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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos No.76


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Welcome to the December 21, 2008 edition of bad kitty cats festival of chaos.
  • Nancy Miller presents 10 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe, Healthy and Happy posted at My Hollywood Pets.
  • Michael Puskar presents Mongo Angry! Mongo Smash!: Four of a Kind is a Full House posted at Mongo Angry! Mongo Smash!, saying, "Cats have taken over my life...but I still love them."
  • Rahel presents Sub Feline posted at Elms in the Yard, saying, "Thank you!"
  • Moi presents Friday Kitten Blogging - All Ai Need iz uh Box posted at Bloggg.
  • Vera Lang presents Learn The Secrets Of Why Your Pet Wont Eat posted at Fine Pet Care .com, saying, "Pets can sometimes be finicky when it comes to mealtime; cats are especially known to be picky about their food...."
  • , . We are sorry this carnival is so very late and quick and dirty done but momma was real sick mostly all of last week, so we could not post much and she still feels not so well today. Our apologies again! *sigh*

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    Christmas Cookie Baking Madness 2008

    Preparations for the Christmas Cookie Baking Madness
    Check back later for more posts and recipes.
      The list of planned cookies for this weekend:
    • kokosbusserln - coconut cookies
    • mandelstangerln - almond sticks
    • mandelherzen - almond hearts
    • kürbiskernkeks - pumpkinseed cookies
    • mürbteigkekse - shortbread cookies
    • butterkeks - butter cookies
    • schokotörtchen - chocolate tartelettes
    • cremekrapferl - cream cruller (?)
    • mokkablumen - mocca flowers
    • mohn-zimt-kuglen - poppyseed-cinnamon balls
    • macadamia trüffel - macadamia truffles
    • schokokugerl - chocolate balls
    *** translation of the names might not be too appropriate but are my best guesses. Any better suggestions always welcome!

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    Weekend Cat Blogging #183

    Weekend Cat Blogging #183
    Hello and welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging! Our host this weekend is Sir Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail. Please visit his site to see a gorgeous royal roundup! Or - if you are as late as we are - to leave your link in the comments! *snickers* Sally: As you can see we decorated a little bit for Christmas... We know we are R-E-A-L-L-Y baad with blogging and visiting lately but the Lady was not very cooperative. Too much work and way to much Facebook too!! Well she only as a few days to go to work for this year and then she stays at home with us for the whole rest of the year. How cool is that? We should be able to blog a lot more then!! Hopefully! Right Lady? RIGHT??? LADEY?? Othello: Momma really freaked out on Friday when Sally decided to eat hers supper through the nose and then had real hard purroblems with her breathing then. She is fine now but we all were a bit scared in the middle of the night. Momma says Sally is always gobbling up her entire meal too fast... We don't really know why 'CCause she has her own dishes and we boys never touch them at all... Sally: Hey it WAS an accident! Othello: Um, yeah maybe it was, but you scared us tho! You just need to eat a little bit slower. Sally: Ok, ok! If you says so! Othello: Now I need to go and purr and lay on Momma again. She hadded som purroblems wif her knee the past days and could not walk properly and without pain. So if you please excuse me... Sally: Hey wait! I come with you. Do you think the Lady has and treats for us?

    Happy Weekend to you all!!

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    warming Lentil-Potato Soup

    warming Lentil and Potoato Soup
    What could be more pleasing and soothing on a wintery (cold and grey but not one tiny bit of snow) weekend in early December than a wonderful smelling, steaming soup? Did I mention lately that I love soups...? This one is really quick and easy to whip up! All you need is: 1 big can of brown lentils (or any lentils of your choice) 2-3 small onions 2-3 medium potatoes 500 ml (or more) veggie stock 1/2 tsp tomato purree 2 tsp dijon mustard salt and pepper a hint of garlic a hint of white vinegar
    Picnik collage
    All you need to do is:
    • Use some olive oil in your pan and heat to medium heat, add chopped onions and chopped potatoes and stir for about 5 to 10 minutes.
    • Drain the lentils and add to onions and potatoes. Cook for about another 2-3 minutes.
    • Meanwhile heat up the veggie stock in a big soup pot, adding the mustard, tomato purree and garlic.
    • Add the lentils and potatoes to the soup and let cook until potatoes are mellow.
    • Season with salt and pepper to taste. If needed add some water too.
    • Before serving add some white vinegar to the soup for some extra seasoning.
    TIP: As I am an one person household this soup lasts for at least two days. After the first serving I like to add some dried chopped porcini to the still warm soup in the pot. The next day the soup has an extra flavour and served with a blob of sour cream it tasted like a whole new dish (without any additonal effort).

