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Wayback Toosday

latte for headerI woke up this morning and realized this was a special day! Two years ago today I had my cones removed!! I had to live in these things for 3 weeks. Don't worry, I was able to get around them and nibble at my sutures enough that they had to be replaced three times. Never mess with a meezer. Especially a 6 month old meezer. I'm sure most of you know my story but I'll give a brief recount because its so much a part of who I am and my relationships. I was 4 months old and cute (of course). One day I started to sit with my hind leg kicked out to the side. Then I started to limp. Then I got really really hurty and would sit in my Meowmy's lap and shake. My VET man saw a fuzzyness around my femur but had NO idea what it was. A medical mystery that had to be figured out. So off to the VET hospital I went where the UPenn surgeon opened up my leg and took bone samples. It was hurty, scary, and EXPENSIVE. So at the tender age of 4 months I was known as the $3,000.00 kitten. I spent weeks and weeks healing and still no idea what was wrong with me. None. My sutures became infected and I had to take an antibiotic for that and you know what? Suddenly my leg got better! So the best the VET's could figure is it was some sort of odd infection that just affected my femur- nothing else. Today I just have a small scar where my sutures were. But I'm like the most famous cat at the VET's office. They all know me and even though I'm only 2 years old I have the file of a 20 year old. Seriously, I moved from this issue into a "head tilt". My Toy Man calls me Faberge Latte. I don't see why.
Latte for post
Happy April Fools!!! Latte

Astrid 01.04.2008, 07.45

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19. von Gree

Hehehe Latte :)

Purrrrrrrrrs and nosekissies to my handsum Mancat Othello!!!

vom 08.04.2008, 15.44
18. von Samantha & Tigger

Happy April Fools!! Boy are we late!! Hope all is well with you!! We miss you guys! Hava a Happy Monday!
Your FL furiends,

vom 06.04.2008, 23.52
17. von Faz the Cat

I find April Fools day very confusing - I really don't know what is a joke and what is serious. Maybe I am FAZ the Fool.

vom 04.04.2008, 07.06
16. von Ruis

On which blog I can find you two? Hahaha.

Kashim and Othello, I want to thank you and your Mom for all the purrs and purrayers you sent to my sister Miral!!! You helped a miracle happen....

Headbutts & love,

vom 02.04.2008, 20.10
15. von CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

Yes, you confused us as well.
Happy April Fools :)

vom 02.04.2008, 19.46
14. von Princess

This is such great fun to see every cat at another bloggie
Happy April Foolies Day

vom 02.04.2008, 19.39
13. von Sophia

LOL Happy April Fools!

vom 02.04.2008, 04.27
12. von Victor Tabbycat

An now yur so healthy, you hopped into Kashim & Othello's blog! Gosh, I bet Chase was worried bout you when you was hurty. Happy April Fools!

vom 02.04.2008, 02.59
11. von China Cat & Willow

Hahaha - Latte, you fooled us! We're glad that your leg is better now. Did you get to have fun with Kashim & Othello today? We haven't found them yet!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

vom 02.04.2008, 01.55
10. von Cheysuli

Latte--there you are! I've been looking for you all over!!!!

vom 02.04.2008, 00.10
9. von HRH Yao-Lin

Oh Latte! Such a courageous story! And such an adorable pic of you. Only us siamese can look that good with an ailment! You look like a model! x

vom 01.04.2008, 19.44
8. von Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

We amember about yoor leg and stuff, dat was terrible and we'z glad yoo is all fixed. We is haffing fun trying to find effuryone. Dis is a great April fools joke, da best ones are da ones dat are FUN!

vom 01.04.2008, 18.05
7. von Daisy

There you are, Latte! I remember the scairty story about your leg.

When I started the story, I thought you meant something else about having your "cones" removed. My mistake.

vom 01.04.2008, 17.18
6. von Jasper McKitten-Cat's mom

All of this bloghopping is craziness today!!! Happy April Fool's Day!!

Latte- how scary for a baby kitten! I'm glad you are all better!

vom 01.04.2008, 15.23
5. von Holly

Happy April Fool's Day, Latte, Kashim, and Othello!

I'm so glad you are better now, Latte. I know that was very scary for you, your Lap Lady, and your Toy Man.

vom 01.04.2008, 13.39
4. von Millie

Hi Latte,

I didn't know that! That's a great story. You and I have a lot in common! I have an expensive leg too! It's fun to see you here at Kashim and Othello's!

vom 01.04.2008, 10.37
3. von Dragonheart & Merlin

Happy April Fools' Day!

We read your story, Latte. Very scary.

Wow, lots of kitties are bloghopping today. Looks like we missed out on all the fun.

vom 01.04.2008, 09.45
2. von The Meezers

um, we's afused! Latte, did you move in wif Kashim and Othello?

vom 01.04.2008, 09.28
1. von Eric and Flynn

Haha! Happy April Fool's Day, Latte, Kashim and Othello.

vom 01.04.2008, 08.54
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