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Hiya friends!

We know we haven't been around much again. Even Weekend Cat Blogging (which seemed to be the only regular thing Momma was promising to do for us) went on hiatus lately... we have to admit there are several reasons for that.

One of them is that Momma wasn't feeling too well healthwise again and that she had to work a lot more again than we'd like her to do. The other reason - and we can totally understand that, but know that it is a part of life we cannot deny and need to cope with - that's what we told Momma too - is that she feels that it is harder and harder for her to cope with bad and sad news we read and hear around the Cat Blogosphere and our dear friend's blogs.

She promised us to start yet another try to help us be more active around again but we sure do not know how long this will last this time... so please please bear with us and enjoy as long as it lasts - this time...

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As you can see by our pictures above, all three of us are happy and healthy and doing fine.  That's the good news so far :) We really hope you haven't forgotten us completely...  

Astrid 10.06.2012, 14.05

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5. von Goodness Gracie

What a sweet photo. Not to worry dear ones about not blogging. We have all been there.
Please if you can let me know when you have the rules up for the event you are hosting for the Olympic. I am wanting to enter. This will be so much fun.
Couldn't help but notice what beautiful tabbies there ar at your place. We would love to have you join our Tabby Cat Club. Pleae check things out and let me know if you are interested in becoming a member.

vom 12.06.2012, 15.33
4. von Mrs. Othello

How could I forget you, my handsum husbandcat? hehe I could not. We understand about it's hard about the sadness. That's why I telerport over to see you, then we can hide out under the blankies or on the balcony. We all hope your Momma is feeling better. I'll bring the chixhen for dinner tonight.
Love and hugs and kissies on the nose,
your wifeycat Gree

vom 11.06.2012, 00.37
3. von The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

We would never forget YOU! Mom has a really hard time with the sadness too. The hardest part of being involved with the CB is losing friends.

The Florida Furkids and Lexi

vom 10.06.2012, 23.24
2. von Cheysuli

Why yes we have noticed. It is good to see you!

vom 10.06.2012, 19.15
1. von Angel and Kirby

Ye love seeing your pictures and we do miss you. We do understand how hard it is with all the sadness, work and poor health!

vom 10.06.2012, 16.51
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