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Two on Thursday

Peek a Booo I see you!
The Boys rediscovered these parts of their cat tree (sorry I am lacking a proper word to describe it) since we've moved into our new place. It seems that they feel very comfortable and safe up and in there and they love to sleep there too. I love to see them snuggling and sleeping in there...
Kashim What's up?Woman, don't disturb me! Othello Peek a boowho's in there?
Happy Thursday to alla you kitties! We hope you have a great day! And eleventy-twelve squillion nosekissies from Othello to his most beloved LadyCat Gree! *psssst he is thinking up something very very secret for Valentines Day....* P.S. Hey you ManCats don't furget to stop by at Mr.Tigger's M-Cats Club for some mancatly fun!! See you there!

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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday dreamingdreaming of my lovely Gree

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Kerry Apple Cake

Kerry Apple Cake As this cake is featured in this month' blog header I thought I should give you the whole recipe...

Kerry Apple Cake

175g butter 175g caster sugar 2 eggs, beaten 225g self-raising flour 2 medium cooking apples, peeled and chopped 1tsp lemon rind (( I used orange rind )) 2tsp demerara sugar (( I used self made vanilla sugar instead )) pinch cinnamon pinch nutmeg
Preheat oven to 180°C and grease and line a 900g loaf tin. Cream butter and sugar. Gradually add eggs and flour. Stir in apples and lemon rind. Pour into the tin and sprinkle with sugar and spices. Bake for 1 - 1 1/2 hours. I sprinkled the cake with my own dried flowers mix. In the recipe at it says that this cake does not keep very well and therfore should be eaten quickly ;o) Now that I've tasted it I should say this should not be a problem at all! Its best eaten warm with cream or Greek-style yoghurt or even with cheese but I have to admit I did not try the last one...
Kerry Apple CakeKerry Apple CakeKerry Apple Cake

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Mancat Monday ... in honor of Caesar

Oh no Oh no! We just read at the Cat Blogosphere that sweet, gentle Caesar did not wake up on Sunday Morning. He made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge silently and gentle all by himself. Our hearts are aching and our eyes are leaking to have lost this gentle Mancat. Our heartfelt condolences to his sisfur Princess and his beans. They will miss him badly and we are sending comforting purrrs and headbutts.

We are dedicating this Mancat Monday to Ceasar - he was a great Mancat and a great friend to many of us! Caesar
Caesar, this candle we lit for you and we will light a special candle when momma comes home this evening. We hope you met all your freinds at the rainbow bridge and had a good journey!

love and purrrs, K&O

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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday I think I might start to like this place... Wordless Wednesday

We are furry glad Latte is feeling much better and on his way back to his normal self - but now we are worried about his Meowmy 'CCause she is feeling icky and has to do a CAT scan today. So while we are doing the happy dance wif Latte, Chase and Kaze we are again purring like crazy for their Meowmy and hoping she is much better soon.

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winterliche Minestrone

2 grosse Karotten 1 handvoll Karfiolröschen 1/2 Stange Lauch (klein) 10-15 Stangenbohnen 1/2 Knolle Sellerie (klein) 5-6 Blätter Wirsing Kräutersalz Pfeffer
Karotten und Lauch in Scheiben schneiden, Stangenbohnen halbieren, Sellerie in kleine Würfel schneiden, Wirsing streifig schneiden. Alles in einen Topf geben und mit Wasser gut bedecken (ich hab ca. 1 Liter Wasser genommen). Mit Salz und Pfeffer würzen und gut einkochen lassen, bis die Karotten weich aber noch bissfest sind. Evtl. mit ein wenig Suppenwürfel nachwürzen... Ich hatte noch ein paar Griessnockerl übrig, die habe ich als zusätzliche Einlage verwendet.

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Meine Kueche.

