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Please Moki Fight!


We just heard the sad mnews that Moki is getting worse, very weak and needs to fight real hard again. poor little guy we are sending yóur all our bestest purrs and purrayers and reactivated our powerful nap-piling for Moki.

Moki you and your loved ones are  in our thoughts always!


Come on let this spirit in you once again beat the evil sickiness!

Love, alla us!

Peee Ess: Kashim continues to do fine. Momma checked his paws serveral times yesterday and it seems that they are not hurt too bad. He can walk, tho he is doing it very carefully but other than that he is back to his grumpy old self  soon we think!

Peee Peee Essss: Thanks so much for all your supportive messages during the last two days. We appreciate them lots! We are blessed to have you all!

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3. von Miz Mog and Meowza

We be purring too for all of you. Kashim's a grumpus is he? Guessing Othello isn't cause he's got a pawsome wifeycat.

Meowza waves to Sally.

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2. von Milo and Alfie

Lots of purrs coming from us!

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vom 29.01.2009, 18.50
1. von Mrs Othello

Othello, we can purr for Moki together. I'll be right over again now that I've come home to check Mom out and she's fine. Everycat at home is purring for Moki and Kashim's paws and alla Awesome Man's family lots. That's lot of purring. I'll be over there in a minute.
your LadyCat Gree

Mrs Othellos last blog post...Stop!

vom 29.01.2009, 14.48