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Weekend Cat Blogging #235 | emergency hosting here.


Short update on the boys: Kashim is doing better due to the meds. He his more active again and snuggly too. Othellos theeth are much better and the even better news is that his eyesight seems to have improved significantly since he is more active and alert of things going on around him too. Next Thursday we will have another VET visit and will see what she will say about the condition of my two boys. I am rather positive now. Let's wait and see. Happy Weekend to you all! Oh and if you have time please take a minute to answer Othello's question regarding WCB at the Cat Blogosphere. Thanks in advance! This Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted by Sir Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail at Tabbylicious Update: Sir Tristan does not seem to want to host or anything. We do not really know. All we know is he did  not respond to our mail on Friday and there is no post up yet. Happened before with him once or twice so I - Kashim - am stepping in th host here at Momma's blog as of today. How to join in to the fun? Just leave a link to your blog post in the comments and we will add you to the round up later this weekend. If your comment does not show up right away do not worry it might have got into moderation and we will free it when we check back for new submission. Ifn you want ot be very sure you can always mail to catboys AT with your link.  Thanks!! Happy Sunday you all, woha while I was off to take a short nap you all really rocked the comments. Now let's see what you where up to: WCB #235
  • Miz Mog and Meowza are glad it is finally Saturday. Meowza was on a pawty with Gorege the Duck (I wonder where Sally was...). It's getting cold there so they say, here not so...
  • Jules got a purple from his Auntie Peggy and had lots of fun with it! Way to go Jules!
  • The TT&TOT Gang shares even two posts with us today: You do not want to miss the whole gang dressed up as Christmas Elves! After that Kosmo is borrowin Daddy Bean's neck pillow.
  • Amar and Luna are preparing for another show. This time Luna even gets to paricipate. Good choice Amar and way to go Luna!
  • Patchouli is feeling a little flower love at sidewalkshoes. Oh and: Patchouli says please Vote For Smudge as the cutest Senior Kitty Cat on Facebook! You can vote once every 24 hours! We will do!
  • Tiki and Kesey are wondering about minions and aliens. Can you figure out what they are talking about?
  • KC and the Sherwood Gang have snow. Can you imagine? Missy says they never have snow in Houston. We don't have snow here. not yet. Last year it had been snowing for a whole week already this year, nothing.
  • Cheysuli has yet another lucky guest star. Congratulations to Simba!
  • Oh Gosh!! Miz Karen Jo has a kitty cat and we didn't even knows!! Welcome Herman you are a very smart kitty to choose Miz Karen she sure is a wonderful Mommie!
That's all for now, but kitties keep the comments coming, we will add later again!
  • Miz Samantha came a little alte, but thats ok. she is waiting for Mr Snow and Mr Tigger to finally drag his booty home. *big hugs to you all we will keep purraying!!*
putrrrs and love Kashim

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Weekend Cat Blogging #234 | hosted by Othello

wcb #234

Othello is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend. To participate please leave your link in the comments. Momma and I will update throughout the weekend. love and purrrs, Othello

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Whiskers Wednesday

Whiskers I love you more than words can say...

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Brioche Mousseline

Brioche Mousseline

The Bread Baking Babes strike again. And this time I am a good buddy. I finished my task within time. Monique from Liveing on bread and water is serving as the kitchen of the month and brought a indulging, heavy little sweetness to us: Brioche Mousseline. I love brioche you know. I've made them often for breakfast on Sundays and some little sweeties live in my freezer, ready to be taken out and popped into the oven... for a wonderful delicious breakfast treat. I've never made a brioche that heavy and luxurious than  this brioche dough. All this eggs and butter!! But I tell ya: these little brioche are yummy. I tried one fresh out of th oven with jam (no butter, I thought it has enough in the dough anyway...) and it was oh so yummy! For all the recipe details please visit Monique's site! I sticked to the recipe she gave us, except that I used yet again spelt flour. I did not find cans to bake the brioche in, so I used my little creme brulee forms and wrapped them with parcement paper. It worked and I got wonderful little brioche towers!

Brioche Mousseline

Don't they look like little gems?

