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Weekend Cat Blogging # 194

wcb # 194

Our friends Amar and Luna are hosting WCB #194 this weekend at CatSynth. Thanks for hosting ;o)

This weekend Momma has been neglecting us lots. On Saturday her fambly was here and they cellybrated hers birthday. Then she was tired and went to bed very early. No blogging for us... DHUR.

Today she went to have brunch with her friends and left early this morning. When she camed back she had to do some cores and now she tolded us she is tired again and needed to nap before she is going to watch the "Oscar Night"... Who is this Oscar guy and why does she have to watch hims in the night?

Easy like Sunday...Well, we told her that we need some blogging time and we demand a WCB post. She agreed after some arguing...

We? Um, we have been  napping lots and watching the white stuff falling down all day. It's kinda cold and wet outside so we rather stay in and stay warm. Napping is important stuff since we have been partying at Billy's Gotcha Day Party all night WITHOUT Momma, who went tho bed early *eyes momma*

Oh and we wanted to tell you that Kashim's paws have healed nicely where he had blisters and stuff. He now has pink spots on his pawpads which he does not like cause Othello tells him that pink is girlish... *hehehe*

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and snuggled a lot with your beans!

Pee. Ess: Please keep our friend Fiona Bun in your thoughts and purrayers, she is not feeling well and her Mom DKM is worried lots. Please send some purrayers to all our friends who are feeling sickly too! Thanks a lot!

Love and hugs, alla us!

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