Seit Anfang Jänner bin in nun - endlich - umgezogen. Von knapp 42 m2 auf gute 74 m2 mit 6 m2 Balkon ist schon eine ganz schöne Umstellung - wobei ich gar nicht wusste was man alles in so wenig Raum an Habseligkeiten unterbringen kann. Ich dachte kurzfristig die Umzugskartons hören nie auf!! Statt einem Raum und einer kleinen Kuechennische habe ich nun eine grosse Wohnkueche und zwei Zimmer plus Vorzimmer, Badezimmer (mit Badewanne *juhuuu*) und WC. Uuuuuuund ich habe eine suuupertolle neue Kueche auf die ich riesig stolz bin! Zwar ist sie noch nicht ganz fertig, aber zum groessten Teil bereits und die paar Kleinigkeiten kommen so nach und nach...
Der vordere Teil ist als Essplatz fuer 3-4 Personen gedacht. Allerdings fehlen hier noch die "Barhocker" (HENRIKSDAL von IKEA) Der Dunstabzug auf dem Foto ist noch abgeklebt, weil die rote Farbe an Decke und Wand noch einen zweiten Anstrich benötigt, nachdem der 1. Anstrich ausreichend getrocknet ist (Plan ist: evtl. dieses Wochenende). Der freie Platz links (hier gehts dann auf den Balkon) erhält wahrscheinlich noch eine Möglichkeit meine Kräutertöpfe abzustellen. Da bin ich aber noch auf der Suche nach einer netten Möglichkeit...
Blick von der Kueche in den Wohnbereich, wie man sieht auch hier noch nicht ganz fertig eingerichtet... Aufbau der Kueche:
Küche - Kitchen Küche - Kitchen Küche - Kitchen Küche - Kitchen Küche - Kitchen Küche - Kitchen Küche - Kitchen Küche - Kitchen Küche - Kitchen kueche3

Umgezogen bin ich zwar, aber leider noch ohne TV und damit auch ohne Internetanschluss. Ich hoffe, dass sich das bald erledigt, dann kann ich wieder "normal" bloggen... Im Moment geht es nur sehr eingeschränkt indem ich die Beiträge vorbereite und dann in der Firma - sofern Zeit ist - online stelle... Das Garten-Koch-Event pausiert also noch gezwungenermassen aufgrund eines fehlenden Internetanschlusses meinerseits im Jänner - im Februar kommt es dann aber auf jeden Fall zurück!

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Secret Paws on toosday

SecretPaws2 Yes Momma? A Secret Paws package for me? Oh my Bast! I thought my Secret Paws partner forgotted all about me... Huh? It already came between Chrissymouse and New Year??? And you did not say a word? MOMMMAAA!! SecretPaws3 Momma, whom is it from? It came all the way from Netherlands? It came furrom the Kattenpraats? Oh oh look what I've gotted!! SecretPaws4 How did you know I love love love cho-co-late? I gotted cho-co-late mousies and they are all mine and momma hasta give em to me 'CCause they are for cats!! I gotted some other treats I haven't seen efur before and a catnip mousie and another catnip toy which is very much fun to play and snuggle wif! Thank you so much!!
[Momma: There was also a very nice card in the package, but I stored it away with all the other cristmas cards the boys got to say thank you to alla you when we were settled in the new place and now I can't remember where I have them :( - so I am not sure who exactly wahs Othellos Secret Paw but I think it was Ruis - please accept my humble apologies! ]

We still have no internet access at home so we can't go round commenting. Momma can't comment on your blogs (mostly Blogger) at work 'CCause the 'puter here won't let her :( So we have to apologize again for not visiting you all - we miss you and we are very happy that you are still visiting us and making us feel welcome and loved. We miss you all badly. Momma is reading all the meows at the Cat Blogosphere and keeps us updated when she comes home, but for we will always be a bit behind with the news...: Rocky, we are sorry that we could not come to your birthday bash for your bean sister but we will try and send a birthday card (we hope it works). We are also very happy, that Mao and Annie are home safe and sound - we were very worried about them when we heard that they were missing. Speaking of being worried: We are very worried about our dear friend Latte who is feeling poorly - we hope the V-E-T is able to help him super-quick and that he is not seriously ill. We know his Lady is very worried! Latte we are double-purrring like crazy for you and sending our love to Chase and Kaze as well!
Dearest Miss Peach, we are so so so sorry that we missed your 15th birthday and the party :( We hope you had a wonderful day though and are sending soft headbumpies and nosekissies and - of course - our bestest belated birthday wishes and many many happy returns! Snuggles and Purrrs to Mom Karla as well!
Another thing we wanted to say:

Welcome little Kiera!!

We ar very happy for you mom and dad that you joined the family and we know your big brofurs Kimo and Sabi will teach you everything what's impawtant to know and keep an eye on you so you won't get hurted! Again we are sorry, we missed the big baby shower and could not help or contribute to the surprise at all :(
Boy, having no innernet sucks! *ups sorry* Another fing we missed was the arrival of Dragonhearts sweet little brofur Merlin!

Welcome little Meezer Merlin!!

Momma goes all Awwwwww when she looks at your pics and we fink seeing you snuggle with Dragonheart is soooo supersweet (well that's what Momma says alla time)!