The ever gorgeous Bread Baking Babes are:

Bake My Day (Karen) | CanelaYComino (Gretchen) | Cookie Baker Lynn (Lynn) | Grain Doe (Görel) | I Like to Cook (Sara) | Living In The Kitchen With Puppies (Natshaya) | Living on Bread and Water (Monique) | Lucullian Delights (Ilva) | Notitie van Lien (Lien) | The Sour Dough (Mary aka Breadchick) | Thyme for Cooking (Katie) | My Kitchen in Half Cups (Tanna)

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Easy like Sunday...

Picnik collage Picnik collage

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Weekend Cat Blogging #233

This weekend our dear friend Samantha Black and her Mom Chandra at Life From a Cat's Perspective are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging. Thanks for hosting!

Picnik collage

See this? These are the meds the boys and I are dealing with twice a day now. Left upper corner: Othello's meds. Right lower corner Kasim's meds. ...and if the are good boys they get extra treats I bought for them: catnip mints. chicken hearties and mousie shaped fishie treats. Picnik collage Kashim and I are enjoying lots and lots of quality snuggling time. I have the impression that he is doing better. He sleeps snuggled tight to my side and purrs constantly. Today he even cam for his beloved 5 minutes snuggling time and chin scritching while I was having breakfast. Monday we will call the VET again to hear further instructions and talk about possible improvements. Sally is a handsome little snugglebug as ever. Constantly seeking attention and chirping along, playing THoE on her own...

Picnik collage

Othello is improving too. Thanls to his meds his gingivits has mostly healed and he can eat without pain again. His eyedrops seem to help him see a bit better and he seems to enjoy the little extra treats he gets while taking his meds. Thanks for all the sewwt messages, comments and mails it helped a lot. :o)

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Thankful Thursday

If your human/mommie has a facebook account you may already know that it was not a very happy week so far here at our house. Monday night I took the boys to the VET for their annual shots and to check on Othello's teeth since it seemed that he had problems again. I was not too worried tho. Sally did not go with us since her shots are due in February. Back from the VET later Monday night my mood had changed a bit. kashim Kashim was diagnosed with too less lacrimal fluid and now needs eye treatment, he too has a acrodermatitis which explains why he is scratching the parts above his eyes bloody. All that does not worry me too much. It's treatable and will he will heal with time. But the VET also told us that he is generally in not so good condition. His skin is very dry. His furs are not as shiny as they used to be and she seemed to be very worried about this all. She asked me over and over again if he might be in any stress, if there were bigger changes recently. Change of food? No. Changes in his environment? No. Nothing that changed lately, that I could think of and we could nail down to put him into a bigger state of stress. Even the fact that Sally is around now is noth bothering him too much. On the contrary both have been getting along better lately. His appetite is as good as ever and he drinks enough water too as far as I can tell. Well I was sent home with treatments for his eyes and skin and a new brand of kibbles to help improve his skin and fur issues. We will have to see if with time his overall condition will improve. If not we will have to go back for some tests to rule out more serious reasons for his condition. Othello Othello on the other hand was diagnosed retinal atrophy and has gingivitis again which explains why he keeps running into things and misses things when he tries to jump and why he is not eating well lately ....... I was told by the VET that retinal atrophy is not treatable and he will go blind sooner or later. He does not seem to be in any state of pain or anything and since he will loose his eyesight over a given period of time he will adjust to it quite fine and I know that in this part I have more problems with this news than he will ever have. His teeth were even not as bad as I had expected. No tooth had to be removed this time so this is good news. He "only" has some bad gingivitis again whichh caused him troubles and pain eating. He now gets an antibiotic treatment for this again and within a week or two this will be fine again. Of course I am thankful tho that the boys are generally doing not too bad and do not seem to be in any state of much pain. And I am very thankful for our wonderful VET I am sure she will find a way to make everything ok again. I am thankfull for you all who send kind words on facebook after I came home, it helped a lot. Nothing's too bad when you have friends around, right?! Lets hope for the best! :)

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Weekend Herb Blogging #204 | Roundup

Welcome to Weekend Herb Blogging!