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    Lavender Shortbread

    Looking for an English version? Please scroll down, thanks! Kulinarischer Adventskalender - 5 Heute ist der 5. Dezember und damit ist die Ehre an mir euch hinter dem 5. Fensterchen des Kulinarischen Adventskalenders begrüssen zu dürfen. Ein herzliches Dankeschön an Zorra für ihre unermüdliche Arbeit beim Organisieren diverser Events und auch dafür, dass ihr nie die Ideen ausgehen! Mr T. ein guter Freund der Familie ist ein Lavendel Freak und als ich ein Rezept für Lavender Shortbread beim rumsurfen fand wusste ich, dass diese auf meiner Backliste für Weihnachten einen Fixplatz bekommen würden. Ich mochte die Idee Shortbread mit Lavendel ein wenig aufzupeppen sofort als ich davon las und wurde auch nicht enttäuscht! Die Teile schmecken wirklich gut. Man kann zwar nicht zuviele auf einmal essen, weil sonst der Lavendel-Angriff zumindest für mich zu heftig ist, aber zu ein - zwei Keklein gehen schon zu einer netten Tasse weihnachtlich gewürzten Kakao oder Tee.

    Lavender Shortbread

    Picnik collage
    60 Gramm Staubzucker 2 EL getrocknete Lavendelblüten 140 Gramm Butter 2 EL Orangenschale 260 Gramm Dinkelweissmehl 1 Ei
    • Backrohr vorheizen auf ca. 180°C.
    • 2 EL Staubzucker und den getrockneten Lavendel in einem Möser gut zerstossen. Danach mit dem restlichen Staubzucker in die Rührschüssel der Küchenmaschine geben.
    • Butter und Orangenschale zugeben und mixen bis es eine homogene Masse ergibt und eine helle Farbe angenommen hat.
    • Mehl zugeben und gut mixen bis das Mehl gleichmässig eingearbeitet ist.
    • Das Ei zugeben und mixen bis sich eine Kugel formen lässt, die nicht allzu klebrig ist.
    • Den Teig zu einer Rolle formen, in Frischhaltefolie wickeln und im Kühlschrank rasten lassen.
    • Teig auf ca 1,5 cm ausrollen. (Ich hab ihn leider teilweise ein wenig zu dünn erwischt für shortbread, dem Geschmack selber tut dies aber keinen Abbruch...)
    • Mit Keksausstecher deiner Wahl arbeiten.
    • 12-15 Minuten baken. Die Kekse sollten nicht bräunen.
    Damit bleibt mir nur noch euch einen schönen Krampustag zu wünschen! Seid ihr auch schon neugierig auf das Nikolotürchen morgen?
    Lavender ShortbreadLavender Shortbread Lavender ShortbreadLavender ShortbreadLavender Shortbread

    Lavender Shortbread

    Mr T. a dear friend loves lavender. Me? Not! His wife Mrs Q.? Not! But when I saw this Lavender Shortbread I knew I had to bake them along with my Christmas Cookies. Ooooh how my kitchen smelled as I made these. Not Christmassy but well quite nice. I had to taste one as they came out of the oven and I liked it even tho I do not fancy lavender at all. :) I think next time I'd try a bit more orange zest or even lime zest to accompany the lavender. The shortbread recipe per se is a keeper for sure and I am sure I will play with other flavors as well. Maybe cranberry might taste good?
    Lavender Shortbread
    original recipe from I love milk and Cookies
    60 gram icing (confectioner's) sugar 2 tbsp dried lavender 140 gram unsalted butter, cut into cubes 2 tbsp orange zest 260 gram spelt flour 1 egg
    • Preheat the oven to 180°C.
    • I used my mortar to mix the lavender and about 2 tablespoons of the dried Lavender before adding the remaining sugar.
    • Add the butter, orange zest and lavender-sugar mixture to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Mix until smooth and light in colour.
    • Add the flour and mix until well combined.
    • Add the egg and mix just until fully incorporated and a mass forms.
    • Form the dough into a roll and chill in the refrigerator until firm (about 30 minutes).
    • Roll the dough out to 1.5cm thickness.
    • Cut the dough with a cookie cutter.
    • Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until slightly golden around the edges.
    Lavender Shortbread

