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Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging | *updated*

Weekend Cat Blogging

We are still on baykayshun at Grampie's to cellybrate Easter. Please leave your link in the comments below, we will do the Round Up on Sunday (or maybe earlier) *hehe* Happy Easter to every cat and critter!

Your comment may go into moderation queue for some reason (we don't really know why sometimes th blog feels a bit bitchy about comments...) please be patient we will try to relaease you from moderation prion as soon as possible *snicker* Or, if comments do really not work for you please drop us a line at catboys AT with your link - fanks a lot!
Oh boy, oh boy! Our friend Zed Monster would say: "This woman is not cooperating at all!" We are late with the roud up for WCB and we are very very sorry. As you all know we were at our Grampie's house for Easter and yesterday we had a lot of bisitors so momma was not allowed toplay on the 'puter (the Gramlady told her so and noone ever tries to answer back to Gramlady *hehe*) - later in the evening she was too tired and went straight to bed. So now we are back at our own home and we made momma sit down, grab a pot of coffee and do the round up with us. Again - we are so sorry for the delay!! - Yes I am sorry too that I could not help the boys earlier to do the WCB round up and that we missed BKCFoC again. Boys I promise we will be in next weekend!! Love you darlings, Momma -
Before we start:
kerze We would like you to take a minute of silence with us and think of our fellow felines who are sick, not feeling well, worried, in need, missing or left forever. We light a candle for those who are not so happy to light their way to happiness again!
This week we 'speshully think of: Smudge who left us this week, Upsie, Lilly Lu and all of our friends who are not feeling well at the moment!
  • Miz Lizzie Bennet looks so beautiful in this weeks traditional friday cat blogging. *waving paws* Hi there lovely!
  • Chey and her sister are thankful for the cat blogosphere comunity and shre their thoughts about it. We agree!!
  • How exciting Rocky of Artsy Catsy meets Hilary Clinton!! Head over and have a look yourself! Oh and please don't forget: They are still fundraising for Moki and Lilly Lu!!
  • Our FL friends Samantha and Tigger are communing with Spring! *hehe* Nice pictures of thems both. Oh and don't miss their wonderful BKCFoC roundup!!!
  • We are still worried about our sweet friend Upsie. It seems that she is not doing good and her mom is very sad. We all have to face the truth: Upsie might be heading to the rainbow bridge soon :( - Dear Upsie we love you!!
  • Please don't miss the wonderful Sunday readings for Easter at the LOL Cat Bible.
  • Aaah it seems that the wonderful Harmon and his lovely brofur Bustopher gotted their own bloggie. Welcome to the blogging cats boys!! Btw: does anyone knwo what "pnut butr" is? *snicker*
  • Mini of the Hotties has a serious discussion about grey hairs with Mom Robyn. Well...
  • Cece seems to have a serious discussion too: about feeding *hehe* c'mon Miz Mog can't you see he is straving?
  • There is much relaxing going on at our Amar and Luna's place - seems as if they like their new place... *waves paws*
  • Derby is still waiting for Spring to arrive (so do we *hmpf*) - we really had enough of that nasty weather and white stuff!!
  • Lazy Maruschka, lazy Mom and Lazy Fridolin over at Rosa's this weekend. Well what else could you do when it is nasty outside??
  • There is a fight gong on at Rascal's place... two cats and a box are involved... go and figure out yerself *hehe*
  • Puddy and Kate must have been very nice because the Easter Bunny came and visited them! Way to go girls!
  • Awww pretty pikshurs over at Zazamataz You should not miss it!! And fanks for sayin' we are purrty *blush*
  • You definitely would not want to miss Kamibunny *snickers* and hs goant carrot. Happy Easter to you Jenn!!
  • YAY! They are still alive (who would have doubted that anyway - their mom is just a very lazy bone...) pur friends Spot and Cindy are cellybrating Easter!
  • Rosie is looking for the Easter Bunny and *tada* has found it! Only lazy Arthur is not interested at all.... *hehe*
  • you know what? Lovely Miz Pet maded the Bengal Brats their very own bloggie and the also haf a EStore where some of the benefits go to cat friends helping friends! Now isn't that sweet?!

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27. von Modulator

Friday Ark #184...

We'll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, beer, coffee cups, and....? Visit all the ...

vom 28.03.2008, 06.54
26. von Modulator

More Tuesday Skritch'n...

