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Sage and prosciutto corn cakes - DHSPC #4

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Original Image - to be achieved"]Donna Hay Styling and photo Challenge #4 - Original[/caption]

In early December Simone challenged us again with a new Donna Hay Photography challenge.

This time it was a savory recipe and a quite different style of food photography... taken  by Ben Dearley or William Meppem from  Donna Hay issue 48.

I've been sick again in December for the most part of the month and not cooking much or blogging or anything... so the challenge got put away "'till I'd be better".

Quicker than you can say 1-2-3 Christmas Holidays were here and again I had no time for cooking and shooting as I spent the days with my family.

When Simone announced on Twitter that she'd extended the deadline I thought this might be a chance to participate anyway. So here I am - late as always and not very happy with the results!

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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="367" caption="First attempt - wrong angle and colors..."]Sage and prosciutto corn cakes - DHSPC #4[/caption]

I had to do some tweaking with the props, the plate is not white and the wrong shape too and the wine glass is too tall compared to the original.

I like this version although the angle is not right and the colors are not good either. the lightning is too bright and the shadows are not deep enough. I also had a hard time to achieve the needed bokeh in the background.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="332" caption="Second attempt - angle better, color and shadows still not good"]Donna Hay Styling and photo Challenge #4[/caption]

In this one the angle is better and nearer to the original, lightning is still wrong and colors need to be improved as well. The placement of the glass got a little wrong too. But then again I think it is not too bad... others did a way better job tho!

Hop over to Simone's to see all the participants - you can find the recipe for this delicious corn cakes too, believe me they are worth a try!

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This photography and styling event is the brainchild of Simone and hosted at her blog Junglefrog Cooking.

She writes about the challenge: 

Above all this challenge is about having fun styling and photographing a dish by taking Donna Hay as our great example. You can join all months or whenever you feel like joining in. Using an example of the great photographers that Donna works with, I always find that it is a good learning experience to see how did they light the scene, where does the light come from and how did they manage to make it look so beautiful. Try and analyze all of that and then come up with your own version.

While taking food photos is all about finding your own style and certainly not copying anyone else, it does help to analyze how your hero's do their job. It's about learning to light and style a scene properly. In no way am I trying to suggest you copy another person style. Find your own unique style! This challenge is just a tool to help you along the way..

For more Infos on the challenge please click the logo to go directly to the challenge page!

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Astrid 02.01.2012, 16.45

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8. von Jeanne @ CookSister!

I really need to take part in this sometime... Must be a real challenge but it is SUCH a good exercise! Your pics are lovely and the corncakes look fantastic!

vom 25.01.2012, 16.19
7. von Magda's Cauldron

So I wasn't the only one that posted one the last day :)
I agree that on the second photo the angle is more similar to the original, but to be honest I can't decide which one I like better. I really like your stripy prosciutto.
And I wouldn't worry about not having exact props, your photo looks very nice and it is very similar to original.
Happy New Year!

vom 02.01.2012, 19.04
6. von Astrid

Thanks Jenn, I am glad I made it too! I love this challenge - makes me think ;o)
plus I always learn so much from your posts when you talk about how you set up your scene and how you analysed the picture! Thanks for that!

I am happy to have met you again and also to got the chance to meet Ryan! He is such a nice guy! Hope to meet you soon again! Maybe I'll do a short trip to Switzerland this year... ;o)

vom 02.01.2012, 18.52
5. von Astrid

I am glad that I could make it Simone, was very sad that I missed the last one.
Glad to hear that it came through the linky tool.

I think part of the yellowish is true to the fact that the plates and the napkin I used were not pure white but off white (a little bit yellowish themselves). I did you the lights at P2P, so they should be ok. I had to use some extra light from the front because otherwise it would have been too dark, unfortunately. The light was very poorly today again (ask Jenn, she now know what i mean about poor light in Vienna, LOL) so it would not have worked with some extra light source. Bouncing/reflecting just wasn't enough. The main light sources are from behind tho.

I had my Nikon on auto for this shoot.

Pic 1:
Exposure 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture f/5.6
Focal Length 50 mm
Focal Length 50.4 mm
ISO Speed 220

pic 2:
Exposure 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture f/5.6
Focal Length 35 mm
Focal Length 35.6 mm
ISO Speed 200

vom 02.01.2012, 18.49
4. von Astrid

Haha Tanna, you are invited to grab a glass and some corn cakes anytime!

vom 02.01.2012, 18.39
3. von Jenn

Oh yay you made them!! So glad Simone extended the deadline and that you could make it!!

Thanks again for a lovely day in Vienna last week, was so awesome to see you again :) Hope you had a wonderful New Year's!

vom 02.01.2012, 17.59
2. von MyKitchenInHalfCups

It's good Astrid, just pass the corn cakes and wine, I'm sure that will make it all right;-)

vom 02.01.2012, 17.34
1. von Simone

Yeah you made it!!! So glad you did get the change to particpate in the end Astrid. it did go through in the linky tool, but I need to approve it, so that is why it didn't show before.
Overall you did a great job but you already mentioned it yourself, your white balance seems to be off (too yellowish) What lights did you use? The ones from P2P (I totally forgot the name of the lights)
If you use software you might be able to correct it, although it's easier to correct in camera. let me know if you need a hand with that... :)
Your light seems to be coming from the right instead of more from behind so that gives a different feel to the image.
But really glad you managed to squeeze it in Astrid! Good job!

vom 02.01.2012, 17.22
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