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    Bread Baking Day #14 - Pumpkin Bread

    breadbakingday #14 - colored breads bbd #14 - Colored Breads hosted by Grain Power Deadline: December 1st, 2008 For this round our host Boaz challenged us:
    We usualy judge breads on account of their taste, smell, and structure. One thing we often overlook is the color of bread. Breads usually have a white crumb or a brown/black crumb. The crusts range from golden brown to black. This round of bread baking day will focus on breads that have other colors, either in the crumb or crust (or both!). So, to participate in this round of Bread Baking Day, bake a bread whose crumb or crust are not of the normal colors of bread. For example, incorporating walnuts into the dough tints the crumb a gorgeous purple. Adding Saffron or turmeric gives a gorgeous yellow crumb. Carrots color the bread orange. The only limitation is that whatever addition you use to give your bread color must be natural. Specifically, no food colorings may be used.
    Considering this I first was thinking about making a carrot bread. But then I had some pumpkin purree left - too much to be thrown away and too less to make another batch of pumpkin gnocchi. So I thought why not try a pumpkin bread instead, should get a nice color anyway, right?

    Pumpkin Bread

    Picnik collage
    270 gram flour (spelt) 30 gram cornmeal 3,5 gram dried yeast 40 gram honey 150 gram pumpkin purree 5 gram salt 15 gram milk powder 1 egg 200m ml coconut milk
    • Mix all ingredients together in your food processor. Knead until gluten is fully developed and the dough is elastic, smooth, non-sticky and leave from sides of mixing bowl. Cover with a damp towel and allow the dough to ferment until double in size, about 60 minutes.
    • Take out the dough and press out the gas produced during the proof. Divide it into 4 portions. Round up and let rest for about 20 minutes.
    • Roll each dough out and roll up and place in a pan. After shaping, let the dough rise up to 2/3 full. Brush with egg wash or milk. Bake in a preheated 170C oven for about 40 minutes.
    bbd #14 - pumpkin bread It turned put real tasty. The crumb is airy and mellow. Kashim taste-tested it and I think he approved it as he ate the whole piece I gave to him. The color turned out quite nice it's kinda yellow-orangey... bbd #14 - pumpkin bread

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    Weekend Cat Blogging #181


    Hi there Kitties,

    our friends Niko and Cloud at Cats in Maryland are hosting WCB this weekend.

    Fank you guys!!

    Weekend Cat Blogging #181 Let my say it this way: I am not amused at all. It is freakin' cold here and this white stuff is coming down again! Momma is a little bit freaked out too 'CCause she does not like storms... I also ordered her to turn up the heating. Meanwhile we were snugglin' with her in bed.
    Weekend Cat Blogging #181 Weekend Cat Blogging #181
    But she kept escaping and muttered something about ccoking and Bread Baking Babes and making crisp bread... if she likes crisp, why doesn't she simply haf some of our crunchy kibbles? They are quite crisp if you ask me...
    erster Schnee 2008 erster Schnee 2008
    This is how it looked like tis morning. whits stuff coming down. gently. Now and below is how it looks like now. Yikes!!
    erster Schnee 2008 erster Schnee 2008 erster Schnee 2008 erster Schnee 2008

    Other cat stuff this weekend:

    purrrrrs, kashim othelloSalome

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    Rosendals knäckebröd

    Bread Baking Babes' knaekebroed

    November's kitchen Queen of the month is Görel from Grain Doe and the bread of choice is knäckebröd.

    Let me say: I love knäckebröd or - as we call it in Austria - Knäckebrot!

    Bread Baking Babes - Rosendals knäckebröd Bread Baking Babes - Rosendals knäckebröd

    The recipe was real fun to play with I only halfed it as usual due to the fact that I am only one person in my household.
    I made the dough yesterday evening as I was planning to bake yesterday but then was too tired to finish so I left the dough in the fridge until this morning.

    It didn't effect the dough too much I think and I am really proud that my knäckebröd turned out so good. It was really tasty and I had it today for lunch with some lentil soup. It was the hit!

    Bread Baking Babes - Rosendals knäckebröd

    MMMMMMMHHHHH I love it and like Mary said I am glad I do not need to spend my money on Wasa anymore :)
    Thanks for the recipe Görel!

