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Weekend Cat Blogging #180

Momma's little Kitchen Helper
Our friends Amar and Luna are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend at their FEMA trailer 'CCause they have no Catsynth HQ at the moment due to some very evil hackers who destroyed their sites... Go poop on some pillows or servers for them!
Momma's little Kitchen Helper
Oh yes and we have been very god boys this Saturday helping Momma in the kitchen cooking and baking bread and stuff. See?!
Momma's little Kitchen Helper
Um, Momma I fink the used dishes goes down there in the dishwasher. See there is some space left in it, you should put it over there on the left I think ....
Banana Bread
And this is the baking result on the left. Momma maded a Banana Nut Bread using a recipe from her dear friend Sher. It turned out pretty well due to our help I am sure and she even let us have a nibble or two to taste test. We approved it!
Have a nice weekend you all and don't forget to check back at Amar and Luna's later this weekend for the round up! Weekend Cat Blogging 2009Oh and one other thing: Othello has put up the schedule for hosting WCB 2009. If you wants to host a weekend just check the available weekends and drop him an email at wcbschedule AT! There are already some regulars like Sam and Tigger and us of course and LB and his Mom who have booked weekends for hosting but don't be shy they will gladly give away one or two weekends if you wants to host there.

Other weekend fun:

  • Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is hosted at Diamond's Liar this weekend
  • The Carnival of the Cats takes place in Vienna again with us at The Catboys' Realm and the Vienna Prater

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