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Who's behind? Well, me!

I am a Viennese girl in her Thirties who is living with her two beloved cat boys and a little cat lady in a lovely flat in Vienna.

My parents named me Astrid in the early 70ies, when I was born. I was raised in a big family (my father has 7 brothers and sisters and those produced a lot of offspring besides me and my little brother) embraced with love and support. Although were were a lot closer when I was little I love my family and am happy whenever I have the chance to see them at on of our big family gatherings.

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Things you should or might want to know about me:

I am an animal lover (well except maybe spiders and these creepy little crawling thingies...)
I was raised with dogs surrounding my childhood and learned about the pleasures of living with cats in my early adulthood, when I went to live in the big city of Vienna. 

My boys - Kashim and Othello - came to live with me more than 10 years ago, a few months after my first cat Paul left me very unexpectedly at only 1 1/2 years old. 

Salome, the girl kitty, came to live with us in 2008. I love my 3 cats - they saved my life in so many ways i just can't say or count
- and have been active in supporting cat rescues and shelters all over the world for my whole grown up life. 

I can't bear to see an animal suffer and will always try to ease the suffering of those in need.


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  • I really really hate to have pictures taken of me, myself and I. This is why there actually exist very little photographic proofs of my existence since I was about 18 years old.I am a passionate photographer tho.Currently I own a Nikon 5000 and some nice gimmicks for it. My skills to use it however are more at a beginners level tho and I admire friends like Simone or Ilva and Jeanne (to only name some) for their skillfull art. This is why you won't see a picture of me here on my blog - sorry!
  • Cookbooks? Yes, m\'am I have many of them and the pile is growing larger and larger on me. My Mom says I am a cookbook hoarder and she can not understand why one could ever need so many cookbooks. I say: I actually enjoy reading them more than I really consider to take a recipe and cook it as it is printed there. Yes! One can actually READ a cookbook for mere pleasure.
  • Speaking of books: not only do I own a whole lot of cookbooks, I also have many many other books as I have learned to enjoy reading from a very early age and never stopped so far. I am a fast reader so a book with 2000 and more pages will be done within a week or two normally. I switched to reading with the help of my Kindle which saves me from buying yet another bookcase to store all those new ones I recently read.
  • Cooking & Baking: yet another passion of me - I enjoy cooking and baking for friends and family. I really do enjoy all those preparations that goes before and it makes me proud if the things I prepared are appreciated by those who get to eat them.
    As for my cooking skills: I am a "freestyle" cook!

    As much as I love reading cookbook, I have no skills to cook like directed. If you are a guest in my house and you enjoyed what you were eating there you are best to enjoy the memory because it is not likely that I am able to produce it a second time. This goes for savory meals as well as breads or any other dish that comes out of my kitchen. Even if I really really try to stick to the given recipe there is a fair chance I will change it at least a tiny bit at the very last second... I can't help it, it just happens!
    Maybe it is just my way to make recipes my own and enjoyable for me. I don't know.If you want to know more you might want to read my experience of learning to bake bread.

    Ever since I can remember I watched my Grandpa cooking. He told me everything I know about plants and herbs and veggies or fruits. When I was a little girl I loved to work with him in our big garden or walk through the woods behind our house and he would always have a story on hand about this or that plant. It was a very happy time. Today I truly miss him when it comes to prepare the "old homespun remedies" of my childhood days. But I can always call him on the phone and cry for some help...
  • What else? Oh well, I truly believe that in one of my former lives I must have been an Irish gal and lived on this beautiful island because whenever I set my feet on Irish ground, I feel at home right away and am at peace with the world. This has to mean something, don\'t you think? One day I\'ll pack ma bags and move there to be "home" again.
  • I may even have been a witch in my earlier lives... who knows? Sometimes I feel a hint of remembrance it that direction.... *snicker*

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Where else to find me:

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