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We is a little worried about Othello...

...he is hafing some bloody spots around his mouf. He has that since a few months effury now and then but Momma thougted since the spots were so little and goned away so easily it was nofing serious... today Momma noticed that he had several bloody spotson one side of his mouf and there seems to be a lump inside of at least one too.

She saided he needs to go see Auntie Renate to check iffn somefing is wrong wif him or iffn he only needs some auntibiotiks again for his teefs since he is smellings real bads from his mouf too again.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Othello See all the little red dots on his mouth? they are all bleeding and sometimes there comes out something yellow and smelly...Momma has washed them all now with a sterile pad and put on a rescue creme[/caption]

Maybe she is ofurreactin' but she wants to be sure. So he's gotta booked a ride in the big metal boks on Monday for sure!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Othello this one is the biggest and worst at the moment, Momma felt a rather big lump underneath too that makes her worry.[/caption] Othello

Othello: She cutted ma furs on ma chin!!!! Now what will my loverly wifeycat think of me? There is nuffin' wrong wif ma mouf! I am perfectly O.K.!! she is always fussing around making affuryone go crazy for nuffin' and then she effun putted a smelling and icky tasting somefing on ma mouf! *brrrrr*

Salome: *headbutts Othello*  Stop ranting Tiger... she just wants you to be ok. She luvs you! Auntie Doktor Renate is a nice lady and she will make sure you is ok in no time again and maybe she makes your smelly mouf smell nice again too.

Othello: *pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft* 

Kashim: BTW we haf noo entries for the Cat-O-Lypmpics be sure to check them out too! And you two *turns head* STOP ranting! 

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12. von Mrs. Othello

How are you doing Othello? I'll come peek myself. I hope you are feeling better!
*luvs and kissies on the noze*
Your Wifeycat Gree

vom 30.07.2012, 20.21
11. von Derby and Ducky

Yep, gotta get it checked out. We hope nothing serious. Sending purrs.

vom 15.07.2012, 23.48
10. von Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

Oh dear... we hope Othello will be okay. Sending purrs and love your way...

vom 07.07.2012, 15.08
9. von Mrs. Othello

How is your mouf doing, Othello? I must come and check. I'll be right over. I'll bring some of our Indypendence Day treats too.
*kisses and love*
your wifeycat Gree

vom 04.07.2012, 15.12
8. von KatzTales

Poor Othello! We're hoping it's nothing bad.

vom 27.06.2012, 07.03
7. von Team Tabby

It sure looks like a case for the Doc, Othello! We hope you feel better soon.


vom 27.06.2012, 00.22
6. von Max

Dood, my chin gets like that sometimes. It's feline acne...but mine doesn't smell, so yeah, go see Dr. Auntie just in case...

vom 25.06.2012, 01.59
5. von Mrs. Othello

Oh noes! I'm so sorry Othello. I will come with you to see Dr. Auntie. Shhhh Don't tell the human beans. I will hold your paw.
*kissies and love*
your wifeycat Gree

vom 25.06.2012, 00.44
4. von Fuzzy Tales

We thought maybe feline acne too. Purrs and paws crossed!

vom 24.06.2012, 20.07
3. von Angel and Kirby

Othello, go see Dr Auntie! SHe will make Mom feel better!

vom 23.06.2012, 22.57
2. von Random Felines

Good luck with the v-e-t. Mom says it looks like feline acne - it happens. :) We had it here and mom found out it was a reaction to plastic bowls.

vom 23.06.2012, 21.42
1. von Muddy

We hope you heal up soon! Purring sent your way.

vom 23.06.2012, 20.31
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