You know what to do: Carnival of the Cats #210Weekend Cat Blogging #146Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos #37Enjoy!......

vom 26.03.2008, 00.37
25. von Gree

Gramladies are hard to say no to. hehehe
I'd love to come snuggle with you Othello. I'll telerport right over.
Purrrrrrrrrs and nosekissies,
your LadyCat Gree

vom 24.03.2008, 23.59
24. von Catboys

finished the round up 'till here.
fanks to everycat for joining in!!

love you all!

If anycat still wantsta be added drop us a line and we'll add you. If we missed anycat please do also tell us and we will correct it. Fanks!!

vom 24.03.2008, 18.49
23. von spot & cindy

we did, we did! but unfortunately the trackback seems not to work. so here is the link:

vom 24.03.2008, 10.28
22. von Jenn

Happy Easter and thanks for hosting! Here's Kamibunny in his carrot!

vom 23.03.2008, 10.00
21. von Zazzy

It's spring down here and Stasia is being particularly tolerant. Thanks for hosting!

vom 23.03.2008, 07.08
20. von Katie

Thanks for hosting this weekend! Puddy is having fun with Easter Eggs. Here is our linkie:

Looking forward to the round-up! :)

From Katie and Puddy

vom 23.03.2008, 06.52
19. von A Byootaful Life » » WCB: Easter Eggs are Fun Playthings

[...] more cat-related things, visit Kashim and Othello for Weekend Cat Blogging, Life from a Cat’s Perspective for the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of [...]

vom 23.03.2008, 06.52
18. von Rascal

Please include Me!

vom 23.03.2008, 04.09
17. von Rosa

Happy Easter!

If you want to see a rather lazy and tired Maruschka, then here's my link:

Thanks for hosting WCB!



vom 22.03.2008, 23.39
16. von Derby

It may be spring on the calendar, but Mr Winter will not give up.

vom 22.03.2008, 23.03
15. von Artsy Catsy

Artsy Catsy has beautiful floral greeting cards on sale to benefit Lilly Lu and Moki ... and an 'anonymous benefactor" is going to match every bloomin' dollar raised in the benefit!

vom 22.03.2008, 20.58
14. von CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

Hi boys. Hope you enjoy your holiday "vacation" :).
Here's are link.

vom 22.03.2008, 18.29
13. von Mog

Happy Easter, thanks for hosting. Cece's post for WCB

vom 22.03.2008, 18.21
12. von iInfidel » Caturday

[...] of the Cats at Chey’s Place Friday Ark at the Modulator always Weekend Cat Blogging at Kashim & Othello Do go shout out at The Catbloggers Frappr [...]

vom 22.03.2008, 18.18
11. von Pepi

Happy Easter brofurs :)
your bro Pepi

vom 22.03.2008, 15.43
10. von Gree

Easter purrs and nosekisses to my handsum Mancat!
your LadyCat Gree

vom 22.03.2008, 15.42
9. von Mini

I've got my our post up for WCB
Happy Easter you guys!

vom 22.03.2008, 15.41
8. von kate

We're just hangin' for Easter and dealing with the late season snowfall.

Happy Easter everyone!

vom 22.03.2008, 13.17
7. von icanhaspnutbutr?? » Happy Easter everyone!

[...] I just wanted to have fun; it was a cute little bunny. Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted by the boys at Paulchens, even though it says they are still on vacation. Head on over and check out the [...]

vom 22.03.2008, 13.14
6. von Andrée

Lots of stuff on bad d00dz and bad kittehs this weekend.

vom 22.03.2008, 11.53
5. von sher

I bet the boys are having lots of fun. Happy Easter!! Here's our linky:

vom 22.03.2008, 07.42
4. von Samantha & Tigger
Here is our post! We are communing with Spring and Mr. Tigger is one with the grass! Maybe he could be the Easter Cat! (hehehehe) Thanks for hosting and we lover the WCB graphic!
Your FL furiends,

PS: We hope this doesn't show up twice. The first one disappeared.

vom 22.03.2008, 02.56
3. von Artsy Catsy

Artsy Catsy CEO Rocky attends an urgent summit with Hillary Clinton:

vom 21.03.2008, 19.31
2. von Cheysuli

Here is ours!

vom 21.03.2008, 15.37
1. von Kelly Cat

My sister Lizzie is the subject of this week's Traditional Friday Cat Blogging. Thanks for hosting!

vom 21.03.2008, 14.34
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