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Exploring the new place on Mancat Monday

Window with our snuggle and cat grass
Finally we are home!! ...or let's say what momma calls our home now! Gramps and Gramlady brought us to our new place on Saturday afternoon and firt we were very excited to see momma again but then... when we came out of the PTU we were not so sure anymore... everything smelled different and new and strange. First we decided to simply go back into the PTU again and tolded Gramps they should take us back home to their place... but then we hearded mommas voice and Kashim decided to risk a look and Othello followed slowly. When we entered the biiig room Kashim saw "his" couch and he decided that's where he'd be safe for the moment and settled there and would not move for hours... Othello decided to hide first behind the TV but then became bored and began to snoopervize the new place and commented everything he saw with loud meows. Having our Gizzy Quilts with us helped lots 'CCause there we felt safe!! Millie's Mom your Gizzy Quilts are made in heaven you don't know how calming and comforting they are to us! When Gramps and Gramlady lefted and we were alone, we snuggled with momma a bit and then started to explore the new place. We found a squillion of doors but only two were open for us... [ Momma: There are 5 doors, but only two are open for them by now to help them adopt to the new place slowly and not confuse them too much... They will be allowed to explore the other two rooms during this week and by the weekend will be able to explore the whole apartment by themselves... If anyone has good suggestions to help them to accustom themselves better I'd be very thankful... For now I really have the feeling that they both are quite scared :( ] This is what the biig room looks like:
livingroom kueche4
And here is our place (click the pikshurs to bigify them):
Our scratching postKashim exploring Othello exploringOthello enjoys the view
We have a big scratching post and our own place were the food bowls and water bowls are. Momma even maded the window next to our scratching post available to us by placing our snuggle (which we gotted from Dragonheart's mom for Summer Secret Paws) on the window sill and our cat grass, so we can sit there and what the birdies outside (and there are lots of birdies!!!) Right now we are not sure if we like it here it's all very new and we are a bit scairt... and Momma is a bit worried about that too...
Here I am safe Gree wanna come hide and snuggle wif me?

Check back tomorrow we'll show you more pikshurs of our new place and tell you about Othello's Secret Paws package!!

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Wordy Wordless Wednesday

oh so tired tired but cozy

Now for the wordy part of Wordless Wednesday:

I hope the boys will not get angry at me for hogging their blog and spoiling Wordless Wednesday... ;o) They will come home into their new territory this weekend but I (probably) will not be able to post again earlier than Monday 'till the internet connection is established at home - right now I am writing the posts offline at home and put them online at work, so please be patient with us once again...

Do you recognize these cute little pawsies on the left?

They belong to a special little cat lady who made her 100th comment on the boys' blog yesterday. I thought as a little thank you she'll receive a special little gift from the boys (have to think up something real cute for a pink lady...) But I also wanted to say thank you to all of you who come and visit (and comment) on the boys' blog it makes us feel welcome and we very much appreciate this! You Catblogging Kitties simply rock!!
The boys told me to add that they miss you all badly and hope the are able to go and visit you all very very soon! Othello is sending lots of nosekisses to his Gree!!

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The sweetest present for christmas


This picture of my two boys was made the very first day they came to live with me. You might recognize a slightly fearful expression on their little faces... Ever since I have not seen them that close to each other, in fact during the following 5 years they more and more decided to choose their napping places quite away from each other. They would not tolerate to be seperated from each other tho but would not snuggle with each other.
This christmas my two boys gave the very best christmas present ever to me without even knowing... See:
my sweet boys look it look it .... snuggling bothers
They have been sharing this one Gizzy throughout the holiday season ever since we arrived at my parents house. Can you imagine how happy I am?

On a more serious sidenote: I hope (and I am sure the boys are hoping this too) Chase and Bogdan are doing better soon. And we are glad that Dragonheart is doing better after being really scary ill... Sending love from the boys to all their kitty friends. As soon as they are home (and we have internet again or I have time to go online at work) we will post pictures and try to visit their friends' blogs again!

