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Weekend Cat Blogging #347 - hosted by Salome

Weekend Cat Blogging #347

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I is hosting this weekend, please leave your links in the comment section, we will do a round up when Momma comes home from her short baycayshun with friends on Sunday evening. Meanwhile just come and play tube hockey or THoE wif me, k?

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Weekend Cat Blogging is a weekly event where bloggers feature pictures and/or stories about their cats on their blogs, apart from the usual theme of their blog.

Upcoming Hosts:

#347 Jan 28-29   Kashim, Othello and Salome
#348 Feb 4-5
#349 Feb 11-12 Valentine's Edition  iMeowza
#350 Feb 19-20  Kashim, Othello and Salome
#351 Feb 25-26

Participating is very easy: Just navigate to he hosting blog of the week and leave your link so others can find your post. Usually the host will do a little roundup at the end of the weekend to feature the participating cats and blogs, but this is up to the host and not to be expected always. It is also nice if you include a link to the host in your blog post, so people who read it can find the others as well. Thanks!

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6. von meowmeowmans

Thank you for hosting, pals! Here is our post:

Now we are on our way over to play tube hockey with you ... see you soon! :)

vom 29.01.2012, 05.06
5. von CatSynth

Thanks for hosting this week! Here's our entry.

We will get to you soon with the future weekends we can host. Promise! ;)

vom 28.01.2012, 18.31
4. von Judi

Salome looks quite content.
Thanks for hosting! I plan to sign up soon, as well.
Here's our post:

vom 28.01.2012, 15.33
3. von pam

Here is my link:

Also, I have emailed you twice saying that I would like to host. Do I need to email again?

vom 28.01.2012, 12.44
2. von Samantha, Clementine & Maverick

Hi Salome!! Here is our post for this weeks WCB!! We are playing with our toys!

Mom wants to set up somemore WCB!! She wants to use the Tuxedo Gang and The M-Cats Club for a few!! Email us!!
Your TX furiends,

vom 28.01.2012, 05.13
1. von Rosa

Salome is so cute and beautiful!



vom 27.01.2012, 22.47
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