    Here are the lovely BBB:
    Notitie Von Lien (Lien), My Kitchen In Half-Cups (Tanna), Bake My Day (Karen), Cookie Baker Lynn (Lynn),I like To Cook (Sara) , A Fridge Full Of Food..And Nothing To Eat (Glenna), Lucullian Delights (Ilva), Grain Doe (Gorel), The Sour Dough (Mary aka Breadchick), Living On Bread And Water (Monique), Thyme For Cooking (Katie)

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    Weekend Cat Blogging #180

    Momma's little Kitchen Helper
    Our friends Amar and Luna are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend at their FEMA trailer 'CCause they have no Catsynth HQ at the moment due to some very evil hackers who destroyed their sites... Go poop on some pillows or servers for them!
    Momma's little Kitchen Helper
    Oh yes and we have been very god boys this Saturday helping Momma in the kitchen cooking and baking bread and stuff. See?!
    Momma's little Kitchen Helper
    Um, Momma I fink the used dishes goes down there in the dishwasher. See there is some space left in it, you should put it over there on the left I think ....
    Banana Bread
    And this is the baking result on the left. Momma maded a Banana Nut Bread using a recipe from her dear friend Sher. It turned out pretty well due to our help I am sure and she even let us have a nibble or two to taste test. We approved it!
    Have a nice weekend you all and don't forget to check back at Amar and Luna's later this weekend for the round up! Weekend Cat Blogging 2009Oh and one other thing: Othello has put up the schedule for hosting WCB 2009. If you wants to host a weekend just check the available weekends and drop him an email at wcbschedule AT! There are already some regulars like Sam and Tigger and us of course and LB and his Mom who have booked weekends for hosting but don't be shy they will gladly give away one or two weekends if you wants to host there.

    Other weekend fun:

    • Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is hosted at Diamond's Liar this weekend
    • The Carnival of the Cats takes place in Vienna again with us at The Catboys' Realm and the Vienna Prater

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    Toosday Tummies

    Tummy Toosday
    If your momma is werking efen deep into the nights and at weekends you just need to make sure she gets some quality snuggling to help her...

    See my gorgeous tummy? No tickling! purrs, Kashim

    We are still purraying and purring for our furriends Orange Guy and Storm! Keep your heads up friends and keep on fighting!
    Please get well Orange Boy For_Storm-small

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    We are purraying for you Storm!

    Not so good mews at the Vet for Storm :( the lymphoma came back and she will be back on treatment soon. She is a furry fighter after all but we will keep her in our purrayers right now along with Orange Boy (who is fighting his rattle snake bite and doing slightly better we hope...)

    Keep fighting you both, we love you!

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    Please get well soon Orange Boy!

    Please get well Orange Boy
    We read at the CatBlogosphere that Orange Boy the brofur of Moki was bitten by a rattle snake in the head and theys do not know if he will recover by now. Mom Crystal is very upset and sad and needs along with Orange Boy a lot of comforting purrrs and strong healing purrayers.
    Please get well Orange Boy
    See Orange Boy? Momma even gaved you a big kissie on your ouchie to get better very soon!! P.S. Thanks to Eli and Femi of Katzencontent for the nice get well soon banner for Orange By and for letting us use the banner! P.P.S Of course we are purraying for our friend Stormie too who had to go to the VET today!

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    Mancat Monday

    In case you were wondering what we've been doing - while not blogging at all... This basically sums it up what we were doing:
    Enjoying the good sunny weather at our new balcony. Momma finally maded some comfy spots for us out there so we can snuggle outside and snoopervize the neighborhood... or simply just chill out Aaaah, what a life! DSC03267DSC03266 If the weather is not so good we always haf some comfy spots inside on our Gizzys... Isn't life wonderful? DSC03229DSC03228 Please click images for larger view...
    We did miss you all lots and we haf to apologize - well in fact momma has to - for not posting and not being around much lately. We tried to catch up on all of you tho but time was very limited for all of us due to this horrible guy called "werk" and a young guy named Darian (he is the babyboybean of mommas bestest friend - you know her as Mrs Q.) - When she is not werking or doing other busy stuff she is simply hanging out wif them lots!! Yes boys you are right I was a very bad typist lately and I promise that I will work harder on not spoiling your social lives from now on ... you are still my cuddly puddly mushy pie-babies *kissies* Awwwwrgh MOMMA!! This is 'barresing we are big mancats!!! Ssssht!! you cant' call us that in public!! Seeeeesh!!
    On another very impawtant note: A squillion gazillion nosekissies and snuggles to our ladycats Gree and Holly. We hope you fogive us for not being 'round! How about a nice sunny snuggle afternoon on our balcony for the four of us? purrrs and kissies your handsum mancats Kashim & Othello

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    Our hearts are so very sad... *updated* GOOD NEWS!!

