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Happy Birthday Mrs Q.!

Happy Birthday!

Today is Mrs Q.'s Birthday and Momma maded hers a very extra special Princess Cake, see it is even pink. It's the cake she was making when Kashim decided to help an walk over the hotplate. ...

Hey Mrs Q., this one is for you!

Its Your Birthday

Today is happy It most certainly is Shake a pop And make it fizz

Fly a kite Or take a nap Slap a knee And pat a back

Run or skip Without a care Or fly a plane If you dare

Swim or skate Take your pick Hit a mailbox With a stick

Fall or trip Laugh or play Do whatever Its your Birthday

Love, purrrrs and headbutts all us

Astrid 29.01.2009, 13.17

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6. von Jasper McKitten-Cat

That is a very special cake indeed, since so much pain was involved. I'm sure it is as delicious as it looks.

Jasper McKitten-Cats last blog post...Thoughtful Thursday

vom 30.01.2009, 00.18
5. von Mrs. Q.

@all: oh thx, thx, thx everyone *blush*.

@chesuly: i can grant you, this cake WAS delicious! ;)

@milo and alfie: thx for the poem. i hope it is open source, because already printed it out and stuck it on my fridge ... *ggg*

vom 29.01.2009, 22.03
4. von Milo and Alfie

Mouth-wateringly tasty cake
Will a happy birthday make!
We both want to lick it too.
Happy Birthday Mrs Q!
May your day be full of glee
Happy Birthday from Alfie and Me!

By Milo the poet!

Milo and Alfies last blog post...This and That

vom 29.01.2009, 18.49
3. von Cheysuli

That cake looks delicious. Do you mind if I take a tiny lick?

Happy Birthday Mrs. Q!

Cheysulis last blog post...Moki is Battling for His Life

vom 29.01.2009, 16.43
2. von Mrs Othello

Happy Purrthday Mrs Q! We hope you have a super one!
Gree and the rest of the Hotties

Mrs Othellos last blog post...Stop!

vom 29.01.2009, 14.49
1. von anjelina

what a fancy and cute cake:)

vom 29.01.2009, 13.49