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Weekend Cat Blogging #192

Weekend Cat Blogging #192

We are sooo late!! *gives Momma the eye* Mr Tigger is hosting WCB this weekend at the M-Cats Club. Mmmmh that calls for some real good niptinis and nip beer and some game of cards later on.... She has been bizzy with cleaning all weekend and then cooking and baking and what not. We barely came to blog and visit our friends again! She helped us make Valentine cards for our girlfriends tho, she made up a bit for not helping us blog tho. Your pillow? No way!Sally is still wondering if there is any mancat who will be willing to be her Valentine... hehe good that I am married and Kashim has his wonderful girlfriend Holly. So we need not to bother and think who is gonna be a Valentine, we have purrrtey LadeyCats already. And we are very happy with them to say the least. update on Kashim paws Update on Kashims paws: We have been to the VET Ladey this Tuesday and she gave hims an aunty-bioticks shot and some icky pills to take. He is not taking it sporty I tell ya! But the pawsies are healing well, so Momma needs no longer to worry too much. He is still grumpy tho and we try npot to get into his way but he no longer is limping that much and his blisters seem to heal good. Easy like Sunday... Me? I gotted some aunty-bioticks for my teefs again but I am fine with it. I am a good boy and let Momma give it to me. I know they'll help me eat better again, so I am a clever boy and eat them all up when Momma gives them to me!
That's the news so far from alla us. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, yours truly Othello Peee Esss: Next Weekend Me and my LadeyCat Gree are hosting a special Valentines Day WCB on ours Wedding Bloggie, so be sure not to miss it, k?

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