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Our new home in the innernets ... yes we moved once again!

Hi there this is me Salome.

Originally I had planned for this day to simply stay in my catbed like you can seed in the picture on the left, but then Momma told me that we need to move our blog into hers because something was broken with the old one and she said she was tired to fix it all the time.

Don't ask me for details I am just a little kitty and know nothing of all that innernets stuff. All I know is that the very nice guys form bluelionwebdesign - Bea and Silvio totally rock! - helped Momma to move all our blog posts from the old blog here so nothing was lost. 

In case you were wondering: We hat a brief chat - Kashim, Othello and I - and agreed that it was ok when Momma moved our blog into her foodblog making one out of two and so from now on we are sharing her foodblog with her. We have not been blogging much anyway so this was the best decision. 

We apologize to the cat people who are only interested in our posts that they are bothered with Mommas food stuff too from now on. Maybe we might be able to create an RSS feed that only shows our stuff - but we need to talk about that to Bea too... we apologize to Momma's food people for being bothered with our stuff now too... - hey you guys will love us in no time anyway *snickers*

So this is the news for today I have been told to blog to you by my two brothers who have been occupied with some mor impawtant stuff as I have been told....

Like what? Like doing things they are not supposed to do, see here:

Astrid 15.06.2013, 17.56

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5. von The Hotties

We're so happy to see you back. It doesn't matter to us where you hang out. Cats are the most important anyway.

Pee Ess. (cover Othello's eyes) Gree says she's coming over with a surprise this Friday for her and Othello's 5th anniversary.

vom 17.06.2013, 15.33
4. von The Meezers

We like you all and we like food. Win win!!!

vom 17.06.2013, 15.33
3. von The Florida Furkids

We're glad you're back and will be happy to read your Mom's food blog too!!!

The Florida Furkids

vom 17.06.2013, 15.33
2. von Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs

No worries, we all likes to eat so we will love the food post to, although cat post are the best of course.

vom 17.06.2013, 15.33
1. von jansfunnyfarm

You are so fortunate to have a mom who is so smart she can move your blog by herself. Our Jan would need an army. Glad you are safely moved to your mom's food blog.

vom 17.06.2013, 15.33
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