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Mancat Monday adventure movie

Astrid 31.03.2008, 05.25

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18. von Zazzy

That is completely adorable! When Stasia was younger she insisted on drinking only right out of the faucet. She's willing to use a bowl now but the water still needs to be fresh from the tap.

vom 13.04.2008, 21.34
17. von China Cat & Willow

That movie is just too adorable! Kashim really is trying to figure out the timing of that water dropping!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

vom 06.04.2008, 14.03
16. von Samantha & Tigger

Kashim you looked so cool playing with the Water! I just discovered it, too! Mr. Tigger

Cool movie!!

vom 04.04.2008, 01.59
15. von Sunnys Mommy

That is a great movie you made! How does it feel to be a movie star now? :-D

vom 02.04.2008, 17.50
14. von Black Cat

That's a really cute movie:) xxx

vom 01.04.2008, 08.48
13. von Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

Hehehe, dat's how Zippy drinks. Yoo gotsa get yoor tung on da end of da fawsit.

vom 01.04.2008, 02.09
12. von Sophia

I would have to pounce those drops!

vom 01.04.2008, 01.10
11. von Daisy

Those drops of water looked so tantalizing!

vom 31.03.2008, 17.52
10. von Sultanfus and Guy

Oh what fun you are having!

vom 31.03.2008, 17.18
9. von Holly

Kashim! I love to watch the water dripping at the kitchen sink, too! Maybe I could teleport over one day and we could watch the water drip together?



vom 31.03.2008, 17.10
8. von Gree

You look like you're having lots of fun Kashim. I can't wait to see a movie of Othello too. heheheh

Purrrrrrrrs and nosekissies to my handsum fiance Othello!

vom 31.03.2008, 16.50
7. von Cheysuli

Did you catch it? Our Iggy cat used to love to do that!

vom 31.03.2008, 14.58
6. von Catboys

Kashim's momma says:

this time it would't have worked out too good as there was about 5 cm water already in the sink and I doubt you would have loved that. Kashim certainly would not. *smile*

LOL - I had the same thought while I was watching him. I could almost hear his thoughts rattle in his mind *hehe*

It was kind of special to me 'cause he never did that before though he often sits besides me and watches me working in the kitchen but whenever I use the water he'll run for his life... AND he even continued when I went to fetch the camera and started filming him - he usually does not like when I take pictures of him.

vom 31.03.2008, 14.08
5. von Jasper McKitten-Cat's mom

I love to smack the water drops too!! Josie loves to watch them. I loved the movie!

vom 31.03.2008, 13.21
4. von Cassie/TT&TOT Gang

LOL! I could almost hear the thoughts as those little gears were turning--can I catch this? How? Okay, Plan A didn't work, try Plan B, try Plan A again...great video!

vom 31.03.2008, 11.38
3. von Parker

I could watch drips forever, they are so fascinating!

vom 31.03.2008, 10.05
2. von Dragonheart & Merlin

Terrific video! You were totally captivated by the dripping water! We like to play with the water from the tap - it's fun! :)

vom 31.03.2008, 08.31
1. von KC

i likes to watch tha drips too but usually end up jumpin in after them.
Purrs, KC

vom 31.03.2008, 05.36
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