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Mancat Monday

Easy like Sunday...

Sleeping is best for healing, don't you think? Sleeping and dreaming of my LadeyCat Holly is even better for healing!

In case you were wondering here is an update on mine burnded paws: update on Kashim pawsupdate on Kashim paws As you can see the blisters have nearly gone and my pawpads are healing fine. Thanks to Momma who reacted so fast and did the right first aid on mine paws even if I didn't like it at all. I know she only wanted the best for me and me getting well as soon as possible. I have to admit the pain was awful and I warn all you nosey kitties: Do not step on a hot stove ever!

My Mancat Monday advice is:

Never step on a hot plate.  Ever. Even if you are sooper dooper nosey. Nothing you can find there is worth burnded paws, they hurt awfully and will end you up with an icky VET appointment for sure!

Astrid 09.02.2009, 07.13

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9. von Angel and Kirby

We are glad your paws are better. We have to remind kirby of your lesson every time we open the oven! He just wants to look, but does not seem to understand teh danger!

Angel and Kirbys last blog post...Mom how could you forget

vom 11.02.2009, 15.36
8. von Pepi

Bro, I'm glad your paws are healing up well. Good advice too. I'm sure Holly will be tickled to hear she's such an inspiration.
your bro Pepi

Pepis last blog post...Pooey Toosday

vom 10.02.2009, 15.49
7. von Derby

I agree with your advise since I stepped on the stove top once too when it was hot enough to give me some scabs. Glad you are healing up.

Derbys last blog post...ManCat Monday

vom 10.02.2009, 01.31
6. von The Island Cats

Kashim...something happened and my comment got published before I was I was saying, I learned that lesson the hard way...glad your paws are doing better...


The Island Catss last blog post...A Guest ManCat

vom 09.02.2009, 20.29
5. von The Island Cats

Hey, Kashim...those are words to live by! I learned the hard wa

The Island Catss last blog post...A Guest ManCat

vom 09.02.2009, 20.28
4. von Rosey

Mother just got a brand new flat-top black stove too, and she is totally freakin' out cuz we keep steppin' on it!! I will heed your warning and try my best not to walk on anything in the kitchen. I am glad you are getting better.

Roseys last blog post...Gerbils, Again !

vom 09.02.2009, 20.11
3. von Daisy

Thanks for the good advice. I only wish you did not have to learn the hard way. But I am glad to see you are almost all better now!

Daisys last blog post...Monday Funday: Match Game for Cats

vom 09.02.2009, 19.22
2. von Cheysuli

I am glad your toes are getting better. That must have hurt a lot. I think you deserve a nice long nap with no one messing with your toes for awhile...

Cheysulis last blog post...Cheysuli Sheds Pounds

vom 09.02.2009, 16.09
1. von Gypsy & Tasha

That is very good advice for everyone, Kashim. We're glad that your paws are healing up nicely - you've got a very smart Momma. You should share a few extra snuggles with her, just to let her know how much you appreciate her.


Gypsy & Tasha

Gypsy & Tashas last blog post...Holidays in Oz

vom 09.02.2009, 11.49
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