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some sign of life from us...

still offline

Uff, momma is back to werk so she can sneak online a bit and look fer us what happened at the Cat Blogosphere while we are still offline. She finished most of the moving stuff during the holidays while we are still staying wif gramps and gramlady. This coming weekend we will see the new place we will live from now on for the first time and we are very excited about this!! 'though momma is not around here at the gramps' house we have a great time 'CCause we really are getting spoilt and gramps is always around cleaning our litterbox twice a day and the gramlady is feeding us lots of yummy food. But we do miss momma for snuggling and sleeping... we are glad when we can go back to her even if it is in a new place we don't know. Will there be our big scratching post and our treats and all our toys? Thank Bast we have our Gizzys wif us here so they won't get lost... We hope all our friends are ok and had a wonderful holiday season! Thank you all for the wishes for Christmas and New Year you all lefted here and please accept our humble apologies that we could not come to your blogs to leave our wishes there, we promise we'll do a biiiig round to all the blogs when we finally are online at home again... Kashim is still speechless that he won at the contest for the best fur sibling of the year and wanted to say thank you to everycat who voted for him! His congratulations to th other winners !! Peee Ess We are very glad that Gree and Pepi are visiting us very often by telerporting ofur and keep us informed 'bout the most impawtant things around the blogosphere... besides having lots of quality snuggling time and and mancat talk! Peeee Esss Esss AND we are furry glad that the Carnival of the cats found a new home at the Cat Blogosphere!! But we are sad too that we had to miss the very first Carnival :( DUHR!! Moving sucks sometimes... Momma promised to blog some pikshurs of our holiday times and Othello's Secret Paws which arrived some day between Chrissymouse and New Year... bye for now and please don't forget us while we are gone .... :o)

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Irischer Bratapfel & Scones

kulinarischer-adventskalender-2007-23.jpg" /></a>

Nun dürfen wir schon das vorletzte Türchen aufmachen in unserem <strong>Kulinarischen Adventkalender</strong> und ich bin froh und stolz, ihr dies dieses Jahr bei mir machen dürft. 

Bei all den Köstlichkeiten, die wir schon gesehen haben fällt es einem ziemlich schwer noch einen passenden Beitrag zu finden, aber nach einigem Überlegen, war es dann doch wieder ganz einfach... :smile:

Denn was könnte es als Beitrag für <a href="">Frau Zorra</a>Kulinarischen Adventkalender bei mir anderes geben als ein irisch angehauchtes Rezept? Ich liebe Bratäpfel, sie gehören für mich in die Vorweihnachtszeit und zum Winter. Lecker, warm, duftend und sehr vielseitig. Sie sind schnell gemacht und man kann alles als Füllung verwenden wozu man grad Lust und Laune hat bzw. was Kühlschrank und Vorratskammer so hergeben. Hier eine Variante die ich vor langer Zeit mal von einer Freundin bekommen habe und immer wieder mal nach Lust und Laune abwandle... socket" /><h2>Bratapfel mit irischer Füllung</h2><div style="clear:both;"></div>

<div class="zutaten" style="color:#000 !important;">
Für 4 Personen nehme ich:

4  	 	große Äpfel (( Ich nehme am liebsten die Strudeläpfel, die sind schon gross und ein wenig mehlig, so wie ich es liebe, sie schmelzen dann richtig auf der Zunge ))
125 	gr Cottage Cheese
50 	gr 	brauner Zucker
1 	Prise gem. 	Nelken
1 	EL 	Cranberries
2 	EL 	gehackte Nüsse (( Walnüsse, Haselnüsse, Mandeln, ...was grad so da ist ))
2 	EL 	Honig (( ich nehme gerne den Kastanienhonig von Vialla ))
3 	EL 	Cidre


Äpfel waschen, das obere Drittel abschneiden und beiseite legen. das untere Drittel vorsichtig entkernen und ein wenig aushöhlen. 

Die Zutaten alle zu einer cremigen Masse verrühren. Äpfel in eine Auflaufform setzen und füllen, Honig und Cidre extra verrrühren und drübergiessen. 

Bei ca. 180 Grad 30 Minuten backen. In den letzten 10 Minuten die Deckel dazulegen (( nicht früher sonst sind sie Matsch ... ähm zu gut durch wollt ich sagen! ))

Äpfel auf ein Teller setzen und mit Baileys Schlagobers servieren. Ich träufle gern noch ein Wenig Honig über die fertigen Äpfel und bestreue sie mit einer Zimt/Kardamom/Sternanis Mischung. 
<div style="clear:both;"></div>

dazu gibt es: 

<img align="left" style="background:none!important;border:none !important;" src= Oh and please don't forget to stop by Katie and Puddy for a WCB Christmas Edition!

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Best fur sibling of the year...

Originally I wanted to do this as a special birthday purresent for Kashim but momma did not cooperate and now I am late wif it. I hope he still likes my idea and I really really hope real badly that he wins. Why? First because I love hims like nuts and second because to me his IS the best fur sibling I haf and could dream of!! We may not be that close like we haf been when we were younger but I simply know he loves me and would do effuryfing for me like I would for him. Go look at my entry at the contest blog! Fanks to The Cats Stephens for doing such a great contest!

