your treats!!

vom 08.03.2008, 22.37
10. von Cheysuli

Emmm what great gifts! I love feathers too!!!

vom 08.03.2008, 00.51
9. von Sophia


vom 08.03.2008, 00.23
8. von Spirit and Ezra

We're gladd the box maded it over the big water to you!! Enjoy the treatsies~

vom 07.03.2008, 20.07
7. von Daisy

I am so happy that you got to eat some Temptations!

vom 07.03.2008, 18.04
6. von Jasper McKitten-Cat

OH my goodness! What a package!!!! Temptations and fev-ver mousies all together....I wouldn't know what to do with myself!


vom 07.03.2008, 17.33
5. von Diamond Emerald-Eyes

Oooo Feather butt mice. Those are soooo much fun!

vom 07.03.2008, 16.38
4. von China Cat

Wow, what a terrific prize package you received from Ezra & Spirit! I'm glad that you got to try Temptations and LOVE them! I LOVE them too! And congratulations on winning 3rd prize in the Squillions Contest!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat

vom 07.03.2008, 16.30
3. von Samantha & Tigger

Yummy!! Yummy! Yummy! Your got temptations in your tummies!! Cool fev-ver toys, too!

vom 07.03.2008, 16.12
2. von Eli

This is weird - in Germany Whikas Temptations are called Dreamies. I guess this is because the trademark rights have been reserved for Temptations. My cats LOOOOOOVE them...very addictive ;)!

Nice greetings


vom 07.03.2008, 14.05
1. von Gree

Temptations! You two are furry furry lucky! Oh I love temptations. But I can't eat them. Or anything with wheat. *sigh* They make me yak and Mom hates cleaning up after me. I think it's worth it though. hehehe
Concatulations on being 3rd place in Squillions, the Contest. Great job! It was a hard contest!

Purrrrrrs and a squillion nosekissies to my handsum Othello :)
Your LadyCat Gree

vom 07.03.2008, 13.42
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