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Thirteen pics of my boys

DSC02972 1. Kashim - he loves to sit on the barstool in front of the new kitchen while I am working there, watching every move I do very closely. Here he quality checks their supper I finished to prepare just minutes ago.
I not here, cant you see?! 2. Othello - hiding on his favorite place on our sofa. He loves to digg into all the pillows and then pounce at Kashim when he comes by...
Thank you Abbie3. Kashim - This one I love especially 'CCause it shows the very rare moments when he is playing without thinking who might be watching him....
Thank you Abbie 4. Othello - Isn't he just sweet snuggling with the little toy they received with Abby's prize pack? He just loves this thingy!
What's up?5. Kashim - Awww, he is soooo snuggly and sweet when he curls up there. It's his special comfort zone when he wants to be on his own...
Zzzzz6. Othello - The Nip Raviolis made by Mom Robyn are simply the bestest. There is no toy they'd love and snuggle more then these...
Kashims sleeping place at nights7. Kashim - This is his night sleeping place. He'd curl up next to my head, watching my every move and enjoying occasional scritches and smooches!
Wordless Wednesday 8. Kashim - just feeling very comfy and content. I am very glad that they coped with the move so well and love the new place we are now living in.
Wordless Wednesday9. Othello - It's a good shot isn't it? He does not really eat those dried fishes but he really loves to lick them.
Kashim10. Kashim - he simply is such a sweetie - well grumpy sometimes too but sooo sweet <3
Kashim11. Kashim - ...and he loves boxes - he'll spend hours and hours there sleeping...
Easy like sunday12. Othello - without words - just too sweet! He loves to cuddle between my sheets...
Easy like Sunday Morning13. Othello - look at theses lovely toes. Wouldn't you just want to kiss them?

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Astrid 20.03.2008, 11.25

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12. von hello & mimmy

what beautiful photos! prettiest TT i've seen yet!

vom 21.03.2008, 01.10
11. von Derby

All such lovely pictures of two wonderful mancats

vom 21.03.2008, 00.05
10. von Chris

Great pix and happy TT!

vom 20.03.2008, 22.19
9. von Eli

They are sooo cute :)...I really like how Othello just LICKS the dried fishies ;)

vom 20.03.2008, 20.49
8. von Cheysuli

Yes, my human wants to kiss those toes... sigh. I'm sorry.

vom 20.03.2008, 19.23
7. von DKM


vom 20.03.2008, 18.30
6. von China Cat

Awwwwwwwww..... Those are certainly thirteen terrific pics of those sweet boys!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

vom 20.03.2008, 18.16
5. von Parker

Those are all great photos! Every one of them!

vom 20.03.2008, 16.11
4. von Dragonheart & Merlin

Those are great photos of the two of you, Kashim and Othello! We really like 11 and 13!

vom 20.03.2008, 15.40
3. von Jasper McKitten-Cat's mom

How strange...I just made a comment and now ::poof:: it's gone.

Well, here it is again.

Awww...the boys are so cute and sweet. I love getting pictures of the kittens when they are playing and don't realize anyone is watching them.

Hope you had a great time in Ireland!

vom 20.03.2008, 13.57
2. von Jasper McKitten-Cat's mom

Awww...the boys are so cute and sweet! I love getting pictures of the cats playing when they don't realize anyone is watching them.

Hope you had fun in Ireland!

vom 20.03.2008, 13.54
1. von Daisy

Kashim & Othello, you are both so photogenic! I think my favorite is the very last photo because I like seeing the little furs sticking up on Othello's paw.

vom 20.03.2008, 12.18
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