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Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Momma was looking through our stats and showed us how kitties and (their) beans find their way to our blog... Here are thirteen search phrases that listed our bloggie:
  1. Google: Toys in our life Well we do have some real nice toys, but we only play wif thems if momma plays wif us... otherwise we won´t touch them at all...

  2. LiveSearch: kashim Oh someone was searching for me?? I am abashed *blush*

  3. Google: bad kitty pics Well if you are looking for this you´d better go to and visit Megan, Zed Monster and all the other Bad Kitty Cats and Kittens...

  4. Google: german brithday card uhm since this blog is written in English you won´t find a German birthday card here we are sorry!

  5. T-Online: Bachblütentherapie - Oliven yes we do haf some information about Bach flower remedies but only in German. Momma has planned to translate them but had no time yet. We guess you were looking for the flower remedy "olive" which is the remedy for tiredness and exhaustion after an effort of some kind, such as hard physical or mental labor, or the long struggle against illness.

  6. LiveSearch: candle whenever a friend of ours is ill or went to the rainbow bridge we light a candle for his precious soul. you can see our sea of candles here.

  7. Google: Cat Blogosphere Aye, now this is a great place to search for and visit but you´ll better go here to find the Cat Blogosphere.

  8. LiveSearch: peach are you looking for Miss Peach? or Peach man?

  9. Google: celestine bead chips uhm we fink you´d better go and visit Mom Robyn if you´re looking for joolery!

  10. Google: cat boys *giggle* that´s what momma always calls us: her catboys

  11. Google: living in vienna Aye, that´s where we live and to be honest we like it very much. Momma says living in the big city has some good sides but also some downsides... well ´cause we are inside kitties we don´t see much of our town anyway!

  12. Google: i love you astrid Uhm, that might make our momma blush *hehehe* *giggles*

  13. Google: Chaos of Viennese Life *hehehe* that´s just the way we live...

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

wire_ball_128x128.png" /> 

<strong>Thank you for your support throughout 2007!</strong>

I hope you enjoyed visiting my blog and will come back next year!

It might be really silent

Meanwhile enjoy this slideshow with all the yummy dishes I blogged throughout the year 2007. Please feel free to browse through my blog while I am offline. I shall be back to a normal blogging schedule by the end of January! The Garden-Cook-Event will be back as soon as I am online again!

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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Peee Esss: Kashim wants to say thank you for all the birthday wishes! He was very happy and proud!!

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It's my Birthday!!

Kashim's birthday and Secret Paws package from Luna (Spain)
Look what mine momma boughted for me: a special brithday card!! Inside she haded somefing written you can read it on the left side of the graphic! It's mine birthday today and I am 8 years of a mancat now! Momma says I am her big boy and she is very proud of me! I am so glad that I found my furrever home wif her! And look no better day my secret paws package could arrive!! It's from Luna in Spain and I was very excited about these wonderful and thoughtful prezents she sented me!

I gotted fluffy balls and mousies to play wif and two wonderful cards and even stinky goodness some flavour momma never gets for us I really look forward to try them this will be a perfect chrissymouse meal...

Fank you very much Luna!!

Oh gosh I am so happy my secret paws package came today on MY BIRTHDAY! I feel a bit bad for Othello 'CCause he was very disappointed that he did not get any presents so I shared some treats and a fishy wif him. I guess I let him also play wif the toys... I he is nice to me that is *hehe*

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Bad Kitty Cat Festival Of Chaos No.23

kerze We would like you to take a minute of silence with us and think of our fellow felines who are sick, not feeling well, worried, in need, missing or left forever. We light a candle for those who are not so happy to light their way to happiness again!

01 02
Speaking of stories, we fink you already know the story momma wrote about our brofur Paul and the one she wroted about how we came to live wif her. Othello began to write down the story of our life before we came to live wif momma... it's not finished yet but momma is very bad in her secretary duties lately...

Next hosts are:

Wanna join the fun?

Hosts Are Needed For Weekend Cat Blogging and Bad Kitty Cats Festival Of Chaos for 2008! It would be wonderful if we could recruit new hosts as well as the ones who are always faithful to volunteer and begin getting the links and information in order. Wanna be a host of haf a suggestion for an optional theme? Just let us know at festivalchaos AT - also if you haf any questions, suggestions or need help - we'll be there for you to help you and answer your emails! You can find the schedules for Weekend Cat Blogging here and for BKC Festival of Chaos here to look which dates are already booked and which are available!