    Oh my God!! Please purray very hard for Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and little Iris
    We just learned at the Cat Blogosphere that there was a big fire at the home of Mom Laura and Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Little Iris. Their home is destroyed and we have no news what happened to the cats as they were home when the fire broke out. Our hearts are bleeding and our eyes are leaking for them. We purray with our friends the hardest we can for Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris that they had the chance to escape from the building before the worst happened. We have no proper words to express how worried and sorry we are for Laura and her whole family. It must be the worst thing every to have happening to you! Purrs and purrayers to you! UPDATE: All three are back with Mom Laura and as far as we can tell they are ok too. We are so glad that they were found save and sound!! YAY!!

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    Wayback Toosday

    latte for headerI woke up this morning and realized this was a special day! Two years ago today I had my cones removed!! I had to live in these things for 3 weeks. Don't worry, I was able to get around them and nibble at my sutures enough that they had to be replaced three times. Never mess with a meezer. Especially a 6 month old meezer. I'm sure most of you know my story but I'll give a brief recount because its so much a part of who I am and my relationships. I was 4 months old and cute (of course). One day I started to sit with my hind leg kicked out to the side. Then I started to limp. Then I got really really hurty and would sit in my Meowmy's lap and shake. My VET man saw a fuzzyness around my femur but had NO idea what it was. A medical mystery that had to be figured out. So off to the VET hospital I went where the UPenn surgeon opened up my leg and took bone samples. It was hurty, scary, and EXPENSIVE. So at the tender age of 4 months I was known as the $3,000.00 kitten. I spent weeks and weeks healing and still no idea what was wrong with me. None. My sutures became infected and I had to take an antibiotic for that and you know what? Suddenly my leg got better! So the best the VET's could figure is it was some sort of odd infection that just affected my femur- nothing else. Today I just have a small scar where my sutures were. But I'm like the most famous cat at the VET's office. They all know me and even though I'm only 2 years old I have the file of a 20 year old. Seriously, I moved from this issue into a "head tilt". My Toy Man calls me Faberge Latte. I don't see why.
    Latte for post
    Happy April Fools!!! Latte

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    Mancat Monday adventure movie

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    Our heart is aching for the loss of you Sweet Upsie

    Goodbye our friend Upsie Warm light coming from far below, Twinkling, sparkling is the candle's glow. All is well up on the ridge, The place we know as Rainbow Bridge. Furbabies sleeping in heaven's light, Tended by candles in the night. Peaceful dreams be theirs to keep, As they slumber in this night so deep. Hearts on earth that miss them so, Take comfort in the candle's glow. Watching for them in skies above, Bound eternally by a cord of love. by Laura Hickman
    We just read an email Sher sent to momma 'bout our friend Upsie. We are so sad to learn that she made her journey over the rainbow bridge. We know Upsie and Sher as long as we do Weekend Cat Blogging and we love them both. They've always been a part of WCB as long as we can think and we can't think of a WCB without pics of sweet and gorgeous Upsie. We will miss her badly from now on. We know she was very sick over the last month and Sher told us before that the time to part will maybe come very soon but then when the final day is here you just can't believe it, can you? Dear Upsie please give our angel brofur Paul a big hug from all of us when you meet him at the rainbow bridge and please do also hug your sweetie Sundance and tell him we still miss him and his sweet face. Dear Sher, we know you are heartbroken now - we are sending lots of comforting purrrs and headbumps to you. Momma is sending a ginormous hug. Our thoughts and our hearts are with you right now and as we have lit a candle for Upsie we will purr and purray for her this weekend. love, Kashim & Othello Momma Astrid This weekend will be dedicated to Upsie! P.S. Dear friends please feel free to use our little graphic! We used this pic of her 'CCause it is our favouritest: Upsie surrounded by her beloved rose petals....
    Aaah we forgot to tell you that Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted by our dear and lovely friends Amar and Luna at

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    Wordless Wednesday - Purraying


    We are purraying for you Miral. Please keep fighting your family would miss you badly!