First of all, my humble apologies for the delay in bringing this roundup online. Unfortunately a more urgent task, caring for two pf my cats, came into the way of blogging. I spent Monday night at the VET and was still to confused yesterday to focus on writing up this - so again I am sorry for the delay. I do hope you enjoy the roundup even if it is late. Thanks to Kayln for founding this event and to Haalo for keeping it up and running! With any further ado, here are the yummy treats sent in this weekend:






If for any reason you are not included in the round-up although you sent in your link, please leave a comment below and I will double check and include you as soon as possible. Thanks & a happy week to you all!

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Finally Friday

easy like sundayDid you miss us?

Well we did miss you all! It's just that Momma was buzy and buzy and under the weather and then buzy again and oh well you get the impression, right?

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We has a sad - Farewell cousin Gustav!


We interrupt our normally scheduled blogging for sad news: This morning Momma found an email in her mailbox from her Auntie Steph that her kitty boy Gustav had to helped to the Bridge yesterday. A harmless cough had developed into something more serious and last night he already had fluid in his lungs and the VET said to le thim go. He was 13 years old when he left yesterday. We know now he is roaming free at the bridge together with his sister Mona he is now but his Mommie is aching real hard. Could you please send some gentle purrs her way? We are sure she can feel them. Some rumbly purrs would do her good too! Now we are off to purr for her. This is not a happy day!


The trees were blowing in the gentle breeze the sun was shining; thru the leaves on the trees The meadows are green; and the grass grows tall off in the distance; you can see a waterfall Over the falls; down through the creek the water flows gently; as a rabbit sneaks a peek Far up above; in the deep blue sky the birds soar high; as they fly by The animals play; at the bridge by the waterfall chasing each other; and just having a ball They play all day; from morning to night there's no more rain; just warm sunlight Off in the distance; the trumpets would blow all would look up; and notice a bright glow The harps would play; and the angels would sing as another pet has come home; who had earned his wings John Quealy

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Hosting Weekend Herb Blogging #204


Just a Quick note to let you know I am hosting Weekend Herb Blogging this week.

Please send your entries to foodblog AT with subject "WHB" - Thanks! For more information about WHB, please read here at Haalo's! Looking foward to your goodies!

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Weekend Cat Blogging #231

Weekend Cat Blogging #231

Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted at Digicats this weekend. Head over for the roundup! And before you go we show you your most favorite kitties:

WCB #231

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I baked me sum Bab(i)es ... Tanta Wawa

Tanta Wawa

It seems that I am always late lately with posting my post to be a BBB Buddy. :( Still owe you last month's post - sorry Babes! This month Gretchen of Canela and Comino was serving as the kitchen of the month and made the Babes to bake Bab(i)es. Tanta Wawa's to be exact. What you might ask? This was my first thought too. But Gretchen explained to us:
What are tanta wawas? They are delicate figures made of bread or cake, of different sizes, which represent children, animals or other forms depending on the region. The meaning comes from bread (pan in Spanish & tanta in Quechua) (bebe in Spanish & wawa in Quechua) or "bread in the form of a baby". These breads are decorated with candies, raisins, anise, ceramics faces or glaze. People in the Andean regions give these breads as a gift during All Saints Day or Day of the Dead (November 1st & 2nd) which allows them to deal with familial relationships. On November 2nd, these bread babies are taken to the cemetaries in town so they can be left as offerings to those that have passed away and then are broken apart and eaten among the visitors. It is unknown when this Andean tradition began but it is known that from long ago, special breads were made and eaten in this manner. (Translated from
Since it was right before Halloween weekend I decided to bake them and have them and have them ready for the weekend's breakfast. Being the alternate bead baking buddy I needed to tweak Gretchen's recipe a bit to adjust it to my flour needs. Here are my changes: sponge: 1 egg 1/2 cup of white spelt flour 1 tablespoon of sugar 1/4 teaspoon of yeast dough: 1/2 cup of white rice flour 1 cup of whole spelt flour 2 cups of white spelt flour 1/2 cup of white sugar 1/4 cup of brown sugar 1 tablespoon of dry yeast 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon 1/8 teaspoon of ground cloves 1/2 teaspoon of sesame seeds 2 teaspoons of salt 1/2 cup of milk 1/4 cup of water 1/4 cup of butter 2 eggs (at room temperature) 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla 1 egg yolk (for painting) other than that I sticked to the instructions given by Gretchen. I had some problems with the rising of the dough, it did not rise too much. Maybe my kitchen was a bit too cold or something which made the yeast lazy?

