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Sad beyond words... RIP Meowza

I have always loved the photos of you rolling in the dirt best.


Goodbye my love until we meet again
I know that you must go it's not the end

May happiness be yours along the way

And where you go may love be yours each day

My love I know you have to say farewell
I'll be alright now I know time will tell

One day you will return
I don't know when

Goodbye my love until we meet again

xoxo Sally

 We all here are devastated by the news that my beloved Meowza has runned to the Bridge. It was so unexpected and at the moment we don't even know what has happened really.

Our heart goes out to our friend Miz Mog - we feel with her and feel her loss and pain. We are sending huge hugs and purrs of comfort her way, though we know at the moment there is nothing to ease the sorrow. We will have a Meowza shaped mark in our hearts from now on.

That's all the words Is have for now :(

Astrid 23.04.2012, 18.56

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5. von Natali

Please accept my deep sympathy for your kitten. It looks lovely as lovely and funny cat no wonder everybody loved it.

vom 06.05.2012, 09.07
4. von Mrs. Othello

We have been sad to hear this too.
*pawhugs* Sally.

Can I have a snuggle, Othello? purrs ~Your wifeycat Gree

vom 01.05.2012, 23.06
3. von Samantha, Clementine & Maverick

We are so sad about Meowza, too!! We loved him playing in the dirt!! We shall miss him lots!!
Your TX furiends,

vom 24.04.2012, 01.36
2. von Cheysuli

We were so sorry to hear that the other day-

vom 23.04.2012, 23.18
1. von Miz Mog and Meowza

I just broke down with tears again reading this. Thanks for your love and support. It means a lot to me. And I am sure Meowza is happily reunited with his family that have crossed over. And his friend Cece, he missed his friend when he crossed, equally suddenly.

He will look forward to seeing his Sally too.

vom 23.04.2012, 21.00
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