    The Pet Purrs & Purrayers Blog has a Chatzy Room open for a live Chat Vigil for a Miracle for Miral for all our Furriends, Their Families and any other cat, critter or bean that needs purrayers. Tuesday, March 25th - Wednesday March 26th, 2008 There is no host, just come and chat or leave a message for Miral and her family.

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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all our friends! Did you find the Easter Bunny already?

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    Farewell Smudge, little friend! :(

    Farewell Smudge, little friend! candle Yesterday we all purrayed hard for Smudge - today he made his last journey, may all the lit candles have shown him a bright way to the Rainbow Bridge! Our hearts are with your family little fellow!

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    Finally Friday - YAY!

    It's Finally Friday!! This evening I'm gonna kiss... mommas thirteen favourite pics of me ... this sweet little nosie Othello ...and this sweet little feetsies and toesies all over!!

    I never thought I'd miss the boys so much! It just feels so wrong coming home and not having them around. :o) On the other hand I feel a bit guilty 'CCause I am ranting here about missing my boys while I know they are OK and being spoilt rotten at my parents house when there are moms among our friends who do not have their beloved furballs around them 'CCause the are sick and/or need special treatment. This weekend we will says some extra prayers and the boys will purr extra hard for all of you!
    Guardian Angel At times when I am feeling sad and think that no one cares, I feel the vibrations of your wings and know that you are here.
    May all your Guardian Angels watch over you!

    Finally Friday started by Gandalf & Grayson

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    Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging | *updated*

    Weekend Cat Blogging

    We are still on baykayshun at Grampie's to cellybrate Easter. Please leave your link in the comments below, we will do the Round Up on Sunday (or maybe earlier) *hehe* Happy Easter to every cat and critter!

    Your comment may go into moderation queue for some reason (we don't really know why sometimes th blog feels a bit bitchy about comments...) please be patient we will try to relaease you from moderation prion as soon as possible *snicker* Or, if comments do really not work for you please drop us a line at catboys AT with your link - fanks a lot!
    Oh boy, oh boy! Our friend Zed Monster would say: "This woman is not cooperating at all!" We are late with the roud up for WCB and we are very very sorry. As you all know we were at our Grampie's house for Easter and yesterday we had a lot of bisitors so momma was not allowed toplay on the 'puter (the Gramlady told her so and noone ever tries to answer back to Gramlady *hehe*) - later in the evening she was too tired and went straight to bed. So now we are back at our own home and we made momma sit down, grab a pot of coffee and do the round up with us. Again - we are so sorry for the delay!! - Yes I am sorry too that I could not help the boys earlier to do the WCB round up and that we missed BKCFoC again. Boys I promise we will be in next weekend!! Love you darlings, Momma -
    Before we start:
    kerze We would like you to take a minute of silence with us and think of our fellow felines who are sick, not feeling well, worried, in need, missing or left forever. We light a candle for those who are not so happy to light their way to happiness again!
    This week we 'speshully think of: Smudge who left us this week, Upsie, Lilly Lu and all of our friends who are not feeling well at the moment!
    • Miz Lizzie Bennet looks so beautiful in this weeks traditional friday cat blogging. *waving paws* Hi there lovely!
    • Chey and her sister are thankful for the cat blogosphere comunity and shre their thoughts about it. We agree!!
    • How exciting Rocky of Artsy Catsy meets Hilary Clinton!! Head over and have a look yourself! Oh and please don't forget: They are still fundraising for Moki and Lilly Lu!!
    • Our FL friends Samantha and Tigger are communing with Spring! *hehe* Nice pictures of thems both. Oh and don't miss their wonderful BKCFoC roundup!!!
    • We are still worried about our sweet friend Upsie. It seems that she is not doing good and her mom is very sad. We all have to face the truth: Upsie might be heading to the rainbow bridge soon :( - Dear Upsie we love you!!
    • Please don't miss the wonderful Sunday readings for Easter at the LOL Cat Bible.
    • Aaah it seems that the wonderful Harmon and his lovely brofur Bustopher gotted their own bloggie. Welcome to the blogging cats boys!! Btw: does anyone knwo what "pnut butr" is? *snicker*
    • Mini of the Hotties has a serious discussion about grey hairs with Mom Robyn. Well...
    • Cece seems to have a serious discussion too: about feeding *hehe* c'mon Miz Mog can't you see he is straving?
    • There is much relaxing going on at our Amar and Luna's place - seems as if they like their new place... *waves paws*
    • Derby is still waiting for Spring to arrive (so do we *hmpf*) - we really had enough of that nasty weather and white stuff!!
    • Lazy Maruschka, lazy Mom and Lazy Fridolin over at Rosa's this weekend. Well what else could you do when it is nasty outside??
    • There is a fight gong on at Rascal's place... two cats and a box are involved... go and figure out yerself *hehe*
    • Puddy and Kate must have been very nice because the Easter Bunny came and visited them! Way to go girls!
    • Awww pretty pikshurs over at Zazamataz You should not miss it!! And fanks for sayin' we are purrty *blush*
    • You definitely would not want to miss Kamibunny *snickers* and hs goant carrot. Happy Easter to you Jenn!!
    • YAY! They are still alive (who would have doubted that anyway - their mom is just a very lazy bone...) pur friends Spot and Cindy are cellybrating Easter!
    • Rosie is looking for the Easter Bunny and *tada* has found it! Only lazy Arthur is not interested at all.... *hehe*
    • you know what? Lovely Miz Pet maded the Bengal Brats their very own bloggie and the also haf a EStore where some of the benefits go to cat friends helping friends! Now isn't that sweet?!

