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Wordless Wednesday - Purraying


We are purraying for you Miral. Please keep fighting your family would miss you badly!

The Pet Purrs & Purrayers Blog has a Chatzy Room open for a live Chat Vigil for a Miracle for Miral for all our Furriends, Their Families and any other cat, critter or bean that needs purrayers. Tuesday, March 25th - Wednesday March 26th, 2008 There is no host, just come and chat or leave a message for Miral and her family.

Astrid 26.03.2008, 05.17

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9. von China Cat & Willow

We are very busy tonight purring for Miral and Momo -- plus any others who need purrs...

Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

vom 27.03.2008, 03.13
8. von CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

We're purring for Miral, too.

vom 27.03.2008, 02.36
7. von Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

We'z asking God fur a miracle...well, more like begging.

vom 26.03.2008, 16.57
6. von Captain Jack & Dante

We are purring and purring for Miral.

vom 26.03.2008, 13.16
5. von Abby & Boo

We are all purring and purring and purring...
Keep well Miral!

vom 26.03.2008, 12.08
4. von The Bengal Brats

It is wonderful how the cats of the world come together
to encourage one another..
we is sending prayers and scritches for Miral

vom 26.03.2008, 10.38
3. von Dragonheart & Merlin

We are purring and praying for Miral.

vom 26.03.2008, 08.17
2. von Catboys

KC, we hope your mommy is feeling better real soon.
momma knows how bad one feels with migraine.

vom 26.03.2008, 06.42
1. von KC

We's all purring and purraying for sweet Miral.
Tha Pet Purrs & Purrayers bloggy is open for chat fur a purrayer vigil.
Purrs, KC

pee ess: Sorry mine migrained-Mommie ML got tha dates wrong on tha email, she's jus a bean, though.

vom 26.03.2008, 05.39
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