Baking Babe(i)s - Tanta Wawa

Well after some time it worked out but to my taste it could have been a bit fluffier. :o) Dont forget to visit all the gorgeous Bread Baking Babes:

Bake My Day (Karen) | CanelaYComino (Gretchen) | Cookie Baker Lynn (Lynn) | Grain Doe (Görel) | I Like to Cook (Sara) | Living In The Kitchen With Puppies (Natshaya) | Living on Bread and Water (Monique) | Lucullian Delights (Ilva) | Notitie van Lien (Lien) | The Sour Dough (Mary aka Breadchick) | Thyme for Cooking (Katie) | My Kitchen in Half Cups (Tanna)

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Dona Nobis Pacem

Dona Nobis Pacem

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Wordless Wednesday


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Happy 10th Birthday my baby boy!

Happy BIrthday Othello - Today you are 10!

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Chinese Flower Steam Buns

Chinese Flower Steam Buns

Oh I was a bad bad Buddy!! :(

Last month Karen of Baking Soda was Kitchen of the month for the ever gorgeous Bread Baking Babes and she let them steam. hehe yes you read right, the Baking Babes were steaming.

They made beautiful Chinese Flower Steam Buns.  But it was not until after last week that I found the time to make them too and be a nice and dutiful Buddy. :(

Even tho it took me so long ot make them they were wonderful. I liked them very much. I did not use the original filling (I used my own pesto and it was great with the buns) cause I could not get nice looking spring onions.

BBB - Steaming Babes' Buns: Chinese Flower Stream Buns

What I liked most about this recipe is that it called for a low gluten flower and for once I had not the slightest problem with my habit of using spelt flour. It was perfect for this job. So no changes needed just used spelt flour instead of the chinese flour it called for.

We just ate them plain and dipped them only in soy sauce. MMMhhhh yummy!

Many thanks to Karen for the recipe!

The Bread Baking Babes are:  Bake My Day (Karen) | CanelaYComino (Gretchen) | Cookie Baker Lynn (Lynn) | Grain Doe (Görel) | I Like to Cook (Sara) | Living In The Kitchen With Puppies (Natshaya) | Living on Bread and Water (Monique) | Lucullian Delights (Ilva) | Notitie van Lien (Lien) | The Sour Dough (Mary aka Breadchick) | Thyme for Cooking (Katie) | My Kitchen in Half Cups (Tanna)

This is my submission to Susan's Yeastspotting this week.

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Carnival of the Cats #294

cotc 294

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats #294!

It was Halloween this weekend, so we themed the CotC for this occasion, let's see what the kitties were up to this past week:

cotc 294

  • The Paw Blog talks about an important issue: Dental Health in Cats and Dogs. Go brush your teefs regularly friends and stay healthy!
  • Elisson introduces us to Fred and Bob, EriC's cats he visited recently. Cool Mancats!

cotc 294

  • At Elms in the Yard we are introduced to the story of Pinocchio. She's a shop cat who lives at a frame store in Jerusalem. And a pretty one to my mind!
  • Talking of pretty: Bebe is featured at The Poor Mouth. What a beauty!!
  • Handsome Maximilian the Leader was captured lounging in the Master Bedroom chair.

cotc 294

  • The TT&TOT Gang is on heavy duty: Begging for treats! Well it is Trick o Treat Weekend anyway, ain't it?!
  • Super Tocks at Cheysuli's: woooha!
  • Allen Thinks has a cute video of Mr Jones.
  • Amar and Luna were hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend. Luna is showing off her black gorgeousness! Way to go girl!
  • Caitie is ready for Halloween, in character as a Vampire Kitty, with frightening eyes and fearsome fangs!

cotc 294

  • This blog is full of crap is featuring Bruwyn.
  • Thumpy is not a cat but a brave puppy so she deserves to be included and she has lotsa feline sisfurs too...

cotc 294

  • StrangeRanger is a bit sad and missing Ivy this Halloween since she always represented it very spookingly. We are thinking of all our furriends that went to the Bridge before us this Weekend too!
This concludes this week's festival, next week will be hosted by Nikita at Nikita's Place Thanks for participating and stopping by!