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    Thirteen pics of my boys

    DSC02972 1. Kashim - he loves to sit on the barstool in front of the new kitchen while I am working there, watching every move I do very closely. Here he quality checks their supper I finished to prepare just minutes ago.
    I not here, cant you see?! 2. Othello - hiding on his favorite place on our sofa. He loves to digg into all the pillows and then pounce at Kashim when he comes by...
    Thank you Abbie3. Kashim - This one I love especially 'CCause it shows the very rare moments when he is playing without thinking who might be watching him....
    Thank you Abbie 4. Othello - Isn't he just sweet snuggling with the little toy they received with Abby's prize pack? He just loves this thingy!
    What's up?5. Kashim - Awww, he is soooo snuggly and sweet when he curls up there. It's his special comfort zone when he wants to be on his own...
    Zzzzz6. Othello - The Nip Raviolis made by Mom Robyn are simply the bestest. There is no toy they'd love and snuggle more then these...
    Kashims sleeping place at nights7. Kashim - This is his night sleeping place. He'd curl up next to my head, watching my every move and enjoying occasional scritches and smooches!
    Wordless Wednesday 8. Kashim - just feeling very comfy and content. I am very glad that they coped with the move so well and love the new place we are now living in.
    Wordless Wednesday9. Othello - It's a good shot isn't it? He does not really eat those dried fishes but he really loves to lick them.
    Kashim10. Kashim - he simply is such a sweetie - well grumpy sometimes too but sooo sweet <3
    Kashim11. Kashim - ...and he loves boxes - he'll spend hours and hours there sleeping...
    Easy like sunday12. Othello - without words - just too sweet! He loves to cuddle between my sheets...
    Easy like Sunday Morning13. Othello - look at theses lovely toes. Wouldn't you just want to kiss them?

    Other Thirteen Thirteeners.

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    Purrraying very hard!

    As we read on the Cat Blogosphere today some of our friends need our urgent and strong purrayers. Smudge and Lilly Lu please get well soon, we are purraying our strongest purrs for you to be well soon!! And not to forget Percy of the Cats Stephens - we are purraying for hims very hard too!
    ... and a'CCourse for all of our friends that need purrs and purrayers lately! Pee Ess: If you feel you want to light a candle - not only for those on the rainbow bridge, but also for those who need our purrayers right now - you can leave a comment here and we will add a candle for you to our Sea of Love! Peee Pee Ess: Pics are from the Cat Blogosphere blog - Fanks Sanjee for letting us use them!

    Astrid 20.03.2008, 10.04| (1/0) Kommentare (RSS) | TB | PL | einsortiert in:

    Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday

    Astrid 19.03.2008, 11.23| (15/0) Kommentare (RSS) | TB | PL | einsortiert in:

    Wordless Wednesday

    A Light in Silence & Remembrance With so many of our furriends needing our purrayers and gentle thoughts - and another sad mews today - we felt that we need a quiet day today to think about our furriends and hold them close in our thoughts. Purrayers and purrs to yall!

    Astrid 12.03.2008, 06.58| (10/0) Kommentare (RSS) | TB | PL | einsortiert in:

    Mancat Monday

    Thank you Abbie
    This pic of Kashim is a bit blurry 'CCause he was movin' so fast giving bunny kicks and the bitey to one of his favorite nip toys... Momma loves it tho 'CCause it catches one of the very rare moments when Kashim behaves like a playful kitty!

