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Toesies on Toosday

toesies toosdayLittle pawsies, a tail and a tiny snap of a nose... all together now: Awwww! :o)

Happy Birthday Daisy

Dear Miss Daisy, we all wanted to wish you wonderful day on your Birthday! Thank you for making our days brighter and happier every day when we visit you! love alla us! xoxoxoxo

Astrid 10.02.2009, 06.18

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6. von Willow

Awwwwwwww... What a sweet picture of you! China Cat and I went over to wish Daisy a Happy Birthday too! She is only 3 days older than me because my 5th birthday is on Friday!

Purrrrrrrrs, Willow

Willows last blog post...Last Sunday

vom 11.02.2009, 03.42
5. von Whimpurr

What a sweet toesie picture! *kiss kiss*

Whimpurrs last blog post...A New NOMSS Family Member!

vom 11.02.2009, 02.55
4. von Molly , Shadow ,and Troo

Yoo has cute toesies! Did yoo has yer mom make that card fer Daisy? Its pawsome looking!

Molly , Shadow ,and Troos last blog post...Happy Purrthday Daisy!

vom 11.02.2009, 02.14
3. von Cheysuli

Oh those are lovely toes!

And we are trying to get over to Daisy's to have a very fun party. Maybe I am flipping for Daisy's birthday and not Ping?!

Cheysulis last blog post...Gemini Flips Over Ping

vom 10.02.2009, 16.41
2. von Mrs Othello

Aw that's sweet of yall, Salome. Daisy is a special friend. And yes, Mom went "awwwwwwwww" about your picture.

Othello, I'm going to telerport over. Mom is cranky because she can't have her surgery and every time I sit on her she stands up. Something about bladders. So I am going to come over and hide out from cranky people.
Smoochies and purrrrrrrrrrs,
your LadyCat Gree

Mrs Othellos last blog post...Pooey Toosday

vom 10.02.2009, 15.53
1. von Daisy

Thank you so much for the happy birthday wishes! And it is working, because I am having a very, very happy day!

ps You got cute toes.

Daisys last blog post...I am FIVE today!

vom 10.02.2009, 10.19
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