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Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats #257

CotC 257

We are glad that to be able to welcome you as hosts here in Vienna again. As you all know this weekend was furry special. Filled with love and romance...

Let's see what the kitties were up to all week long:


  • Denali has a new toy:  and named it Tiggy-Love. Denali says: Tiggy-Love's fur is so soft and he's so squishy that he makes a great nap buddy. I'm sleeping with Tiggy-Love tonight
  • Hakuna is very relaxed and made herself familiar with the new furniture, sometimes renovating the house is good for kitties too.
  • Awww, these two haven't had a nice trip to the vet. We are sending purrs and hope you both feel better soon.


  • Awww what a sweet kitty face this guest blogger has!
  • Wow! We knew we cats are creative artists. Just look here!
  • Awwwww! SQUEEEE! Did you see these sweet snuggle buddies? This is the proof that snuggling is manly tho!
  • Come meet Little Mo "Moey" and read her story it is sooo sweet. (seesh will momma ever stop squeeeing again? think we need a new typist helper!)


  • Our friends Amar and Luna are back to blogging and have a wonderful artistic pikshur of Luna in the sun. Pretty gurl she is!
  • Remembering a dear friend can be bittersweet we understand. We are sending good thoughts your way!
  • Mog played with Photoshop and helped Meowza make a wonderful Valentin's graphic. Sally is in 7th heaven. hehe
  • Love, Love, Love: Izumi loves her Daddy. Even when he is neglectin' her and sleepin 'tho she needs to be petted.


  • Speaking of love: Cece loves Temptations. Oh we can relate to that one! We bet he loves Mog too (for giving him Temptations at least)
  • Meowza (with the help of lovely Miz Mog for sure) made a sweet Valentine's for Sally. ow she is swooning all over...
  • There is a kitty who might soon meet a crispy kitty fate if he/she does not hear what her mommy says and one tummy desperately neeeded to be rubbed.


  • Oh Noes! Sir Tristan is stuck on the roof! But gets "rescued" by his sister Diamaond. Good to have a female in the house, huh? *snickers*
  • It's all about romance at Diamond's this week! How we adore her ability to make wonderful graphics. *sigh*
  • Over at Stranger Rangers they had some scardey scardey moments and we are very releieved to hear that everythings seems to go uphill again and nothing to worry about those sweet cats anymore for now! *phew*


  • Our friends Eric and Flynn tell us a lesson at mousecatching on a Flashback Friday.  It's always handy to know how to catch a mouse, you never know when you'll need this skill,... to impress a ladycat maybe?
  • Miss Samantha and Mr Tigger have googley eyes for their beloved ones and even maded videos for Valentine's form them. How sweet! ;o) Oh yeah and they are taking it waaaaaay easy thos Sunday. Jealous. we. is. hehe
This concudes this edition of CotC or this weekend. Your host next week will be at When cats attack.

We hope you had fun and wish you all a happy week! luv, alla us

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4. von Mrs Othello

Grate Carnival yall!!!

And oh Othello, I got your wonderful card in the snail mail. It's so purrty! Grandma Cat was jealous. And it has fev-vers! And Othello smell! Oh I love it :) Fank you so much. You're the best mancat ever!
Purrrrrrrs and a squillion squillion nosekisses,
your LadyCat Gree

Mrs Othellos last blog post...I brought Mom a purresent

vom 18.02.2009, 14.34
3. von Miz Mog and Meowza

You are pawsome, great carnival. Meowza is one very happy cat.

Meowza: *blushes* Hi Sally, glad you liked my Valentines.

Miz Mog and Meowzas last blog post...Some Have Doubts

vom 18.02.2009, 05.19
2. von Rahel

Thank you for a great Carnival, and for your understanding. I send you all head-skritches and bellyrubs, and hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

vom 16.02.2009, 23.52
1. von chumpman

so cute! made me miss my kitty back hometown. he is a fat siamese cat! LOL

chumpmans last blog post...The Swimming Oranges and the Floating Bananas

vom 16.02.2009, 16.57
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