    In other mews:

    St Paddy's Day
    Our little St.Paddy's Day contest is over and we raised 31 USD for 31 guesses (if we's counted thems right) - we will sum up to 40 USD goin' to the cat friends helping friends fund!

    AND *drrrrrumrrrrroooolllll* we have winners!!

    Jasper McKitten-Cat, PB&J and China Cat & Willow guessed right! Update: Cassie is right we furrgotted to tell you what was teh right answer: Momma is going to spent tha whole St.Patrick's weekend in DUBLIN!!! She will be doing most of the festival stuff and parades and lots of Guinness drinking and Whiskey ... She is flying there on Friday and comin' back on Monday night. We on the other paw are spending a baycashun week at gramps and gramladies house 'till the easter weekend and are going to be spoiled rotten that is! We could not agree on one best guess wif momma, 'CCause we loved PepI's guess "She's going to be extra full of blarney this St Patty's day?" best. We were laffin and laffin 'bout this. Momma was not... *hehehe* So there will be two winners here also: Pepi and Queen Snickers for her suggestion "Hmmm, is it because 10 years ago on St. Paddy's day a shimmering unicorn ridden by a leprechaun appeared to her and told her who her true love would be and gave her a golden dowry?" - Momma says she would haf loved that to happen but, well you know... We ask all the winners to please contact us at catboys AT paulchens DOT org wif their snail mail you'll get something Irish as a little present for winning and guessing!

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    Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos No.35 - LOL Cat Edition


    Welcome to the 35th Edition of Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos!!

    Wohooo we are so glad to be back again - we missed a whole lot due to our moving and not having innernets the past few month. We missed a total number of 12 Editions can you imagine?!?! So now we is back again and momma promised to help us make themed title graphics for the coming editions again soon!
    Before we start wif the bad kitty fun:
    kerze We would like you to take a minute of silence with us and think of our fellow felines who are sick, not feeling well, worried, in need, missing or left forever. We light a candle for those who are not so happy to light their way to happiness again!
    This week we ´speshully think of: Moki (read his story here), Bossi (Loa´s Special cat), Pepper (who lost hers battle), Val (our hearts and thoughts are wif you), Smudge, Percy for hims toe, Tesla, Shadow (who left us too), Marilyn (who left us too), Churchill for a speedy revcovery and Mocha his sister who ran away, Petey, Maxime from Kattenpraat, Lilly Lu, Matata, Jack and Date´s fighter Little Kitten, ... and of course all the others we did not name here.
    BKCFoC No35
    Sooo this was BKCFoC No.35 LOLCat Edition! We hope you all had fun and we´ll see you next week at BKCFoC hosted by Miz Pet and the Bengals!
    BKCFoC No35
    sidenote: Some of you maded LOLCat pikshur of your own and we used thems for the round up - for the others we used their pics and maded LOLCats pikshurs ourselves ´cause we haded so much fun wif the theme - If anycat does not want us to do so please tell us and we´ll remove it. kthxbai.

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    Easy like sunday...

    Easy like sunday
    Easy like sunday
    Well, then I will host BKCFoC all by myself without you boys!! *hehehe* Hey momma STOP! This is a kitty festival you can't host all by yourself!! We have to snoopervize you doing this impawtant task! Maybe some nip will help us stay up and host? Ok boys, you'll have time to think about it 'till I come home from my visit at gramp's!

    It's weekend, please check all the fun weekend activities:

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    Finally Friday - Thankful

    This post was supposed to be a Thankful Thursday, but momma fell asleep while watching TV last night and so no she did *not* post for us!!!
    I am so sorry boys!
    Anyhoo, we gotted our purrrize from Spirit and Ezra and we are so happy wif it! Guess what!!! We gotted Tem-tay-shuns!!!!! As you can't buy thems here in Austria we've never tasted thems before in our lives!! Momma gave us some yesserday and we simply love love love thems. They are sooooo yummy!! Loook what we gotted besides the Tem-tay-shuns:

    Finally Friday started by Gandalf & Grayson


    In ofur mews:

    We are very proud to be 3rd place winners of Squillions, the Contest sponsored by the Cat Blogosphere!!! Fank yall! Don't forget our little St.Paddy's Day Contest and tell us why it is a very special one this year for momma!

    Hey kitties it's weekend soon, please check all the fun weekend activities:

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