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Godspeed our friends, till we meet again!

buzzy, meep, bear

Another sad time for your fiends and way too many good byes. We can't say no more good byes to friends so we say: "Until we meet again buddies!"

A little over a year ago Buzzerbee left to roam free at the RainbowBridge. Then Meep followed him this year and way too quick after Meep, Bear decided to join them. It is hard to lose so many furry fiends in one family in such a short period of time.. Our hearts go out to Twizzler, who must feel very lonely now as the only kitty and the whole family. We feel your sadness and are sending lots of hugs and comofting thoughts.

good bye jake!

On another sad note Jake was diagnosed with cancer and shortly after his mum maded the hardest decision to let him go and roam free without pain at the Rainbow Bridge. They maded their goodbyes but we know his Mum and his sister Bathsheba are missing him badly and are so very lonely without him.

Hi Mum put is so very right:

... We were honored to join the supportive cat network and become part of a big family. But, by joining this big network of cats, we make ourselves vulnerable to emotional pain as well. We get to know these cats and they feel like family. Some get sick; some die. Those times are hard on all of us. And cats don't live as long as humans. They give us great joy while they are alive. We mourn their passing with torrents of tears. ...

Thats how we feel these moments! There is a candle lit always for our friends and their families at our home. Our heart is with you always.

Purrs For Rockys Mom

We are also very worried about Rocky's Mom who is such a wonderful human and catpurrrson. She is having a hard time healthwise and all of her furries are very upset to see hers not being well. Please get well soon, we need you and miss you! We are sending our strongest healing purrs and purrayers to you!

love and hugs and purrrs, alla us and Momma too

Astrid 07.02.2009, 10.47

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3. von Bathsheba

My mom was very touched by your comments about my brother Jake. You were so kind to feature him on your blog. We have all undergone so much sorrow recently. Too many kitties have left us.


Bathshebas last blog post...Goodbye

vom 13.02.2009, 04.18
2. von Victor Tabbycat

We's been furry sad bout all these passins. That quote is absolutely right about how close we get an then loose our furiends all too soon.
Hugs an snuggles an purrs an shtuff,
Victor & Nina & Tabbymom Jen

Victor Tabbycats last blog post...Tabby Tummy Tuesday

vom 07.02.2009, 22.41
1. von Mrs Othello

::sniff:: It's hard to lose so many furriends and hard to have so many needing purrs. We're very lucky to have so many furriends, tho. So we try to be brave for them when they have to go. And we'll always send lots of purrs to furriends in need.

Othello, Do you want to snuggle? I do.
Purrrrrrrs and a nosekissy,
your LadyCat Gree

Mrs Othellos last blog post...::sniff::

vom 07.02.2009, 14.35
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