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Mini Pan de Muerto

Last year I baked a big Pan de Muerto and i t was very delicious so I decided to bake one again this year. But since I spent this weekend without company (well we can't count my constant company the furry three here...) I thought it would be better to bake a small one (or two to be exact - the other one was popped into the freezer.)

Pan de Muerto

When I saw Pedro's Pan de Muerto at Zorra's round up for World Bread Day I knew I wanted to try this recipe and with a little thinking and translating I managed to assemble the recipe. I had to make a few changes tho due to my use of spelt flour again:
200 gr spelt flour 50 gr rice flour 7 tablespoons sugar 45 gr. butter 1/3 cup milk 1 egg 1/2 teaspoon dry yeast 1 teaspoon vanilla essence zest of one orange 1/2 teaspoon salt
Place the flour in a bowl and put warm milk in the center, add yeast and dissolve it with your fingers. Let stand for 10 minutes. Add remaining ingredients, mix and knead until the dough is not sticking consistent in your hands. Cover with plastic wrap and leave for an hour, until doubled in volume. Divide dough in 2 equal parts. And repeat the following steps for each part: Spread 3/4 of the dough and form a ball to the base of the pan. Place in the center of a buttered baking dish. Cut the remaining dough into 3 equal pieces. Use 2 parts to form 2 bones, stretching them into a cylinder. From the remaining portion of dough into a ball that will be the centerpiece of bread. Place the 2 bones, across the bread in a symmetrical manner and accommodate the ball of dough in the center. Leave for 45 minutes or until doubled in volume again. Bake for 7 minutes at 200°C then lower the heat and bake until golden. When cool, brush with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar.

Mini Pan de Muerto

This is my submission  to Susan's Yeastspotting this week.

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Blogging by Mail

bbm_box The Happy Sorceress announced on her blog today: Blogging by Mail is back! BBM, that wonderfully crazy idea from Nic of Baking Bites, where food-loving bloggers from around the globe swap care packages, has returned after a much-needed hiatus. Here's what you need to know: 1. Be absolutely sure you can commit to this. By signing up for Blogging by Mail, you're promising to send a package to someone out there, and they'll be waiting for it. My goal for this round is for EVERY BBM'er to receive a box. 2. Have, or contribute to, a blog. It is called Blogging by Mail, after all. I'm sorry, but if you don't have one, you can't join. It's kind of the point. On the bright side, it's pretty easy to start up a blog! 3. Agree to write a post about, including pictures of, any package you receive. Every one of us gets a kick out of seeing what's being sent, so posting is important! 4. Fill out the sign up form below, and send it to me at thehappysorceress at gmail dot com. If you want to be a part of this, add that address to your 'safe' list right away, or you could end up missing vital swap information! I will reply to your email with 48 hours, letting you know you're officially part of BBM. Sign-ups will be open until Saturday, 14 November. Packages must be shipped by Saturday, 28 November. *** Double, and even triple, check your information before sending it to me. A missed number in a postal code, a typo in your street address, could be the reason you're left package-less! *** Official Blogging by Mail Form Your Full Name (first and last) Your Blog's Name Your Blog's URL Your Email Address Your 'Real' Address (be sure to include postal/country codes) Are You Willing to Ship Internationally? Any Strong Dislikes, Likes, Allergies, Etc If You've Participated in Past Rounds, if Possible Please Remind Me Who You've Been Paired With (to & from), So I Can Do My Best Not to Repeat! Add any other information you deem pertinent, of course. Want to join?! Go see ALL the deatils here!

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Weekend Cat Blogging #230

Happy Halloween you all!

Weekenend Cat Blogging # 230 Happy Halloween!

This weekend we are thinking of all our friends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge before us and are waiting for us there! 'till we meet again friends! This weekend our  friends Amar and Luna are hosting a special Halloween Edition of WCB. All of oyu cats and catlovers come and join us for a Halloween party!

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DMBLGIT October 2009 - The Winners

I was very very excited to announce this first time hosting of this wonderful event here on my humble food blog earlier this month.

My excitement has not diminished ever since and every time I found an entry in my mailbox I got even more excited again. It was really fun to look at all your wonderful food photography and made me want to learn how to make such gorgeous pics myself. Oh I will need a lot of more practice I think...