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[Weekend Herb Blogging] - Recap *update*

WHB Yes, Weekend Herb Blogging is hosted here this week. 'though I did not participate in WHB since - uuuhm August - due to some private issuses which cut down my cooking to a very minimum I am very proud to do the round up of the very last WHB of 2007! I do hope you will enjoy all the delicious entries as much as I did when I read through them while they where coming in! I promise to go back to a regular cooking and blogging schedule and participation to WHB as soon as I am settled in my new apartment (and my new kitchen wooohooo!!!) and got my internet connection back! Please check back on Monday or Tuesday evening for a complete round up of all the yummy WHB entries!


I am sorry, it took me a bit longer to do the recap for WHB but now I got it! *smile*

Let's start our journey 'round the world of yummy, delicious dishes. Mmmmmmmh!
I hoe you enjoyed this last WHB for 2007 as much as I did and I'd love to meet you all again in January for the first WHB 2008 hosted by Kalyn herself!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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<img align="left" style ="background:none !important;border:none !important;" src="" width="150" height="221" alt="Jelly" /> Oh my Oh my! 

<strong>I am late with everything again! </strong>I am so sorry that the announcement of the winner took so long this time :(

First I was struggling with the flu and then everything went upside down with the moving stuff and work... not to mention fighting again with health problems since wednesday having a laryngitis again...

But now <strong>no more whining here!!</strong> Just a true an sincere <strong>SORRY </strong>to all of you for keeping you waiting for the announcement of the winner of this round!
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As you might have already seen in the <a href="">results of the voting</a>:
 <strong>Jelly </strong>of <a href="">Fragole & Cioccolato</a> won with <a href="">Pasta with Topinambur, Zucchiniflowers and Almonds</a>!

<center><img src="" width="400" height="225" alt="DSC01938mod+(Medium)" /></center>

<center><h2><strong>Congratulations to Jelly!! </strong></h2></center>
<strong>You won our anniversary prize a 50 EUR AMAZON Gift Certificate. </strong>
We will contact you for the details soon!

It was a real tight run with <strong>Barbara </strong>of <a href="">Barbaras Spielwiese</a> who got the second place this time for her <strong>Topinambur-Gratin mit Thymian-Parmesan-Kruste</strong>.
The third place went to <strong>Bolli </strong> of <a href="">Bolli for her Topinamburpuree mit Blutwurst and ex equo to Robert of lamiacucina for his Topinambours et artichauds à la barigoule.

Thanks to all of you for participating and we hope to see you all again next year!

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Easy like Sunday...

It's already been 6 days since our last entry. Now we're gonna tell you what has happened during this week: Momma gotted somefing called "laryngitis" and now she is not able to talk since Wednesday... well at least she should not talk, but you know... she does try to talk but we can't understand her at all... On friday she had her last day at her day huntig place for this year which normally means that she has lots of time for us now but this year... well she spends lots of time at the new apartment... Wednesday and Thursday the worker men were there and set up the new kitchen. She gotted all excited about it and showed us lots of pikshurs she maded wif her flashy fingy. Next Wednesday the men will come again and finish most of the kitchen fings. We fink it looks kinda cool and provides lots of playing opportunities for us - what do you fink? We also haf some pikshurs of the ofur rooms of our new apartment. Mrs Q., mommas friend and the little baby bean boy also where there to visit and they fink its way cool there too. We still is not sure but we hope we will like it once we are moving there. We still are not happy bout all that moving excitement around us but we are looking forward to some quiet holidays at gramps and gramladys house. Now wanna see some pikshurs? Remember the plan we posted on WCB: [Weekend Cat Blogging] - #130 The following pikshurs are showing the right part of the plan. Wohnzimmer - Living room Wohnzimmer - Living room The living room ... Bakon - balcony Küche - Kitchen The empty kitchen and our view through the kitchen at our balkony... Blick auf Balkon Bakon - balcony You bet we will love this part of the new apartment... Küche - KitchenKüche - Kitchen The new kitchen after two days' work... not finished yet! Next week all of our favouritest fings will get packed into boxes and we will haf to do a lot of snoopervizing to make sure everything we needs in the new apartment will get packed properly... Please forgive us for not being around much at your blogs or blogging here... momma and us will be very bizzy during the next week again! Haf a nice and snuggly weekend yall!!

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We are still here, but...

