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Wordless Wednesday

A Light in Silence & Remembrance With so many of our furriends needing our purrayers and gentle thoughts - and another sad mews today - we felt that we need a quiet day today to think about our furriends and hold them close in our thoughts. Purrayers and purrs to yall!

Astrid 12.03.2008, 06.58

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10. von China Cat

This was a very good idea for the quiet day. Willow and I were sad to hear about Petey.

Purrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

vom 16.03.2008, 04.38
9. von Samantha & Tigger

So sad about Petey! A quiet day is good to have.
Your FL furiends,

vom 15.03.2008, 18.03
8. von Holly


I wanted to come by to tell you that my brother is having a party on Monday . . . and well, I was hoping . . . would you be my date?



vom 13.03.2008, 19.28
7. von CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

Yes, so much sad news lately from our cat friends. And now we just read about Petey. Thanks for posting this today.

vom 12.03.2008, 18.34
6. von Sophia

Just lovely boys...

vom 12.03.2008, 17.25
5. von Holly

It is making us all sad that so many of our friends have left us this year, and so many more need our purrs and prayers.

Kashim, I will be right over to purr with you.

vom 12.03.2008, 14.53
4. von Dragonheart & Merlin

It is very sad when friends go to the Rainbow Bridge. :(

vom 12.03.2008, 14.43
3. von Gree

Come on ofur yall and purr with us for Petey.
And we can snuggle while we purr Othello.
Nosekissies to my handsum Mancat, your LadyCat Gree

vom 12.03.2008, 13.35
2. von Catboys

we are furry sad to hear you lost your beloved Imothep.
It's always very sad to let a beloved companion go - even more when he's been mistreated and neglected and finally found the loving home he deserved.
Our thoughts and purrs are with you!

vom 12.03.2008, 10.50
1. von Eli

I just lost me beloved Norwegian Forest Cat Imotep...he had a bad kidney dysifunction, and we finally had to put him to sleep. He was such a brave cat, being mistreated and neglected for years before we could rescue him and show him what live should bei like for a cat. It took him two month to leave his scratching post and a whole year to learn that a house has mor than one room, since he used to be kept locked up with seven other tomcats. At the end he was such an affectionate cat and I could tell he loved me for what I´d done for him...and I loved him. Now he is gone...we buried him at our horse´s stable, right next to our other cat who was his girl-friend. May they all rest in peace :(

vom 12.03.2008, 07.44
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