You can see all the wonderful, mouthwatering entries here or at the online gallery:

We had a total of 39 entries this month. All of them were great and you sure should go visit each and every one to meet the lovely blogs behind and find some treasure recipes or maybe new favourite blogs!

*** *** *** ***

Now without any further ado, see the winners:

Part 1 - Overall Winners

Overall First Place

Raw Clams @ A perspicious mind: musing about food by S.T.Reinle S.T. Reinlie -  A perspicuous mind: musing about food photograph's title: Raw clams camera: Canon 30D location: Houston, TX, USA

*** *** *** ***

Overall Second Place

Pistacio Lemon And berry Cakes @ Sweet Sensation by Monika Monika - Sweet Sensation photograph's title: Pistachio Lemon and Berry Cakes camera: Pentax K10D location: Zagreb, Croatia

*** *** *** ***

Overall Third Place

Basmati with Pomegranate @ Veggie Belly by Sala Kannan Sala Kannan -  Veggie Belly photograph's title: Basmati with Pomegranate, Pine Nuts and Mint Camera: Canon Rebel XTi Location: Virginia, USA

*** *** *** ***

Part 2 - Edibility, Originality and Aesthetics

Winner Editbility Category

Fig Streusel Tartlets with Pistachios @ Sugar & Everything Nice by Jo Jo - Sugar & Everything Nice photograph's title: Fig streusel tartlets with pistachios camera: Canon 450D location : Singapore

*** *** *** ***

Winner Originality Category

Roast Beef & Caramelised Onion Vol au Vents @ Pease Pudding by Alli Prime Alli Pirrie - Peasepudding photograph's title: Roast Beef & Caramelised Onion Vol au Vents camera: Nikon D80, AFS Nikkor 18-200 location: New Zealand

*** *** *** ***

Winner Aesthetics Category

Grilled Corn and Blueberry Salad @ Houseboat Eats by Talley Lambert Talley Lambert - Houseboat Eats photograph's title: Grilled Corn and Blueberry Salad Nikon D80, Micro Nikkor 60mm 1:2.8 Seattle, WA

*** *** *** ***

Part 3 - Host's Choice

Mixed Berry Vol-au-vents @ Citrus and Candy by Karen Low Karen Low - Citrus and Candy photograph's title: Mixed Berry Vol-au-vents Canon EOS 1000D Sydney, Australia I chose this pic for my host's award 'CCause it was so very close to the winners of two of the categories. What I really like about this is the composition and the brilliant colors. It makes me wanna grab it and take a huge bite.

*** *** *** ***

Next Host:  DMBLGIT November 2009 -  Sandra at Le Petrin

*** *** *** ***

Many many thanks to all participants and yet again to my wonderful judges. To my mind you were all winners and it was really hard to decide during the judging process! Badges will be sent to the winners by mail this evening.

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Buchteln have always been a favorite of mine, since I was a little girl and allowed to help in the kitchen with cooking and baking at my grandpa's kitchen. I really have no idea why I have not made them since I grew up and have my own kitchen. Last night I was craving them so much I decided to make them for today's lunch when Mr T, Mrs Q and the litte one will be over for Sunday Breakfast and lunch... So this is how I learned to make them at home:



60 ml handwarm milk 250 gram flour 45 gram brown sugar 20 gram fresh yeast optional 1 egg 1 teaspoon salt 1 zest of orange 60 gram butter, warm 150 gram apricot jam
Mix milk 30 gram of the flour 20 gram of the sugar and the yeast. Let rest in a bowl until doubled. Mix with all other ingredients, form dough to a ball and let double again in a covered bowl. Divide dough into about 12 equal parts. Form a ball from each part and pat flat. Place 1 teaspoon jam in the middle and cover with dough to form a ball again. Place into buttered pan - seal down. Let rise for another 30 minutes. OR: Cover pan with cling film and put into fridge over night. Then let rise for 30 minutes before baking. Preheat oven to 180°C - bake for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown on top.


125 gram cream 80 ml milk 1 vanilla bean 30 gram sugar 20 gram maize starch
Bring milk, cream, sugar and vanilla bean to boil. Add maize starch. Do not forget to stir well until it gets thicker. Beat with a whisk for about 5 minutes. Serve hot over Buchteln.


