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Valentine's Day

When January waves his Goodbyes and February approaches our doorsteps one of my least favorite time of the year begins. With every day that passes, our world seems to get more pink and artificially "love-scented". When you see all these heart shaped consume goods around you, when blogs begin to overflow with Valentine's menus and sweet chocolaty treats I start to crank deep inside me.

Valentine's Day

Good Grief, people! Do you really need a DAY marked in your calenders to tell you you should be nice to your Loved Ones? What about the remaining 365 day of this year?

Love and Happiness are the only things that grow bigger when shared!! 

So why limit it to a few "special" days of a year? 

Go hug your Loved Ones whenever you have a chance to (it might be the last you have, by the way!)! Spread your love. Fill your life and those of others with happiness, every day!

No, I am not trying to revive this mindblown state of mind of the late 1968 Love, Peace and Happiness thingy.

Honestly: I'd rather call my Mom and tell her "Hey, I've just been thinking of you and wanted to tell you:  I love you!" - any other day in the year than do that on V-Day or Mother's Day or any other of these "Days". Actually I did this yesterday morning and we had a real nice chat.

I'd rather have my Sweetheart bring home my most favorite "choc drink", we could not find when we were grocery shopping together, without me even knowing he was out getting them, than bringing me some flowers for V-Day. Because it makes me smile that he thinks of me when he is out and about without me. I'd rather send him a text saying "I miss you" when we've just parted because that's the way I feel and I know it will make him smile on his way home.

Me and my family - we have long ago stopped to save up presents for Birthdays and other occasions. We'd rather go and buy something we know that the person in question is longing for and tag it with "you know this is for your Birthday (or Christmas,...)" winking and knowing that this makes him/her happy right at that moment.

When I was home for Christmas this year, me and my brother visited my Grandma for an afternoon coffee and chat. We learned that she accidentally threw away an essential part of her coffee machine. Even after an extended search it was nowhere to be found. The coffee machine was too old to buy a replacement for that piece and she has been talking that she wanted a new one for a long time anyway. So when she sent us to get a new coffee machine and even gave us her purse to buy it, we decided to just give it to her as an early Birthday present (her Birthday is in August). A  few weeks later she called me that she'd just made her afternoon coffee and now whenever she does that she is thinking of my and my brother. This made my day brighter and I am sure hers too.

Thinking of that, the best present to her not even was that she got a new coffee machine but that we took the time to come visit her AND that we went out to get her a new one when she needed it!

Time - yes, I truly think that in our hectic and commercialized world the best gifts are things money can't buy: time, hugs, smiles and the feeling that you are loved by your family and friends.

I think one of the best Birthday presents ever was when Mrs Q. took me out to a lovely little bakery telling me "I just knew you would love it here" - and the only thing we did was sitting there and enjoying breakfast together giggling and chatting away. Now it has become some sort of tradition between the two of us to spent a day at this bakery together once a year (our Birthdays are only 2 weeks apart form each other).

So although today is Valentine's Day - this will not have much effect on how this day goes by in my world. 

I prefer to hug and make my Loved Ones smile whenever I have a chance to. Today I hope Sweetheart will smile about this sweet little treat I made to enjoy with our "after work, welcome home" coffee in the evening. But *pssst* don't you tell him!

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Valentine's Day

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Heavenly Chocolate Tarte

Valentine's Day

recipe source: adapted from Angelika Apfelthaler at the Dining Room

100 grams of your favorite dark chocolate (I still wonder if I could do this with Sweethearts favorite white chocolate but had non on hand today)
125 grams butter at room temp
110 grams caster sugar (I used my vanilla scented caster sugar)
3 big eggs
1 TBS corn starch
I also sneaked in 2 TBS of my best Irish Whiskey! 

And then everything goes so easy and quick but ends up in such heavenly deliciousness!

  1. Melt the butter and chocolate in a bain marie over low heat. Then add the caster sugar and stir until dissolved.
  2. Remove pan from oven.
  3. Now add one egg at a time beating it in carefully with a wooden spoon, slowly and gradually. The mixture will become thicker and gain a pudding like texture, it will even get a little shiny on the surface.
  4. Right at the end add 1 TBS corn starch.
  5. Butter your cake tin (18 cm) or smaller baking tins if you prefer.
  6. Fill it with cake batter and bake in not preheated oven at 180°C until surface crackles.
  7. You will want to aim for the moment where the center of the cake is no longer runny but barely baked.
  8. After baking loosen cake from the sides of your baking tin. Let cool for a few minutes and remove from baking tin.
  9. Sprinkle with powdered sugar right before serving.
I've made these today in under one hour!

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Valentine's Day 

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The best thing about this little cake is that, though you'll only have a few bites until it's gone, it so different with every bite you make. The outside parts are more crunchy, almost like a nice cookie. But when you move further near the inner part it gets fudgy, moist and velvety almost like a melting chocolate cloud in your mouth. I love it!

You should not miss the chance to taste it yourself!

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Astrid 13.02.2012, 23.52

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4. von Simone

Sending you a big virtual hug sweetie and no, not because it's Valentine's day but just because I happen to think you deserve one every day... Loved the post and you're absolutely right too. We certainly don't need special days to remind us of the ones we love!

vom 14.02.2012, 22.50
3. von Jamie

I love this post! Love it! This is just what we say all the time as Valentine's Day approaches - who needs to assign me one particular day of the year to tell you I love you? Or make me buy you flowers? - Nope, I love all your little stories of how we give those signs, whether a gift, a hug, a surprise, to show the ones we love that we love them spontaneously. I mean, if we don't do those little things all year long then doing them on Feb 14 will actually mean nothing at all. Lovely, touching post, darling Astrid. And I love this cake. Perfect!

vom 14.02.2012, 11.06
2. von Astrid

Absolutely Tanna! That's exactly what I meant to say :) "Just because" gifts are so much more, I love them. Like "just because I thought of you and knew you'd like it!" isn't that just the best way to make someone smile? and it even does not have to be expensive or fancy at all! ;o)

vom 14.02.2012, 09.06
1. von MyKitchenInHalfCups

In January, I ordered a really nice pan for both my boys & their families. When they ask what was it for, I told them it's a just because gift. It can be for your birthday, because I did something right for you and it made me happy, because I did something wrong by you and I didn't mean to, Christmas, the new baby coming, Valentines, whatever you need, it's just because.
I think it's my favorite way to give a gift.

vom 14.02.2012, 00.14
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