"It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness." - Unknown
We are still here, but ... welll it's been real crazy around here and we missed lots of fings and fun wif our furriends the last days - sorry for not being around much! We promise it might get better soon! Why we haf not been around much lately:
  1. Momma is still fighting the flu - it did not get better much but she refuses to stay in bed...
  2. She is working hard on the moving stuff, we gotted our new kitchen last Thursday and it will get set up this Wednesday...
  3. We hafta pack all our fings into boxes and momma saided we hafta sort out fings too... and decide which fings should go to the new apartment and which not... that's furry hard!
  4. It's a real bizzy time at her day hunting place too, so she is very bizzy all day and has not much spare time left to help us blog...
  5. We sented out our secret paws packages and are furry excited. We hope, that they will love our gifties....
  6. We also sent out the items to the winners of our auction for the Meezers. Fanks again to all of you who bidded!! And fanks to Sanjee and Mom Robyn who volunteered to do the shiping for us within US so we could save some green papers...
  7. We also sented out our cards for Christymas. If anyone still wants to swap christymas cards wif us just drop us a line at catboys AT wif your snail mail address! We will be pleased to send a card to you!
We miss you - our friends - and we hope we will be back to normal as soon as possible... tho we don't really know when we will haf innernets at our new apartment... Love you all, hugs and purrrs to alla you!

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Late Mancat Monday

seasons greetings
Oh yeah it's THIS time of the year! Everyone gets crazy about christymas... and momma gets more and more cranky 'CCause she does not like all the hustle and bustle during Adventzeit - the time before christymas. She does not like the crowds on the streets and in the shopping centres... If she could choose she'd rather not have thos time of the year at all - besides it is cold and we don't likes it cold! Today we gotted our first christymas card effur. Its frum Mu Shue and Lilly Lu and Mom Laura. Momma maded pics but she hasn't loaded thems from the flashy boks yet so I have to wait to show you... Fanks Mushue and Lilly Lu and Mom Laura for the wonderful card of yours! It was so exciting to get a greeting card! We are going to send ours out this week so if anyone wants a card and hasn't exchanged addresses wif us yet: Please send your snail mail to catboys AT - Fanks!! Have a great Mancat Monday yall!!

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Project H.A.M - Auction Details

First of all fank you to you all who supported our litlte auction for project H.A.M! This way we were able to raise some green papers for Sammy and Miles Meezer! Thank you!
The details are as follows: #1 the bloo meezer studs - $15 Tiger Lily #2 the Celestite bracelet - $15 Titus, Tazo, & Earl Grey #3 the necklace wif red stones - $10 by Finnegan & Buddy #4 the white and bloo earrings - $20 Tara, Princess Meezer #5 the pink, purple and bloo brooch - $10 Gree #8 the cat toys + cat treats - $20 yuki & kimiko All in all we raised $90 for Project H.A.M!! Please use one of the following PayPal payments on the Project HAM page to pay for your item. Make sure - if possible - that you are paying for the "Kashim & Othello" auction. Once we get your payment confirmed by either the Meezers or ML (depends on which Paypal account us chose) we will send your item off and inform you! We will try to contact you per email about this as well! For any further questions please let us know by commenting or by email at catboys AT! Fanks to yall!

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[Garden-Cook-Event] - Topinambur | Voting

zucchinitopinamburfenchelwilderfenchelsamentopinamburcurrysuppe_2linsentopiCUTtopi2100_5496.thumbnail2157195_9a563a6479_m Topinambur-Gratin+mit+Thymian-Parmesan-Kruste2038007514_338a5af9e8_oSTA_2320KasslerbratenMitTopinamburDSC01938mod+(Medium)Boulangere+Potatoes+1risotto+topin
The poll is working now! - I HOPE!! - ... sorry for the inconvenience caused!
[poll=8] [de] ... Entry in German [en] ... Entry in English German version of RoundUp Das Round-up findet ihr wie immer im Gärtnerblog! English version of RoundUp

Good luck to everyone!

Please note: You can vote for up to three of your favourite entries! Nicht vergessen: ihr könnt für bis zu 3 Rezepten stimmen! Müsst aber nicht, ihr könnt auch nach wie vor nur für eines abstimmen oder für 2.

Since it's our 2 years anniversary with this round of Garden-Cook-Event we have a special surprise:

There will be a 50 EUR Amazon Gift Certificate of or for the recipe who wins the first place on this months voting. Sponsored by me and Steffi of Gärtnerblog. So this time this means: There can only be one winner! If more than one recipe gains the same amount of votings we will have a second voting among those submissions. The only thing left to say this time is: Good luck to you all for the votings and have fun!