They were approved by my guests, need I say more?

wikipedia says: The most famous Austrian Buchteln are served in the Café Hawelka in Vienna. Its Buchteln desserts are the place's speciality and made according to a very old and secret family recipe
I think mine were good too and the recipe is not a secret at all *smiles* I'd like to submit these to Susan's Yeastspotting this week.

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Weekend Cat Blogging

Samantha is hosting this weekend at the Tuxedo Gang Hideout.  Be sure to check out all the other cool cat there! This is what we have been doing this weekend so far:
Sunday 2009-10-25 Kashim sunday 2009-10-25 Othello Sunday 2009-10-25 Salome

Happy Weekend yall!

Oh and Momma has been doing this:
Buchteln Stay tuned to check out t

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Food Blogger Connect - First UK Food Blogger Conference

Recently I found a new very interesting foodblog via Facebook Dirty Kitchen Secrects. Not long after I found a very nice email from Bethany in my inbox inviting me to the Food Bloggers Coonnect to London this November. As far as I understood it is open to any foodblogger who wants to come and can make it.... ;o) A wonderful idea and sure a wonderful place to meet! For anyone who is intersted: Please see all the details here!

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Blog-Event LI - Rund um den Olivenbaum - Oliven & Olivenöl [Event in German]

Blog-Event LI - Rund um den Olivenbaum - Oliven & Olivenöl (Einsendeschluss 15. November 2009)


Einsendeschluss ist Sonntag, 15. November, 23.59 Uhr.

Maximal zwei Beiträge pro Blog, neue Rezepte - keine aus dem Archiv bitte und den Link zu diesem Beitrag nicht vergessen.

Wer das erste Mal teilnimmt oder länger nicht dabei war: Bitte die FAQ durchlesen.

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Kitchen Window Views...

Kitchen Window Views

Barbara hat nach  Aussichten aus dem Küchenfenster gefragt. Aso hier seht ihr meines. Eigentlich kein Fenster per se sondern die Balkontüre, die von der Küche aus auf meinen kleinen aber feinen Balkon führt. Barbara, a German Foodblogger friend, asked bout the view from our kitchen windows. I do not exactly have a kitchen window. But what I have is the door which leads to my small beloved balcony.

Kitchen Window Views

Hier habt ihr einen genaueren Blick nach draussen... Here above is a better look without the curtains...

Kitchen Window Views

Close up. Der Garten, den man unterhalb sieht ist leider nicht meiner, sondern gehört den Nachbarn im Erdgeschoss. Und so grün wie man es bei den Bildern vermuten möchte wohn ich leider auch nicht. Wir sind hier das einzige kleinere Haus (10 Eigentümer) ansonsten sind rund um uns eher hohe Wohnbau.ten und es werden leider immer mehr... die Nähe zum Naherholungsgebiet Alte Donau (5 Minuten Fussweg) ist trotzdem nicht  zu verachten. More close up: the garden below does not belong to me. It belongs to my neighbours. We are a small house with only 10 owners. Tpough it looks very green from this view it is not really. There are a lot of big houses and too  much concrete around us. But we also only do have a five minutes walk to the beautiful "Alte Donau" where it is very nice and green. So it is not too bad at all I guess!

Kitchen Window Views

Ja und hier einen Blick auf meine Kräuter. Frisch geschnitten und verarbeitet zum letzten Vollmond. Diese Tonschalen sind wirklich sehr praktisch, da sie genug Platz für die Kräuter bieten, und dennoch platzsparend sind weil man sie übereinander stapeln kann. Für wenig Platz so wie auf meinem Balkon ist das perfekt. Another close look out of the window where you can see my litle herb garden. Recently harvested at last full moon. I love it cause I can have a lot of herbs in it and it does not really need a lot of space. Perfect win-win! :) Kitchen Window Views Kitchen Window Views
Hier noch ein Block auf meine Küche vom Wohnzimmer aus. Einmal mit Blck auf das Fenster und einmal in die andere Richtung. Another view of my kitchen from the living room, one facing the window and the opposite view. Kitchen Window ViewsKitchen Window Views
Zwei der allerwichtigsten Plätze sieht man hier: Mein Bücherregal für meine Kochbücher und an der gegenüberliegenden Seite alle meine Gewürze, Messerblock und was man sonst noch so alles griffbereit braucht.... Two vey special places: My rack for all my cookbooks and the spice rack, always on hand what I need most often...

