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Paul 2009We all are thankful that Paul crossed Momma's way and that both of them spent a magical time together. Paul maded Momma a crazy cat lady and he is the reason why all of us have a wonderful furrever home with her now. Even tho he lefted way to soon, we know that he is always here with us. Pee Ess: Ifn you are not familiar with his story you can read it here.

Oh and *pssst* this we made for Momma all by ourselves, cause she should not know:

happy bday

Astrid 19.02.2009, 06.09

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9. von MaoMao

Happy Birthday to you, Momma! What a beeyootiful cardie. And Paul was so handsum. He sounds like a furry speshul and very much loved mancat!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

MaoMaos last blog post...MaoMao's Second Gotcha Day!

vom 21.02.2009, 16.38
8. von Mrs Othello

I came by yall's house and forgot to leave a note here. Oops. I'm glad Paul made your Mom into a crazy cat lady. I hope your Mom had a really happy purrthday.

And the rest of the Hotties say the same.

Mrs Othellos last blog post...Finally Friday

vom 20.02.2009, 16.30
7. von Daisy

I remember the story of Paul. It seems like the extra-special ones are never with us long enough. But Paul left a wonderful gift by turning you into such a devoted cat person.

Happy Birthday to you.

Daisys last blog post...I'm Tired of...

vom 19.02.2009, 23.10
6. von Miz Mog and Meowza

Happy Birthday Momma, that is a lovely card you kitties made. Now if only I could get Meowza proficient in Photoshop.

And a beautiful tribute to Paul. Meowza is especially thankful he turned you into a crazy cat lady and adopted Salome.

Meowza: Hi Sally. *blush*

Miz Mog and Meowzas last blog post...Missed It

vom 19.02.2009, 21.39
5. von Angel and Kirby

Happy Birthday to your Mom. That is a wonderful tribute to Paul. He was a special kitty!

Angel and Kirbys last blog post...Kirby's Wordless Wednesday

vom 19.02.2009, 16.29
4. von Poppy Q

Happy birthday to your mum. We read the story about your special boy Paul, and it gave my mum the leaky eyes. What a lucky boy to be able to share his short life with your sweet mother.

We hope she gets some treats and some furry love.

Poppy Qs last blog post...Plans

vom 19.02.2009, 12.48
3. von The Island Cats

Happy Birthday to you mom! We hope you are all extra nice to her today!

Paul look like a very special kitty...he was lucky to have your mom and she was lucky to have him....

The Island Catss last blog post...What

vom 19.02.2009, 12.07
2. von Samantha & Mr. Tigger

Happy Birthday Momma!! Paul was very handsome!! We got an Award for you all! You can Pick it up at our Blog!!
Your FL furiends,

Samantha & Mr. Tiggers last blog post...T13-13 of Mom's Cloud Pictures & Award

vom 19.02.2009, 07.00
1. von Cheysuli

Happy Birthday to your Momma! And I think it is a wonderful thankful Thursday to be thankful for Paul.

Cheysulis last blog post...Thankful Thursday

vom 19.02.2009, 06.27