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[Garden-Cook-Event] - Topinambur | Round up


I am sorry for being late with the round-up and the voting for this months Garden-Cook-Event. I am a little bit down with a flu and spent most of the weekend in bed with hot tea and lots of vitamin C... And to add to that I am moving to my new apartment this month and had to lots of "moving stuff" and will have throughout the whole Dezember - so it will be mostly quiet here at this blog. The Garden-Cook-Event will pause for this month and be hopefully back in January with a new round - or at least when I have my internet connection back and settled in the new apartment...
Well, now let's start with the round up:

Here are the German Entries:

Here are the English Entries:

zucchinitopinamburfenchelwilderfenchelsamentopinamburcurrysuppe_2 linsentopiCUTtopi2100_5496.thumbnail2157195_9a563a6479_m Topinambur-Gratin+mit+Thymian-Parmesan-Kruste2038007514_338a5af9e8_oSTA_2320KasslerbratenMitTopinamburDSC01938mod+(Medium)Boulangere+Potatoes+1risotto+topin
I hope I did not miss anyones entry! - if so please accept my apologies and let me know, so I can correct my mistake :^^:

Don't forget to vote: here !


Since it's our 2 years anniversary with this round of Garden-Cook-Event we have a special surprise:

There will be a 50 EUR Amazon Gift Certificate of or for the recipe who wins the first place on this months voting. Sponsored by me and Steffi of Gärtnerblog. So this time this means: There can only be one winner! If more than one recipe gains the same amount of votings we will have a second voting among those submissions. The only thing left to say this time is: Good luck to you all for the votings and have fun!

Non competitive entries:

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Bad Kitty Cat Festival Of Chaos No.21

Bad Kitty Cat Festival Of Chaos No.21

kerze We would like you to take a minute of silence with us and think of our fellow felines who are sick, not feeling well, worried, in need, missing or left forever. We light a candle for those who are not so happy to light their way to happiness again!

Thanks to all of you who bid at our little auction benefiting Project H(elp) A M(eezer)! The current bids are for the numbers
  • #1 - $15 Tiger Lily
  • #2 - $15 Titus, Tazo, & Earl Grey
  • #3 - $10 by Finnegan & Buddy
  • #4 - $20 Tara, Princess Meezer
  • #5 - $10 Gree
  • #8 - $20 yuki & kimiko

Bad Kitty Cat Festival Of Chaos No.21 Bad Kitty Cat Festival Of Chaos No.21 Bad Kitty Cat Festival Of Chaos No.21

Don't forget about the Weekend Kitty fun with:

Next hosts are:

Wanna join the fun?

Hosts Are Needed For Weekend Cat Blogging and Bad Kitty Cats Festival Of Chaos for 2008! It would be wonderful if we could recruit new hosts as well as the ones who are always faithful to volunteer and begin getting the links and information in order. Wanna be a host of haf a suggestion for an optional theme? Just let us know at festivalchaos AT - also if you haf any questions, suggestions or need help - we'll be there for you to help you and answer your emails! You can find the schedules for Weekend Cat Blogging here and for BKC Festival of Chaos here to look which dates are already booked and which are available!

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[Weekend Cat Blogging] - #130

kashim Othello It's weekend. It's cat blogging time. We cats rule the blog! This week WCB is hosted by our lovely friends Samantha Black & Tigger at Life From a Cat's Perspective .
Don't forget to leave your link and look for all the sweetie cats in the round up! We are late with weekend blogging as always... This time we have great news to share: As we mentioned earlier this year we are going to move to a new apartment. It is exiting but wae are a bit worried too. We will miss all our hiding and snuggle places and our favorite window sill. We are not sure if we will like the new apartment tho. Momma says its much bigger than this one here.
[Weekend Cat Blogging] - #130
Momma tolded us yesterday through the next weeks 'till the end of the year she will have very little time 'CCause she will have to organize all the moving stuff... This is how the new apartment will look like:
[Weekend Cat Blogging] - #130
We will have two extra rooms and a loggia. Momma saided we'd even get a cat flap so we can go out on the loggia whenever we wants... As far as we understood it will be twice as big as our apartment now. Momma saided she will have finished the moving stuff till the end of the year but we may see the new apartment not before the new year 'CCause the last two weeks of this year we will be at gramps and gramladys house for christmas celebrations. We hope we will like our new home when we come back from our holiday vacation... Have a nice sunday evening yall!!

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