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Weekend Cat Blogging #228 - hosted here by Kashim!

Weekend Cat Blogging #228

Welcome to this week's edition of Weekend Cat Blogging! It's me Kashim hosting this weekend. I hope lots of you will join in! Othello, Salome and I are still purraying for our furriend Mr Tigger to come home safely. We miss him lots. Samantha and his Mom Chandra too of course!! If you want to join in please leave your link in the comments. Me and Momma will try to do several updates through the weekend and have one final update Sunday evening!

Our friends Amar and Luna were first to join us this weekend. See how lovely Luna looks in this picture:



At Sidewalk shoes Smudge is hiding. Can you spot him?



Jules at Mind over Matter has fun with his cat toy:



Meowza is showing  a little tongue - Salome nearly fainted *hehehe*



LB over at The Sourdough has taken blogging duty again into his paws since his Mom is way to busy to blog! Way to go dude!



Mina is lounging in the last warm sunbeams of the year:



Rosie has seen a biiiiiiig ghost.



Fridolin is showing off his handsome self this week at Rosa's blog.



There is some Weekend Cat Blogging going on over at Furry Logic too!



For other weekend cat activities visit:

Let's have fun this weekend! purrrs, Kashim

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World Bread Day: "Twisted Bread" (Zwirbelbrot)

world bread day 2009 - yes we bake.(last day of sumbission october 17) Our wonderful foodblogger friend Zorra is hosting the World Bread Day 2009 event again, like she already did the past few years. Oh my, I always spend hours to browse through all those wonderful bread posts when she finally posts the round up. ...and I end up with lots and lots more bookmarked bread recipes I want to bake one day... yet is is oh so much fun every year! If you want to know what the heck I am talking about please feel free to visit WBD roundup'06, WBD roundup'07, WBD roundup'08 and you will see...  :) So when I saw this bread at Eva's blog "Deichrunner" and I thought this was the perfect recipe for my World Bread Day bread. Why? Not only because it looked so great and tasty but also because needed also very less preparation time. Yes the time again...

World Bread Day 2009: Twisted Bread

I altered the recipe a bit tho because I used a flour mixture containing a lot of healthy whole grains and fibers.
500 gram flour** 300-350 ml cold water 10 gram yeast 10 gram salt ** used a flour mixture (1kg) consists of: 840 gram white spelt flour whole grain flour, 10 gram each: corn, rice, oat meal, buckwheat, teff, rye, barley 60 gram spelt bran 30 gram spelt germs
Knead all the ingredients for about 10 minutes in your food processor. Transfer dough into an oiled plastic container (I used a zip lock bag) and let rest for about 10-12 hours in the fridge. Fetch dough from the fridge (it should have risen noticeably). Transfer to a well (!!) floured surface and avoid any further kneading. Cut into two longish pieces. Stretch dough a bit. Twist twice. Transfer to baking sheet and flour with rye flour. No additional rising needed! Preheat your oven to 240°C and bake bread for about 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 200°C bake for another 20 minutes. You will want to aim for a nice crust.

Twisted Bread - "Zwirbelbrot"

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Weekend Cat Blogging #227

Hehe is weekend again which means kitty-blogging on the foodblog. This weekend our friend LB and his Mom Mary will host. We hope so! We are sure they will have a post up soon where you all an leave your links!
Weekend Cat Blogging #227
Yesterday Momma had a massive migraine attack and even had to come home from work early. Her brother fetched her later - after she had some sleep and some happy pills - to go to her Mom's and Dad's house. They will be cellybrating her brother's birthday tomorrow. We decided to stay at home while Momma is gone for the weekend cause even tho we really like Gramps and the Gramladey we are not sure about the biiiig woofie Ben who is living there now too, yet. Staying at home and chillaxin' is much better, huh? We are still very worried about Mr Tigger who is still missing tho we are glad his sisfur Samantha found her way back home already. Lastest news was that he may have been spotted but he is not home yet! Happy Weekend you all and please keep purraying with us! Kashim, Othello and Salome

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