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Weekend Cat Blogging #183

Weekend Cat Blogging #183
Hello and welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging! Our host this weekend is Sir Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail. Please visit his site to see a gorgeous royal roundup! Or - if you are as late as we are - to leave your link in the comments! *snickers* Sally: As you can see we decorated a little bit for Christmas... We know we are R-E-A-L-L-Y baad with blogging and visiting lately but the Lady was not very cooperative. Too much work and way to much Facebook too!! Well she only as a few days to go to work for this year and then she stays at home with us for the whole rest of the year. How cool is that? We should be able to blog a lot more then!! Hopefully! Right Lady? RIGHT??? LADEY?? Othello: Momma really freaked out on Friday when Sally decided to eat hers supper through the nose and then had real hard purroblems with her breathing then. She is fine now but we all were a bit scared in the middle of the night. Momma says Sally is always gobbling up her entire meal too fast... We don't really know why 'CCause she has her own dishes and we boys never touch them at all... Sally: Hey it WAS an accident! Othello: Um, yeah maybe it was, but you scared us tho! You just need to eat a little bit slower. Sally: Ok, ok! If you says so! Othello: Now I need to go and purr and lay on Momma again. She hadded som purroblems wif her knee the past days and could not walk properly and without pain. So if you please excuse me... Sally: Hey wait! I come with you. Do you think the Lady has and treats for us?

Happy Weekend to you all!!

Astrid 07.12.2008, 09.56

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