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Mancat Monday

Thank you Abbie
This pic of Kashim is a bit blurry 'CCause he was movin' so fast giving bunny kicks and the bitey to one of his favorite nip toys... Momma loves it tho 'CCause it catches one of the very rare moments when Kashim behaves like a playful kitty!

In other mews:

St Paddy's Day
Our little St.Paddy's Day contest is over and we raised 31 USD for 31 guesses (if we's counted thems right) - we will sum up to 40 USD goin' to the cat friends helping friends fund!

AND *drrrrrumrrrrroooolllll* we have winners!!

Jasper McKitten-Cat, PB&J and China Cat & Willow guessed right! Update: Cassie is right we furrgotted to tell you what was teh right answer: Momma is going to spent tha whole St.Patrick's weekend in DUBLIN!!! She will be doing most of the festival stuff and parades and lots of Guinness drinking and Whiskey ... She is flying there on Friday and comin' back on Monday night. We on the other paw are spending a baycashun week at gramps and gramladies house 'till the easter weekend and are going to be spoiled rotten that is! We could not agree on one best guess wif momma, 'CCause we loved PepI's guess "She's going to be extra full of blarney this St Patty's day?" best. We were laffin and laffin 'bout this. Momma was not... *hehehe* So there will be two winners here also: Pepi and Queen Snickers for her suggestion "Hmmm, is it because 10 years ago on St. Paddy's day a shimmering unicorn ridden by a leprechaun appeared to her and told her who her true love would be and gave her a golden dowry?" - Momma says she would haf loved that to happen but, well you know... We ask all the winners to please contact us at catboys AT paulchens DOT org wif their snail mail you'll get something Irish as a little present for winning and guessing!

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15. von Pepi

No extra blarney for St Pat's? Oh well. heheh
Glad it made your Mom laugh though. Hope you had a good time at Grampies and Grammies house. Let's go drink some green niptinis. Come on over to the M-Cat's club.
your bro Pepi

vom 17.03.2008, 14.07
14. von Gree

Hi my handsum Mancat Othello,
I've missed emailing you and seeing you on your blog so much while Mom was messing with building a new pee see. Now I need to see more pictures of you. Not that Kashim isn't handsum, too, but... well you know.
A squillion jillion nosekissies and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs,
your LadyCat Gree

vom 17.03.2008, 14.05
13. von China Cat

Hooray! We are so excited to be among the winners of your contest. Willow and I hope your Momma has a wonderful time in Ireland.

Purrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

P.S. sorry we're so late getting back to you - our computer broke and we had to get a new one...

vom 16.03.2008, 04.35
12. von hello & mimmy

hello kashim and othello-
we found your blog from a comment you posted on veronica's website. what a fun contest! i'm sorry we missed it. you have a well thought out website and you kitties are gorgeous. we have a kitty blog too. come visit us soon!

hello & mimmy

vom 12.03.2008, 06.13
11. von Pixel

Oh that is super cool. My mommy is excited for your mommy. have a great time and be safe

vom 12.03.2008, 01.16
10. von Sunnys Mommy

That's wonderful that your Momma will spend St. Patty's Day in Dublin :-D And you two get to be spoiled at your grandparents' house! That's going to be a great weekend for all of you.

vom 11.03.2008, 20.45
9. von Samantha & Tigger

ConCatulations to the winners of your contest!! Wow! Ireland for a whole weekend!! Have a wonderful time Momma!! Go Green!!
Your FL furiends,

vom 11.03.2008, 19.31
8. von Eli

Congratulations! And lots of fun in Dublin :)!

vom 11.03.2008, 08.32
7. von Artsy Catsy

Hey guys, thanks for being in my very first Carnival of the Cats yesterday!


vom 11.03.2008, 03.39
6. von Jasper McKitten-Cat

YIPPPPEEEE!! We won!! Thanks so much for the super contest! We hope your mommy has a fantastic time in Dublin.

Concats to the PB&J, China Cat and Willow, Pepi, and Queen Snickers!

vom 11.03.2008, 03.04
5. von Megan & BKC

Congrats to the winners. We were hoping for a baby bean or an art exhibit... giggles.

Oh Kashim you have that Back Paw of Bunny Kick Death going on her friend. Watch out flesh!

Purrs and Kisses and Loves

vom 11.03.2008, 02.26
4. von Holly

Congratulations to the winners!!!!

We guessed even though it was late, then came here to check out the correct answer and who won. What fun!

Kashim, I love that picture of you bunnykicking! A real man knows how to be playful. Purrrrrs.

vom 10.03.2008, 17.39
3. von Daisy

Pepi and Queen Snickers made funny answers! Heehee.

vom 10.03.2008, 16.39
2. von TT&TOT Gang

Congrats to all the winners...but...what was the rigfht answer? LOL...

vom 10.03.2008, 16.32
1. von Cheysuli

Congratulations to all the winners!

vom 10.03.2008, 15.19
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